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Pingdingshan youth help! Official latest response

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In recent days, , Pingdingshan, Henan 15 Liu moukun, a 20-year-old boy, claimed on his microblog that , My father died of cerebral hemorrhage after being beaten for not signing the demolition agreement , Now developers do not perform the contract , Grandparents at home can't take care of themselves .

12 month 16 Japan , The local street office said , We have given help to Liu moukun's family , His father was beaten and the case has been solved , The developer's project is currently going through the reorganization process .

12 month 17 The morning of , Pingdingshan Zhanhe District issued a statement about Liu moukun's online help .

Official response

Description of Liu moukun's online help seeking

   For Liu moukun's online help , Zhanhe district Party committee of Pingdingshan City 、 The district government attaches great importance to , A special working class was organized to investigate the problems reflected , Now the relevant information is explained as follows :

   The person asking for help is Liu moukun , male ,2006 year 5 born , Villagers of lianhuapen village, Beidu street, Zhanhe District, Pingdingshan City , With his father Liu mougang 、 Grandpa Liu 、 Grandma Zhang lives together ,2021 year 6 Mid term graduation at the beginning of the month .

  2011 year , The transformation of lianhuapen village into a village in the city was started .2019 year 5 month , Liu Mou Kun's grandfather Liu Mou signed a house with the developer ( The Liu family has three houses in lianhuapen village ) Compensation agreement for demolition and resettlement , Agree on the resettlement area and receive the... Given by the developer 18 After 10000 yuan of compensation , Demolish the house by yourself .

   thereafter , The Liu family lives in another house in the village .2020 year 5 month , According to relevant agreements, the developer shall deliver two sets of houses in the first batch , Because the enterprise capital chain is broken 、 Project stalled , Failed to deliver the house as promised , The transition resettlement fee shall be paid normally .2021 year 4 month 13 Japan , Liu 、 zhang 、 Liu mougang 、 Liu moukun's family 4 Move to the Sales Department of the project . Jingcun 、 The street 、 The temporary manager of the project has communicated for many times , The Liu family did not agree to move out of the Sales Department .2021 year 11 month 15 Japan , Liu moukun's father Liu mougang died of illness .

   The fact that Liu moukun's father Liu mougang was beaten is true .2017 year 11 month 12 Japan , Zhao mousheng was instructed by Xu mouwei , Gather Cheng Mouxiang and others to beat Liu moukun's father Liu mougang . identified , Liu mougang was slightly injured . The public security organ also found out , Xu mouwei 、 Zhao mousheng 、 Cheng Mouxiang and others have other illegal and criminal facts .2018 year 10 month , Zhanhe District People's court sentenced Xu mouwei respectively for the crime of provocation 、 Zhao mousheng 、 Cheng Mouxiang and others were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment 8 - 5 year .

   at present , Beidu street has properly placed Mr. and Mrs. Liu . next step , Zhanhe district will speed up the bankruptcy and reorganization of development enterprises according to law , Orderly promote the follow-up resettlement of the masses in lianhuapen village , Fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses . Further help Liu and his wife and Liu Kun 、 Rescue work , And guide them to protect their rights according to law .

   Office of Zhanhe District People's Government of Pingdingshan City

  2021 year 12 month 17 Japan

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source : Extreme news 、 Pingdingshan Zhanhe District People's government office

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