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Musk again sold Tesla shares worth about $884 million and has sold 75.66% of its commitment

2022-02-02 19:23:59 TechWeb

12 month 17 Daily news , According to SEC documents , tesla CEO Elon ・ musk 12 month 16 Sold... On the same day 934091 Tesla shares , Estimated to be 8.84 Billion dollars , Muskezi 11 month 8 About... Have been sold in total since 12900512 Tesla shares , ... of its previously committed shares 75.66%.

According to musk 11 Month in Twitter Opinion polls conducted on , He plans to sell 10% Tesla holdings . at that time , He holds slightly more Tesla shares than 1.7 Million shares , So in theory, he plans to sell about 1700 Ten thousand shares to cash in his Twitter On the promise .

Two years after Tesla went public 2012 year , Tesla's board of directors gave musk a task , Realization 10 Two operational objectives , Every time you do one , At the same time, every increase in the market value of the company 40 Billion dollars ( The market value target is to surpass the traditional car enterprises ,32+40×10=432>350), Just give it to musk 0.5% Stock options , in total 5%. later , Musk has achieved all performance appraisal objectives except gross profit margin , In the end 2634 Ten thousand options .

Because this batch of options will be in 2022 year 8 month 13 Due day , So musk must exercise the option before that , That is to turn options into stocks . With the options in hand , Musk can use 6.24 Buy... For us dollars 2634 Ten thousand Tesla shares . That's flowers 1.64 Billion dollars (6.24×2634=1.64), Tesla is now about 1000 In terms of dollar share price , The equity value obtained is about 260 Billion dollars .

But the IRS believes that these options are Musk's income , You need to pay taxes like wages . The total tax musk needs to pay for the option is about 150 Billion dollars , Although musk is the richest man in the world , But it's hard to take out so much money at once .

11 month 6 Japan , Musk released Twitter call , If the user votes for , He will reduce his holdings 10%( about 1700 Thousands of stocks ) Tesla shares . Yes 58% Our users support , So musk officially started to reduce its holdings , To 11 month 17 End of day , He has sold about 820 Ten thousand shares , Accumulated cash out 88 Billion dollars . And next year 8 Before the expiration of the month option , There will be another appointment 52 The $billion tax gap needs to be borne by reducing Holdings .

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