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Suddenly lost contact! What kind of "Waterloo" has Wang Chaoyong, a 10 billion PE boss, experienced

2022-02-02 19:57:33 TechWeb

Wang Chaoyong, the real controller of 10 billion private placement xinzhongli ( ID card name “ Wang Chaoyong ”)“ Out of contact ” The news of continues to affect the investment circle .

This afternoon , Xinzhongli issued a suspension announcement saying , Company stock from 2021 year 12 month 16 Date of the suspension , It is expected that 2021 year 12 month 29 The deal was resumed a few days ago . The announcement also pointed out that , According to media reports , Wang Chaoyong, the actual controller of the company, lost contact , Relevant information to be confirmed .

As for the specific reasons for the loss of contact , So far, there is no exact information . however , Today, , A criminal circulating in the fund circle “ Notice of detention ”, It also pushes Wang Chaoyong and xinzhongli to the cusp of the storm .

from “ Wall Street prodigy ” Now lost contact , How did this star in China's private placement industry experience “ Waterloo ”?

Employees broke the news in April “ No pay ”

16 On the afternoon of Sunday , Beijing , The sky is clear .

Ping an international financial center, Chaoyang District, Beijing , The building 23 The first floor is the office of Beijing xinzhongli Investment Co., Ltd., which is at the center of the storm of public opinion .

When 《 Science and technology innovation board daily 》 When the reporter walked to the front desk of the company , The first thing that comes into view is the front desk Christmas atmosphere lighting , And two honor walls full of certificates and trophies :2019 Investor of the year 、2019 Most popular of the year L P Investment institutions are welcome 、2018 Chinese venture capital institutions 50 strong ……

Various honorary titles remind visitors , The owner here is a 10 billion private placement boss , It plays an important role in the domestic investment market .

When the reporter shows his identity , The front desk staff informed a xinzhongli Executive . Then the executive led 《 Science and technology innovation board daily 》 The reporter came into the office , And to emphasize “ At present, all businesses of the company are normal , Employees work normally ”.

Walk through the wall of honor 10 Rice or so , Facing Wang Chaoyong's office —— The door is open , The interior decoration is simple , A desk 、 A sofa , about 40 The square meter office is slightly empty .

The executive then received... In a conference room 《 Science and technology innovation board daily 》 The reporter , The conference room is also full of trophies and certificates .

For Wang Chaoyong's reported loss of contact , The Executive 《 Science and technology innovation board daily 》 The reporter said :

1、 At present, the company has not received any relevant notice from the public security, procuratorial and judicial authorities , There is no way to be sure that President Wang ( A flood of water ) The state of , He is usually very busy , The time of working in the office is irregular ;

2、 The company is now operating normally , Employees are also on duty , All investment businesses are proceeding normally ;

3、 The company is wrong, President Wang ( A flood of water ) Comment on personal matters , We are actively communicating and reporting with relevant regulatory authorities ;

4、 As for the online detention book , The company is also checking with their families , There is no information that can be disclosed . Those that can be disclosed later will be disclosed through announcement .

As a 10 billion private placement boss , Wang Chaoyong seldom misses the company's regular meeting every two weeks . The above executives revealed that , The next regular meeting of the company is next Monday (12 month 20 Number ), I wonder if he can attend on time .

Forenoon , One with the title “ Detention notice of Chaoyang Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau ” Widely spread in the fund circle , The notice says “ according to 《 Criminal procedure law of the people's Republic of China 》 Article 82 , I'm in the position of 2021 year 11 month 30 Japan 15 Wang Chaoyong, who was suspected of the crime of embezzlement, was criminally detained , Now detained in Chaoyang District detention center ”, The time of signing is 2021 year 11 month 30 Japan .

When 《 Science and technology innovation board daily 》 When the reporter called the switchboard of Beijing Chaoyang District Public Security Bureau for confirmation , The person who answered the phone to “ Involving personal privacy ” citing , Refuse to disclose relevant information . Subsequently, the reporter repeatedly dialed the economic investigation telephone of the Bureau , But always in the busy line .

Wang Chaoyong seems to have suddenly lost contact , In fact, there are signs .

This year, 4 month 25 Japan , A registered name is “ Jin Xi ” Xinzhongli's employees post on a social platform :

“ The profit in the letter can't pay the salary , What do I do …… annoying , The company is going bankrupt , I don't know the use of leaders drawing big cakes every day .”

Sky eye data display ,2021 year 7 month 16 Japan ,“ Wang Chaoyong ” It has been listed as dishonest executee by Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's court .

16 Double leverage gambling “ borrow a shell ” Huicheng technology

2015 year , When xinzhongli was listed on the new third board , The funds under management have exceeded 36 only , In charge of the paid in scale 112.01 One hundred million yuan , This is Wang Chaoyong's moment of the highest light in China's capital market .

And then , Wang Chaoyong, who is in the limelight, began to dominate the acquisition of Huicheng technology .

2016 year , Benefit from faith 16.5 RMB 100 million cash acquisition of Huicheng Technology 11.1% Shares of , Premium over 100%. According to the media at that time ,16.5 Billion in acquisition funds , among 12 Yiwei xinzhongli through China Merchants wealth Asset Management Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Investment wealth ”) From the financing of the asset management plan ,3.15 Billion yuan from xinzhongli to Beijing Hengyu Tianze Investment Management Co., Ltd 12% Borrowed at the interest rate of .

in other words , In this merger , Benefit from faith 1 Billion yuan to pry up 16 Billion yuan of leverage , This may lay a hidden danger for the current crisis of xinzhongli .

