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Sources said that Facebook's acquisition of kustomer was approved by the European Union

2022-02-02 20:13:23 TechWeb

Beijing time. 12 month 17 Daily news ,Facebook Acquisition of American customer service company Kustomer, The acquisition has raised concerns among EU antitrust authorities .Facebook compromise , Promise to let competitors' products and Kustomer Products operate equally , The source said that after the concession, the EU approved the acquisition .

The acquisition of small businesses by large companies has raised concerns on both sides of the Atlantic , Regulators believe that such acquisitions are so-called “ Acquisition killer ”, It will use acquisitions to annex competitors before threatening to grow .

2020 year 11 month Facebook Announcement of acquisition Kustomer,Kustomer Tools can attract more sellers to the platform .Kustomer It mainly sells to enterprises CRM Software , Businesses use software over the phone 、 mail 、 SMS 、WhatsApp、Instagram And other channels to communicate with customers , The acquisition of WhatsApp Development is beneficial to .

In order for the EU to approve the acquisition ,Facebook Agree to let different products and technologies work together , This will solve the interoperability problem .

The European Commission previously believed that Facebook The takeover will hurt the competition , enhance Facebook Competitiveness in online advertising .1 month 28 The EU competition regulator will make a final decision before the day , Now it declined to comment .Facebook Once said that acquisition can enhance competitiveness , In dynamic and competitive CRM、 The field of enterprise information brings more innovation to enterprises and customers .

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