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Why did Shanghai's "wanghong" community stop selling from "10000 people grabbing"?

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from “ Second light ” To “ Suspend online signature transfer ”, Then to the termination of sales , Shanghai I “ Old broken little ” The residential area has been on the hot search frequently for two months . The total value is close 5 One hundred million yuan 、 Nearly a hundred sets have been “ Ten thousand people rob ” Why can't you sign the transfer online in your community ? Why not sell ?

In the house grabbing war “ Stand out from the crowd ” Home buyers , Waiting and unknown , Instantaneous by “ Lucky dog ” become “ Thunder Treader ”, What enlightenment does this have for regulators and home buyers ?


striking one snag after another
Shanghai “ online celebrity ” community
from “ Ten thousand people rob ” To the complete suspension of sales

14 Sunday night , Shanghai Shimao Real Estate Co., Ltd. announced that , Pucheng road in Pudong New Area held by the company 580 Nong community 110 A house , On 2021 year 10 Sales start in , Then all kinds of rumors appeared on the Internet , And affect the subsequent process . After Shimao's multi-party communication and careful decision-making , We have to stop the sale of these houses , And will start the aftermath procedure , Handle the cancellation of the house sales contract for the customer and deal with it according to the contract .


Mentioned in the announcement “ Pucheng community ” since 10 Since it was announced to enter the market in June , Has been at the forefront of public opinion . First it was rumored that “ Shanghai mysterious landlord sold at one time 93 suite ”, With the news of the introduction of real estate tax, it once rushed to the first place of microblog hot search . Later confirmed , This batch of houses belongs to a company under Shimao .2014 year , Because Shimao wants to carry out overall development around the community , So I bought the first row of houses , total 110 set . Later, because some residents didn't talk to Shimao , Therefore, the company cannot carry out overall transformation .

Reporter's visit “ Pucheng community ” Find out , The community was built in 1993 year , distance “ landmark ” The Oriental Pearl Tower is only about 2 km , About one kilometer from Huangpu River , Superior geographical location . Although typical “ Old broken little ”, But there are not a few potential buyers , At present, the listing unit price of the community is generally per square meter 9 More than ten thousand yuan .10 Mid month , The community “ The opening quotation ” front , Packed with real estate agents and their visitors . According to the statistics of third-party distribution organizations , The number of registered intention buyers exceeds 3 ten thousand .

“10 month 15 Japan ,41 to 49 Square meters of small houses have been sold out ; The next day ,64 to 72 Square meters of units have been sold out . Nearly 100 houses were robbed in an instant .” A real estate agent involved in distribution told reporters , The price given by Shimao is the average price per square meter 8.5 Ten thousand yuan , It's equivalent to the market price at that time 9 fold , And buyers do not need to pay taxes and intermediary fees .“ The listing was blocked for two days ‘ seckill ’ Of , There is no time for buyers to think , And Shimao requires the full payment , No loans .”

Because it is lower than the market price , Property buyers generally accept developers “ All money to buy a house ” The requirements of , And paid all the money earlier than the normal purchase process . But I didn't expect this to bury future troubles ,12 At the beginning of , The online signing or transfer of this batch of houses was stopped , The reason is that these houses belong to debt collateral . Before release , Unable to complete the whole purchase process .

Under pressure , Shimao had to make an announcement , Forcibly start the check-out process .


Production adjustment of the community , Display pledged .


The total value is more than 4 Billion
Nearly 100 properties cannot be transferred through online signing

From the time I grabbed the house “ Lucky dog ”, Instantly become a defender of rights , Nearly 100 groups of home buyers suffered “ Both joy and sorrow ”. As a trigger for terminating sales , value 4.5 One hundred million yuan 、 Why can't nearly a hundred houses be transferred online ?

Ms. Ji, a home buyer, told reporters , She paid in full at one time 1 I was told more than months ago that I couldn't sign online , Shimao needs to release the mortgage first .

“ I was stunned when I heard it , because If you can't sign online, you can't get legal protection . We have only signed an initial contract with the developer that has no legal effect , And this contract is only signed by Party B , The developer took the contract away on the ground that he wanted Party A to seal . According to the sales contract , We should work with developers in 10 month 31 A formal house sales contract was signed recently .

Ms. Ji waited and waited , here we are 11 month , The salesperson told her ,“ There may be something wrong with this batch of houses , Stop online signing now . The developer said , In another 2 to 3 The problem can be solved in... Months , Let's wait patiently .”

Another buyer told reporters , They have successfully signed online , And got the formal house sales contract , But the house still can't be transferred , Because these houses belong to debt collateral .12 At the beginning of , Several buyers who have completed online signing told reporters ,“ Shimao said to postpone , You can transfer the ownership .”

The reporter 12 In the first ten days of this month, I asked relevant people of Shimao Group , She told reporters “ There are 30 The remaining properties have been signed online , As for why the government stopped signing online , We were also surprised , Currently communicating . And the mortgage has been informed to the buyer before , There is no concealment .”

