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Shangtang is expected to restart its IPO next Monday, maintaining its target of $767 million

2022-02-02 20:13:46 Heart of machine

Shangtang technology IPO The situation has received widespread attention , The latest news points out that , The company is expected to restart the listing process within this year , But the company has yet to comment .

Reuters reported on Thursday , Four people directly familiar with the matter said , Thomson technology (0020.HK) Plans to launch its IPO in Hong Kong (IPO) The scale is maintained at 7.67 Billion dollars , It is considering restarting the withdrawn transaction as early as Monday .

The source added , With the first time IPO Our attempts are consistent , Cornerstone equity may be approximately 4.5 Billion dollars , But the composition of investors may change . at present , The news has not been officially released yet .

After the Biden administration blacklisted the company , Shangtang technology withdrew its plans for an initial public offering in Hong Kong on Monday . Shangtang will be submitted to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Monday this week (HKEx) In a public notice, it said , In order to protect the interests of interested investors and consider the potential impact of developments on investment decisions , The board of directors of the company has decided that the global offering and listing in Hong Kong will be delayed . Shangtang will refund the application price paid by the investor , And publish a supplementary prospectus , The company is still committed to completing the global offering and listing as soon as possible .

12 month 10 Japan , Before Shangtang technology should have priced its public offering , The US Treasury Department suddenly listed the company as 「 List of China's military industrial complex enterprises 」 list , According to the relevant policies of the United States , Once on the list , American investors will not be able to trade Shangtang technology in the market .

Shang Tang then issued a statement , Express :「 We strongly oppose this decision and the relevant allegations . We believe that the decision and the relevant allegations are groundless , It reflects the fundamental misunderstanding of our company . The development of science and technology should not be affected by geopolitics .」

On this Thursday , The British 《 The financial times 》 People familiar with the matter were quoted as saying , The US Treasury Department will 8 Chinese companies have been blacklisted , Including drone manufacturer Dajiang ,「AI Four Little Dragons 」 The other three in , Kuang depending on science and technology 、 Yitu technology and cloud technology .

Based on publicly disclosed information , Shangtang technology's shareholder list includes some investors from the United States . Among them, Silver Lake capital holds about 3% equity , Fidelity Investment and Qualcomm also hold a small stake in Shangtang Technology . At present, we do not know what changes will be made to the listing of Shangtang due to the ban .

According to the new plan , Shangtang technology is expected to complete the transaction pricing by the end of next week , And in 12 month 31 Recently, it was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange .

Sources said , Chinese buyers may buy IPO Medium value 3.17 Almost all the shares of $billion not subscribed by cornerstone shareholders . Shangtang is trying to update its prospectus , Include the investment ban in its risk factors section .

They said , After waiting for the Hong Kong stock exchange to approve the revised risk disclosure , Shangtang may start the deal on Monday , To raise money with the last Hong Kong IPO Plan the same amount . According to the last submission , Shangtang plans to pay per share 3.85 to 3.99 Sale of Hong Kong dollars 15 Billion shares , among 90% For the international placement of shares , rest 10% Public offering of shares for Hong Kong .

12 month 13 At noon , Shangtang technology announced in the Hong Kong stock exchange that , The global offering and listing will be delayed , A supplementary prospectus is expected to be published . meanwhile , Shangtang technology said , We will continue to strive to complete the global offering and listing as soon as possible , All application money will be refunded to all applicants without interest .

For Shangtang, the process of applying for listing is relatively smooth , Delaying the listing is undoubtedly a forced decision .12 month 17 It was originally scheduled that Shangtang technology would be officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange .

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