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See unreasonable pressure again! The US Treasury will list eight Chinese science and technology enterprises in the "investment blacklist"

2022-02-02 19:57:38 TechWeb

Thursday, US east time , Office of foreign assets control, U.S. Treasury Department (OFAC) Issued a press release saying , take 8 Chinese technology companies are listed in “ Chinese military enterprises ” The blacklist , US investors are prohibited from holding shares in these enterprises , The reason for weaving is that these enterprises “ Suspected of participating in the surveillance of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang ”.

These eight enterprises are : Yuncong Technology Co., Ltd 、 Dawn Information Industry Co., Ltd (600303)、 Leon Technology Co., Ltd (300603)、 Kuangshi Technology Co., Ltd 、 Dongfang Wangli Technology Co., Ltd (300367)、 Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd 、 Xiamen Meiya Baike Information Co., Ltd (300188) Heyitu Technology Co., Ltd .


before , The above-mentioned enterprises have been added to “ List of entities ”, American companies cannot export American technology or products to these Chinese enterprises without government permission . This time it's listed in “ List of China's military industrial complex enterprises ”, That is, it has included its so-called “ Investment blacklist ”, U.S. entities will be restricted from investing in publicly traded securities and derivative securities of these enterprises . At present, the U.S. Treasury Department “ Chinese military enterprises ” There is an appointment on the blacklist 60 Chinese Enterprises .

After the announcement , Kuang depending on science and technology 、 Cloud technology has issued a statement , He said he strongly opposed the practice of the US Treasury Department , And this decision and related allegations are groundless .

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian 15 Stressed at a regular press conference on the th , China has always opposed the US's generalization of the concept of national security 、 Unreasonable suppression of Chinese enterprises . China has also repeatedly introduced the facts and truth of the Xinjiang related issues .“ China will pay close attention to the development of the situation , As always, we will resolutely defend the legitimate rights of Chinese enterprises 、 Legitimate rights and interests .”

Zhao Lijian said , China is seriously concerned about the situation mentioned in relevant reports . Economic globalization is an objective reality and historical trend . China always believes that , Scientific and technological achievements should benefit all mankind , It should not be a limitation 、 The means to curb the development of other countries . Individual politicians on the US side have generalized the concept of national security , Politicize science and technology and economic and trade issues 、 tools 、 Ideological . This violates the principles of market economy and fair competition , Will only threaten 、 Damage the security of global industrial chain and supply chain , Breaking the rules of international trade , It is a typical political manipulation of harming others and not benefiting oneself . He said , China will, as always, resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises 、 Legitimate rights and interests .

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