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Release of anti food waste work plan: it is forbidden to produce audio and video such as eating mostly and overeating

2022-02-02 19:24:05 TechWeb

12 month 17 Daily news , According to CCTV , The national development and Reform Commission issued 《 Anti food waste work plan 》. Put forward the plan , Strictly supervise the information related to food waste , No radio stations 、 television 、 Network audio and video service providers produced 、 Release 、 Most of the publicity is on food 、 Overeating and other food wasting programs or audio and video information , For those who refuse to correct or the circumstances are serious , Fined 、 Circulate a notice of criticism or suspend the program for rectification , The person in charge and other persons directly responsible shall be investigated for responsibility according to law and regulations .

The plan is also clear , We will promote the reduction of losses in all links before grain consumption , We will improve the standard system for grain conservation and loss reduction , Investigate and evaluate the waste in grain storage .

In terms of curbing food waste in the catering industry , Commercial departments at all levels take measures to encourage catering service operators to provide catering services 、 Disclose its anti food waste situation to the public . Urge the catering takeout platform 、 Catering service operators remind consumers to order an appropriate amount of food according to their needs in a significant way . Support buffet service units to implement measures to appropriately charge consumers for wasteful behavior . Establish and improve the system and norms of anti food waste in the catering industry . Strengthen the training of travel agency managers and tour guides , Guide tourists to have a civilized meal , Arrange group meals reasonably .

Strengthen the catering economy of public institutions , Promote anti food waste in canteens of government organs and units , Establish an evaluation and notification system for the effectiveness of anti food waste work in government canteens , Incorporate anti food waste into the assessment of energy and resources conservation of public institutions and the creation of energy-saving organs . Strengthen official reception 、 meeting 、 Training and other official activities, meal management . Expose typical cases of catering waste and units that fail to promote their work . Encourage qualified public institutions to use local resource treatment equipment for food waste .

meanwhile , Carry out the action of saving food and beverage in school canteen . Promote implementation 《 The education system “ Stop food waste and cultivate the habit of saving ” Action plan 》 Five specific actions identified in . Organize the preparation of 《 College canteen anti food waste work guide 》, Put forward the purchase of food raw materials in the school canteen 、 Store 、 machining 、 Production and sales and other aspects of saving and impairment work plan . Research and develop 《 Norms for the construction of smart canteens in Colleges and universities 》, Carry out the pilot construction of the whole process smart canteen .

The plan also emphasizes strict law enforcement supervision , Strengthen the daily supervision and inspection of anti food waste . Strengthen the supervision of food producers and operators against food waste , Urge the implementation of anti food waste measures . Encourage units and individuals to report food waste by food producers and operators . Open a reporting hotline , Collect problem clues , Strengthen law enforcement supervision .

meanwhile , Strengthen law enforcement against food waste . Local market supervision and administration departments carry out daily supervision and law enforcement of anti food waste , Strengthen the training of law enforcement inspection , Perform according to law and duties 《 Anti food waste law 》 Relevant regulations . The local market supervision and administration departments or the departments designated by the local government shall notify the catering service operators who do not actively remind consumers of the prevention of food waste , Give warning ; To induce 、 Catering service operators who mislead consumers to order too much and cause obvious waste , Give a warning or impose a fine ; Food producers and operators who waste food seriously in the process of production and operation , Make an appointment 、 Order correction or impose a fine . The cultural and tourism departments have listed the anti food waste as the focus of star rated hotels 、A Public and private visits and inspection items of first-class scenic spots and travel agencies , Strengthen the supervision of major and typical cases .

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