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Micro step online selected in Gartner 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Market Guide

2022-02-02 20:32:50 TechWeb

【TechWeb】2021 year 12 month 17 Japan , World famous information technology research and consulting organization Gartner Released 《Market Guide for Security Intelligence Products and Services(2021)》( Global Threat Intelligence Market Guide ).

As a cyber security company that has never missed the market guide report of Threat Intelligence Series for four consecutive years , Weibo online is once again selected in this threat intelligence market guide , And enter Representative Vendor( Representative suppliers ) list , The shortlisted products are OneDNS Internet security access service 、X The intelligence community 、 Local threat management platform TIP(Threat Intelligence Platform) And Threat Intelligence API. Four products of Weibo online have won Gartner The recommendation of .

Gartner Market Guide for Security Intelligence Products and Services(2021)

Table 2: Threat Intelligence Representative Vendors

In the field of threat discovery and response , Micro step online continuous deep ploughing , Launch the first product on the market for many times . Micro step online combines Threat Intelligence technology and traffic detection technology NDR product —— Threat awareness platform Threat Detection Platform(TDP) get Gartner newest 《 Global flow detection products and services market guide 》 Nomination . Besides , Micro step online also has endpoint security products that combine Threat Intelligence technology and terminal detection Traceability Technology OneEDR, And micro step cloud sandbox S、 Free honeypot HFish And other tool products trusted by network security practitioners , It is a powerful embodiment of the technical ability and product originality of Weibo online over the years .

Gartner It is believed that the threat intelligence market consists of a variety of solutions and services , To help organizations understand and prepare for their own unique threat situations , To strengthen the ability of prevention and prediction , And help improve other operations , Such as event response (IR)、 Threat search and vulnerability management (VM). In the past year , Micro step online helps China's cyberspace security protection during the epidemic , Take the lead in discovering the network attack organization in Taiwan “ Green spot ” Aggression , stay Log4j Rapid response in vulnerability events , The emergency response plan issued is timely 、 widespread .

Micro step Online 2021 year 12 In June, it jointly released with the Chinese Academy of information and communications 《2020 Network Security Threat Information Research Report (2021 year )》, And to the national industrial information security development research center 《 Cyber security threat intelligence industry development report (2021 year )》 Provide research support . This time, micro step online was selected again Gartner《 Global Threat Intelligence Market Guide 》, It shows that Weibo online is determined to maintain an international leading position in the field of threat intelligence , It is also another strong evidence that Weibo online continues to lead the domestic Threat Intelligence market with the high professionalism of technical products .

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