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[Jieju] many countries secretly help Taiwan build submarines? No one dares to admit it

2022-02-02 19:32:18 Sogou wechat

lately , The Taiwan authorities have come up with the idea of making their own submarines , The so-called “ The submarine is made in China ” plan , At a cost of 4000 NT $100 million ( About 1000 RMB 100 million ) build 8 U-boat . Reuters broke the news , Including beauty 、 Britain 、 Australia 、 print 、 Add 、 South Korea and Spain, at least 7 A country , Is secretly helping Taiwan build submarines .

in the island “ Military experts ” And give it to 7 The country divided its work : Australian Anglo American Union (AUKUS) Member states assist in configuration design and output “ Red zone equipment ”, India 、 South Korea provides technical support , Canada using diesel electric submarines 、 Spain is “ Technology partners ”, Provide advice …… however , up to now , No one dares to say that they have participated in Taiwan's submarine program .

This is very interesting .


Taiwan military submarines in active service ( Picture source : Taiwanese media )



Logically speaking , Pay so much money to build submarines , As long as India mixes less , This can basically be done . After all , South American drug lords can make the so-called... In small workshops in the jungle “ The submarine ”, There are big local factories in Taiwan , The United States helped with its brothers , There should be no difference .

however , Can be made , It's hard to say whether we can actually fight .

Let's start with design . Submarine has relatively high technical content in ship construction . Although independent equipment or systems on submarines can be purchased from many countries , But we should really give full play to the performance of each equipment or system , Very complete integrated design is required .

7 Junior high school , Spain is “ An old boat builder ”, Submarine manufacturing has at least 100 Years of history . But over the years , Spain is going downhill , The country's latest submarine S80 Copied the French plan in design , Not only does the construction period toss back and forth 、 It's expensive , The final product is also super long and overweight , Not even the original port , Dubbed by some military fans “ The funniest submarine in history ”.

What about Canada ? It's not reliable , For many years, I have been living on second-hand goods from Britain . All submarines in active service of the country's navy have been lying in their nests for a year , The Royal Navy is stretching its neck all over the world looking for new submarines .

Britain built the last conventional submarine “ Supporters ” Still close 40 Years ago , Then he hurried to sell submarines to Canada . As for the joint production of Australia and Sweden “ Collins class ” The submarine , Only in service 20 It has been broken down for many years , power 、 The noise 、 Fire control 、 The seals are all faulty .

What's more puzzling is , The United States has not built conventional submarines for many years , Why are you interested in taking the lead in this matter ? It's hard not to realize that we should arbitrarily change and sell tens of thousands of tons of nuclear submarines to the Taiwan authorities ?


Taiwan “ Chinese made submarine ” Model ( Picture source : Taiwanese media )



Ten thousand steps back , Suppose the United States really comes up with an overall design , And just take out HY80、HY100 High tension steel to Taiwan , Let all countries work together to help build according to the drawings , Can Taiwan be helped up ?

It's not that simple ! Submarines are not boilers . Although they are all pressure vessels , However, the pressure shell of the boiler is usually subjected to pressure from the inside to the outside , Whether the furnace is damaged or not , It mainly depends on the material strength and welding quality level ; After the submarine is launched, the stress direction of the pressure shell is just the opposite , It's pressure from outside to inside . In this way , The quality of the shell alone is not enough , Also consider the overall stability of material and structural design .

To put it bluntly , In deep water and high pressure environment , It's not enough just to make sure there's no water leakage , And make sure the submarine doesn't deform , Or all the pipelines and equipment inside will be destroyed .

What shape does the submarine make the most reliable ? Round, of course . But the bending of steel plate can not reach the absolute circle , There must be eccentricity . The larger the bending radius of the steel plate , The harder it is to control the eccentricity , Once the force is uneven , When the high pressure comes , The submarine is still deformed .

In order to control the eccentricity within the ideal range , You need high precision 、 Large diameter bending machine . The problem is , There is no such thing in Taiwan .

To do ? It's hard to let “ International friends ” Send the bent steel plate directly ? According to the routine of American and Western contractors , It's not certain if you can help , It's possible to make a lot of money by selling equipment . But can you buy good things at a high price ?

