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Baijia V certification

2022-02-02 19:04:43 dongxiaofeng

For Baijia v What are the certification standards and rights of the certification system , Let's see !

In order to show the authority of the author of Baijia number 、 Improve the credibility of the author's speech , Baijia number opens the following types of authentication to authors : Authenticity Authentication 、 Quality domain creator Certification 、 Domain creator certification 、 Identity professional certification 、Vlog It's certified 、 Official label certification and V authentication .

1) Authenticity Authentication : Authenticity authentication is the confirmation of the author's real identity by Baijia platform . Authors who have successfully registered and completed real name authentication can independently complete authenticity authentication .

2) Official letter authentication : Official letter authentication is to confirm the identity authenticity of the registration subject and the operator , After the registration is successful and the account confirmation is approved, the institutional author can complete the official letter Authentication .

3) Domain creator certification : Recently, authors who focus on a vertical field can apply for field creator label certification . Domain creator label authentication is a kind of label authentication , Successful authors will receive ** Domain creators ” Authentication information .

4) Quality domain creator Certification : Authors who have obtained the original label of Baijia number and have issued high-quality documents can apply for creator certification in the high-quality field . High quality domain creator certification is a kind of label certification , Successful authors will receive “ High quality ** Domain creators ” Authentication information .

5) Identity professional certification : Professional identity authentication is a platform for all kinds of practitioners 、 Authentication by professionals such as domain experts , Individual authors meet the application criteria 、 After submitting relevant qualification and passing platform audit , The corresponding identity tag can be obtained .

6)Vlog It's certified :Vlog Talent certification is released by Baijia platform Vlog Certification by the author of the content , The author meets the application criteria 、 After submitting the application and passing the platform review , Can be obtained “Vlog Talent show" ” label .

7) Official label certification : Official label authentication is the authentication conducted by baijiahao platform for institutional accounts . Complete authenticity Certification / Authors of official letter certification institutions can submit applications , After passing the platform audit, we can get “** Official account number ” The label of .

8) Medical professional certification : Medical professional certification is the certification for medical practitioners by Baijia platform . Individual authors who have completed the authenticity certification can submit an application , After passing the platform audit , It can display the author's medical career information .

9) Local author certification : The author continues to focus on local content ( Focus on an area 、 A province 、 A city ), Authors who have completed authenticity certification can apply for local author Certification . Successful authors will receive “ Local information creators ” Authentication information .

10)V authentication : After the author with certain influence on baijiahao platform meets the fan standard, you can V authentication .V Successful authors will receive “ authority V identification ”, And enjoy more rights .

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