At first, Wang Chaoyong hoped to inject xinzhongli into listed companies and successfully complete backdoor , stay A Shares create another “ Jiuding ”, soon , The CSRC amended 《 Administrative measures for major assets reorganization of listed companies 》, Xinzhongli's desire for backdoor listing failed . And then , He retreated to second place , Acquire the game company duokemeng, which was hot in the capital market at a high premium , And renamed the listed company Huicheng technology .

But the game is not easy to do . Poor performance after a brief stimulus , Duokemeng game has not been launched yet , Huicheng technology's performance fell sharply , constantly “ Thunderstorm ” Goodwill impairment .2020 year , The performance of Huicheng technology has exploded again , It is expected to lose money for the whole year 9 One hundred million yuan to 11.7 One hundred million yuan , In the first three quarters of this year, non net profit was deducted and losses continued 1.39 Billion .

Huicheng technology is up to date today 4.42 element / stocks . Compared with the original purchase price of Wang Chaoyong , a 2015 The annual share price exceeds 24 Yuan stock price , It fell to almost a fraction .

Debt crisis behind litigation

Wang Chaoyong should not have thought ,16 Double leverage gamble to acquire Huicheng Technology , Led him and xinzhongli to slide into the abyss step by step . Sky eye information display ,2017 Since then , Good faith involves 46 Indictment , The cause of action is the dispute over equity transfer 、 Property preservation, etc . And dokemeng also frequently becomes “ Blasting fuse ”.

only 2021 In the information disclosed in the first half of the year , There is 7 This case involves dokemeng . among , The largest amount involved is , Zhongji Investment Co., Ltd 22.43% In case of equity transfer disputes arising from equity cooperation projects, xinzhongli will be sued , Involving equity transfer funds 6.84 One hundred million yuan . Several other cases , It mainly involves suing duo Kemeng for failing to pay the relevant amount 、 Arrears and other acts . From the performance of Huicheng Technology ,2021 Deduct non net profit in the third quarter of 2013 -1.39 One hundred million yuan , The balance of cash and cash equivalents is only 6655.66 Ten thousand yuan , It is difficult to cover the amount involved in the lawsuit .

here , Profit in faith is also at a loss ,2021 Deduct non net profit in the first half of the year -2.14 Billion , The cash paid for debt repayment alone amounts to 2.28 Billion .

at present , Xinzhongli's main objects of dispute mainly include Beijing incredibly Home Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Unexpectedly home ”)、 Zhuhai Wutong high investment fund enterprise 、 Ningbo Zhenhai Mingwang enterprise management partnership, etc . among , The lawsuit with the incredibly home is 2021 Annual concentration , Yes 4 rise , The main cause of action is related to stock repurchase .

QQ Screenshot 20211217142329

Trust in China 2021 The annual report shows , Unexpectedly, the home is among the top ten shareholders of xinzhongli's common shares , The shareholding ratio is 1.28%.

before , People from xinzhongli company 《 Science and technology innovation board daily 》 reporters , This time, Wang Chaoyong “ Out of contact ” It's related to the case of the incredibly home . However, this statement was denied by the home of incredibly , And said “ unreliable ”.

Benefit transmission and administrative supervision

It is worth noting that , The lawsuit is in 2021 After the concentrated outbreak in , Xinzhongli did not disclose in time , Administrative supervision measures received for many times .

According to Qingdao Securities Regulatory Bureau 11 month 9 Daily news , Qingdao China Securities Regulatory Commission ordered Qingdao Xinli Investment Co., Ltd. to take corrective measures :

In recent days, , Qingdao Securities Regulatory Bureau conducted on-site inspection on the development of the company's private fund business . After the check , The company has the following problems :

One 、 Take advantage of fund assets or positions , Seek benefits for people other than themselves or investors , Transfer benefits . The company violates the agreement of the fund partnership agreement , Pledge fund assets to provide financial support for related parties .

Two 、 Inadequate investor suitability management . Some investors have no proof of financial assets or income , And not employees of your company , It is not enough to prove that the investor is a qualified private fund investor .

3、 ... and 、 Promise minimum return to investors . Some fund product promotion materials contain “ conservative ”“ Return on investment forecast ” And so on . The above behavior violates the relevant provisions of the CSRC .

Looking back : Wang Chaoyong is more because 15 He was admitted to Huazhong University of science and technology at the age of 20 ,19 At the age of, he became a graduate student of the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University ,20 Studying in the United States at the age of , a MBA Academic degree ,22 Started working on Wall Street at the age of , Become the investment and financing experts of the first batch of mainland students to enter Wall Street . Have 12 Years of international investment experience , Served successively in JPMorgan Chase Bank 、 Standard & Poor's 、 Morgan Stanley , And served as Morgan Stanley Asia Vice President, , And chief representative of Beijing Representative Office .1999 year 5 month ,34 Wang Chaoyong founded xinzhongli capital at the age of , Has invested in Sohu 、 Baidu 、 Huayi Brothers and other well-known companies ,“ Praised by the media as “ Wall Street prodigy ”.

One of his favorite titles on Wang Chaoyong's business card is : America's Cup China “ China team ” chairman , He himself spent a lot of money to build a brand called “ Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars ” Chinese boat racing . From this point , Wang Chaoyong's love for the sea is obvious .

meanwhile , He also changed his ID card name from Wang Chaoyong to Wang Chaoyong . Compare what happened to him today , I can't help but remind people of Buffett's words : Spring tide recedes , To know who's swimming naked .

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