Take Australian “ Collins class ” For submarines , At that time, Australia asked Sweden to help build it , The budget is not little , The equipment has also been renewed . Seeing a lot of real gold and silver fall into other people's pockets , The result? ? The fuel nozzle is blocked 、 The transmission gear is broken 、 The fuel pump is stuck 、 Broken rocker arm rod and coupling …… The failure of the submarine has not stopped .

The funniest thing is , The stern shaft of the submarine is not well sealed , It leaks nearly 1000 liters per hour , You can't drive at high speed , You can't dive , Once a decoration .

The precedent is here , The Taiwan authorities can avoid muttering ?

Although the Taiwan authorities have repeatedly raised the tune , Say something, promise to borrow “ The submarine is made in China ” Respond to the threat of force from the Mainland , But the foreign affairs official in front of the stage said frankly , The whole submarine includes power plant 、 Control system 、 Weapons system 、 Boat electrical system, etc , At present, Taiwan does not have the ability to make one by itself , The DPP authorities mentioned “ The submarine is made in China ” It's a hoax . Some Taiwanese netizens broke the truth :“ Open the door and build a boat ” But is “ Seven countries divide into big cakes ”, It's just “ Hollowing out Taiwan 、 Fat brokers ”.


Submarine pressure hull section trial produced in Taiwan ( Picture source : Taiwanese media )


3、 ... and

Careful netizens will ask : South American drug lords can build submarines , Taiwan is better than them ?

I'm sorry , It's no use being strong . Drug lords “ The submarine ” Can run underwater , Dodging the guard is enough . Taiwan for “ Strengthen combat effectiveness ” Submarine building , If the things you make don't run fast 、 Not deep 、 I'm not sure , What did you make it for ?

In the war , Submarines are really hard to defend , But it doesn't mean that the more submarines, the stronger the combat effectiveness .

Before world war ii , The Soviet Union has 200 More than one submarine , The United States owns 100 More than ship , Law 、 Virtue 、 There are dozens of ships each day . After the war , The United States built hundreds of ships at a time , Japan built more than 100 ships , Germany has built thousands of ships .

The final result ? The first American , Sank Japan more than 30% Ships 、60% Merchant ships ; Germany second , Sank more than 100 warships and 2000 Many merchant ships , But the loss of submarines was once as high as hundreds ; Britain is third , Sank dozens of enemy ships and peace treaty 200 10000 ton merchant ship , Dozens of submarines were lost ; Japan is fourth , Sank a large aircraft carrier 2 ship 、 Escort aircraft carrier 1 ship 、 Heavy cruisers 1 Ships and merchant ships 100 Yu Jian et al , The submarine lost more than 100 ships .

On firepower , Submarines are not as good as destroyers on the water ; On speed , Meet a warship 、 Antisubmarine plane , Basically can't run away . When the fighting , Submarines must give play to the advantage of concealment , To sneak in 、 Destroy the enemy's traffic line and play a role . That year , Japan mistook submarines for offensive forces , Run against the American fleet , Naturally, there is no good fruit to eat ; German submarine “ Wolves ” Although the tactics were successful , But with surface ships 、 The anti submarine aircraft lost a lot in battle .

so , Even if Taiwan spends a lot of money to get 7 A mixed brand assembled submarine built with state aid , Once engaged with the closely escorted continental fleet , How many waves can be set off ? Toto is cannon fodder .

What's interesting is that , Reuters revealed “7 State aid ” After the news , The countries named are eager to wave their hands in denial , South Korea stood up for the first time “ I don't have ”, call “ Qingwatai is investigating who ‘ It is illegal to ’ Provide relevant assistance to Taiwan ”. Taiwan 《 United Daily News 》 Reveal more details , Some countries are worried that technology and design will be acquired by Taiwan , Send agents to put pressure on the engineers involved in the project , Force him to leave and return home .

No one is stupid , They know very well that once the news is made public , How will it bear the pressure from Chinese mainland? . one need not look far for a lesson :1981 year , Netherlands approves sale of submarines to Taiwan authorities , The Chinese government immediately lowered the diplomatic relations between the two countries to the level of agent , It was not resumed until the Netherlands revised its decision . after , The Netherlands has not approved Taiwan's proposal to buy more submarines at the same level .

Help Taiwan use force to seek “ single ” Doomed to failure , Support “ Taiwan independence ” Separatist forces will certainly play with fire and burn themselves , This is by no means empty talk .


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