Relevant person in charge of Shimao Group 12 At the beginning of the month , For this sale 90 More than one residence , Previously, the fixed assets of the company were mortgaged to “ Lujiazui trust ” Financing , This is the normal way to revitalize assets in the industry .“ We accept the owner's check-out application , Check out immediately , And give the same period LPR Interest as compensation . We also hope that in three months , Handle normal online signing and transfer for customers who insist on buying houses . If you can't sign online after three months , We will issue more perfect solutions .”


“ Farce ” It will end ,“ The plot ” Need reflection

“ I didn't expect to have a happy time , Our time and energy are wasted .” Some home buyers think they have been routine , At the same time, I began to worry about whether the subsequent refund is still not going well . Reporter's findings , Because real estate transaction is a market behavior , And developers often dominate , Often use “ Overlord provision ” Force the buyer to comply , Therefore, although the whole house sales process is often hit “ Edge ball ”, But it's often not illegal ; However , Due to the huge amount of money involved in the transaction , Therefore, it is worthy of reflection by relevant departments , To better protect the reasonable rights and interests of property buyers .

“ Old houses are on sale ” Mislead buyers . Shimao Group told reporters ,110 In a house , Except that some are subscribed by internal employees , Only a few sets were sold at first , Later, because the company wants to sell as soon as possible ,9 Sign a group purchase agreement with a third-party distribution company at the end of the month , Sell on its behalf . The company has also cooperated with four intermediaries for distribution .

Because most buyers face individual homeowners when dealing with second-hand houses , Only when buying a new house , Will face the developers directly . Combined with the , Intermediary agencies specially emphasize “ No intermediary fee ”“ Low taxes ”“ Developer direct selling ” etc. , therefore “ Old houses are on sale ” It's easy to mislead buyers that they are “ Buy a new house ”, But this time, in fact, the developers are selling their own second-hand houses .

A person from a grass-roots regulatory department told reporters , The new house needs the government to approve the pre-sale Certificate , Therefore, new houses that do not meet the regulations cannot be listed for sale . therefore , Developers and intermediaries actually mislead consumers in the sales process .

Man made “ Sales panic ”. The reporter learned that , To sell the house as soon as possible , Intermediaries generally adopt “ Hunger marketing ” The way . stay “ Pucheng community ” During the sale of , The four intermediaries have spared no effort to promote , Man made panic about buying houses .

“ The market price 8 to 9 fold ”“ School district room ” And other publicity gimmicks 、 Frequent patterns , Since the community is located in the core area of Lujiazui 、 And the price is lower than the market price , Therefore, it has been favored by many home buyers . The sales scene of short supply , So that developers can easily select all customers . In order to buy successfully , Buyers completely ignored “ Cost-effective ” Legal risks behind .

Intermediaries act as matchmakers , Have the obligation to do their duty for property buyers , And fulfill the obligation of disclosure .“ The intermediary only cares about earning Party A's Commission , And ignore the transaction risk of home buyers , Is extremely irresponsible .” Yan Yuejin, director of the research center of E-House think tank, said .

Property buyers' right to know may not be adequately protected . Whether the developer or intermediary has informed the mortgage in advance ? The reporter interviewed many property buyers and found that , People have different opinions .

Because it is sold separately by multiple intermediaries , Some salespeople did tell subscribers that the property was in “ mortgage ” In state , But most claim that it does not affect the subsequent purchase process ,“ After Shimao Group officially releases the mortgage, it can cooperate with the online signing transfer .” Some salespeople did not fulfill the obligation of disclosure , Just urging subscribers “ down payment ”“ Rush purchase ”“ Buy and earn ”, Just earn more than 10% Commission without fulfilling the responsibility .


Buyers are forced to sign informed consent when initialing .

“ I made three payments altogether , First deposit , The second installment , The third full payment . When initialing the contract , The developer informed the real situation that the house had been mortgaged , Instead of first telling and then paying a deposit to buy a house .” A buyer said angrily , When initialing “ Cooked rice ”, In desperation , I can only be forced to sign a contract “ This batch of houses have been mortgaged to Lujiazui International Trust Co., Ltd , The amount of the bond is 9.5 One hundred million yuan ”“ It is known that the above house has mortgage information , And the existence of the above situation will make the house unable to handle the loan normally 、 Transfer and other housing transaction procedures ” Etc 《 Informed consent 》.

The reporter 15 Sun learned , Shimao Group has begun to inform buyers of check-out matters , After the buyer submits the materials 30 A refund will be received within working days , The refunds include the purchase price and 10% Indemnity . People in the industry suggest , Regulators should pay close attention to the progress in time , Intervene when necessary , To fully protect the rights and interests of property buyers .

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source :12 month 16 Japan 《 Xinhua Daily Telegraph 》

The reporter : Zheng Juntian

prison system Lou Just.

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