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Google joins hands with well-known female video creators to send her blessings

2022-02-02 20:13:25 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , In recent years, video creation has spread all over the world rise , More and more excellent women have joined this trend , Contributed countless wonderful video content . They use video to record the unique side of their lives , These rich perspectives add fun to everyone's life , It also enables people to better understand China 、 Understand the world .

In order to let more people know the dedication and persistence behind them , At the same time, it also brings confidence and encouragement to more women who pursue their dreams , In recent days, , Four female video creators and Google Head of China enterprise communication department Marsha dialogue , Tell the story of their video creation .

Besides ,Google They are also specially invited to send encouragement and blessings to all women . In their eyes , Women have great power , They want all women to work hard , Gain independence and happiness .

Western yunnan little elder brother

I've always believed that women have power that can't be underestimated , Play a lot of roles that can't be ignored in life , We are delicate and soft , Strong and capable . I don't think women should be limited , They can give full play to their light and love , Contribute and influence what you love . For five years , I spread all the beauty of Yunnan , This is my effort for my hometown . I hope all women can keep themselves , Do what you love , Live the life you want , Healthy and free , Independent and upward , Live your own brilliance !

A small garden playing harmonica

Women should go out bravely , To see the bigger world , See more things , Communicate with more excellent people , Make your life more fulfilling and busy , To find your true self and your best state . All women are beautiful , We must love ourselves !

Travel diary

Every woman , Whatever your age , What stage of life , All have unique beauty . No fear of age , Not afraid of change , Don't limit yourself , You will become more and more beautiful !

The little dragon goes around

When you decide to do something , Then don't hesitate , Try to do , Whether or not it will bring you the expected return in the end , Be serious 、 Work hard to complete . After such a process , You will gradually realize your shortcomings , Recognize what you really want !

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