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Baidu Baijia blue V certification application

2022-02-02 19:04:37 dongxiaofeng

Now Baijia is constantly updated , The system function is more and more stable and perfect ; Coupled with the strong background of Baidu ; Flow naturally, don't worry , Moreover, the platform is also a great subsidy and reward for high quality author .

1.  Baidu hundred

1) Computer search “ Baidu Baijia No ” Go to the main page , Then click Register

2) Then you will arrive at the registration page and register according to the steps

3) After clicking Register, you will have the following choices , Most of them are personal we media , Choose an individual ; If it's a business , Select enterprise

4) Then you will arrive at the information page , We can fill it out as required , What we should pay attention to here is , The field must be filled in , We media will choose whatever field we want to engage in .

   The name and signature should be easy to understand , Let others see you and know what you do , To achieve this goal .

Be careful. : The nickname must remain relevant to the company ( Company abbreviation + Industry words or product words or other )

After all the ID card information is filled in , Click Submit .

5) Then there is a more important step : Choose the field , Many people don't know how to choose , Just fill in one casually , Later, I regret it , Why? , Because the more you get to the end, the more you can't write ; So when you choose a field, remember to first look at what you are interested in or good at ; If you are not interested or good at , Take a look at the popular areas of the platform , Choose one ; Remember to do what you want to do , The more vertical the better ; Once the field is selected , Later, it is difficult to change the field ; So be careful .

6) After the field is selected , It's time to improve your Baijia number information , You design the name and signature of baijiahao according to the field you choose ; Remember that these are areas to match ; When you've done all this , There will be a message about the authentication media ; This is an auxiliary verification function ; If you have blog or WeChat official account, you can fill in the supplement. , It doesn't matter .

  Finally, when all the above are finished , All you have to do is real name authentication : Open Baijia backstage , Click real name authentication , Then open the baidu software of the mobile phone , Scan that QR code ; Just follow the relevant requirements , Here are some content to upload photos with ID cards , Remember not to take pictures of yourself , You let someone shoot it for you .

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