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Musk: Bezos takes himself too seriously

2022-02-02 19:21:52 TechWeb

Beijing time. 12 month 16 Morning news , As report goes , tesla CEO Elon · Musk said , Jeff bezos, founder of amazon · Bezos needs to relax .

Wednesday UK 《 The financial times 》 Announce this Tesla and SpaceX The CEO of the company is the person of the year . In an interview with the media, musk said , bezos “ I really take myself too seriously ”. Musk and Bezos are the two richest people on earth , The quarrel between the two has been going on 20 year .

Musk is probably by far the most valuable carmaker on earth , It is also one of the most valuable listed companies , But he didn't show . Unlike other company executives , Musk regularly tweets expression packs , Will also tell him 6650 Million fans update information . He often communicates with his fans online , Argue with critics .

by comparison , Bezos's public image is carefully planned . He only tweeted 300 Thousands of fans , Not like musk's casual jokes . This may not be a bad thing , Because Musk's tweets got him into SEC trouble . Musk's comment on Privatizing Tesla cost 4000 Ten thousand dollars to settle , It also requires lawyers to review some of Musk's social media posts in the future .

With SpaceX And blue origin, the competition between the two rocket companies is becoming increasingly fierce , The contradiction between the two further intensified . This year, 7 month , Bezos resigned as CEO of Amazon . Musk this year 8 May wrote on twitter :“ It turned out that Bezos retired to engage in a lawsuit against SpaceX A full-time job .”

While criticizing Bezos for being too serious , Musk said his competitors didn't work hard enough for his space company Blue origin .

“ in some ways , I tried to stimulate him to spend more time on blue origin , So they can make greater progress ,” Musk to Britain 《 The financial times 》 Express ,“ As a friend of mine said , He should spend more time on blue origin , Spend less time in a hot bath .”

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