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Autonomous vehicles hit pedestrians! Waymo clarified that the driver was driving manually

2022-02-02 19:57:47 TechWeb

Beijing time. 12 month 17 Morning news , As report goes , Social news networks Reddit An online post said , One on Wednesday night Waymo Self driving car knocking down a pedestrian in San Francisco . this home Alphabet A spokesman for its company confirmed the incident on twitter , But at the same time, it is clarified that , The vehicle was in manual driving mode at the time of the accident .

The accident happened in San Francisco Lower Haight Community , Since last summer Waymo Have been testing the vehicle here .Reddit user KWillets Claimed to have witnessed the accident , He released a Waymo The car stopped in the middle of the road 、 Photo of the driver's side door open . A fire engine stopped by the side of the road , Many firefighters and onlookers gathered in front of the car .KWillets writes :

“ Just when we thought 2021 When the year won't get worse , We heard a crash . I jumped out of bed to see what had happened .

“ Our neighbor came out of a carpool in the distance , A man crossed the road , The other person stays behind to take pictures . A patrol officer from the San Francisco police department stopped , Maybe you told her to be careful when you said the road (?), Then a car Waymo Pass by the nearby driveway , Hit the man who had crossed the road , The man had just returned . The hit man was conscious and then stood up , But I went to the hospital for diagnosis . I hope he's OK .”

When asked if the person who was hit didn't obey the traffic rules ,KWillets Clarified some details :“ They all got off somewhere near the upper left corner . One of them crossed the road to the right , Back in a few seconds , Then be Waymo Hit . The other man didn't cross the road , But was stopped by a patrol car .”

KWillets Told the media they were just “ hear ” I've seen this incident , Then I watched the replay on closed-circuit television .

When asked by autopilot, San Francisco was used as a testing ground. ,KWillets Express :“ I have no problem with the test , But the San Francisco Transportation Authority encourages speeding and reckless driving in our neighborhood . I have complained about the time difference between traffic lights and drivers running red lights .”

Tesla fan Omar · Qazi (Omar Qazi) After discovering this “whole emarsblog” Tweet up . Waymo Spokesperson Catherine · Bana (Katherine Barna) In response to Qazi's tweet :“ We know that the incident involved a car Waymo automobile , It was in manual driving mode , We will continue to cooperate with the local government to investigate the matter .”

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