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Reddit submitted an IPO application with a valuation of more than US $15 billion

2022-02-02 19:57:48 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , According to foreign media reports , Large social platforms Reddit Express , Has secretly filed with the securities and Exchange Commission IPO apply .

Reddit Of IPO The plan dates back to 9 The moon came out , The goal is to expect the valuation to exceed 150 Billion dollars . In the February trading frenzy ,Reddit The value of has doubled over last year , achieve 60 Billion dollars .8 month , The company is based on 100 The $billion valuation raised 7 US $100 million . Most of the company's business revenue comes from advertising ,8 Monthly financing , The company has said ,2021 Advertising revenue in the second quarter of 2013 has reached 1 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 192%.

Reddit Founded in 2005 year , The reason for the fire at the beginning of this year is that it was active in Reddit The retail investors of US stocks in the Forum gathered together to hype GME Isomorphic stock (meme stock), Be called “ The headquarters of US stock retail investors ”. By the end of this year 1 month ,Reddit More than daily active users 5200 ten thousand , Community over 10 ten thousand . The company may also see the right time , plan IPO list , Raise capital for the next step of international expansion .

In the draft registration statement submitted to the securities and Exchange Commission ,Reddit Did not disclose the number of shares to be issued or IPO A price range . Professor of finance at the University of Florida Jay Ritter Express : “ Reddit I hope it IPO The pricing can be much higher than that of ordinary technology stocks this year .”

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