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Make a fortune in silence! This year, the share prices of these overseas upstream manufacturers far outperformed Tesla

2022-02-02 20:51:42 TechWeb

In the past two years , The electric vehicle industry is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching industries in the global investment market , In particular, the sharp rise in the share price of Tesla, the leader of electric vehicles, is particularly amazing . But this year , Due to the shortage of upstream supply , The production capacity of electric vehicle enterprises such as Tesla is limited , The share price performance of many upstream battery raw material suppliers is even better , Even many have increased by nearly 200%, Far outperform Tesla's share price this year 31% The gains .

Chemicals analyst at Bloomberg think tank in Hong Kong Horace Chan Express :“ Investors are paying more attention to parts and metal suppliers , Because they are looking for hidden gemstones in the battery supply chain .”

The share price of battery raw material suppliers soared this year

With the rapid development of the global electric vehicle industry , The growth rate of battery capacity has exceeded that of the supply chain , This has led to a serious shortage of some parts and ore raw materials . Driven by strong demand , Miners and chemical producers keep raising prices , Increase profit .

As of Thursday , Australian lithium supplier Pilbara Mining has risen this year 210% above , And the manufacturer of cathode active materials in South Korea Ecopro BM and L&F 's share price has gone up 200% above . Rare earth producers listed in Australia Lynas The share price of rare earth Co., Ltd. has increased by about 132%.

Pilbara CEO brinsden (Ken Brinsden) say :“ The fact proved that , Raw materials are scarce , Profits were soon pushed upstream .”

Pilbara Supply raw materials for many power battery giants . Because lithium prices fell two years ago , The company was in 2019 Once forced to slash production , But in the past two years, with the soaring price of lithium ore , As a result, the company has increased its production capacity 、 Acquisition and expansion , The share price also rises .

towards LG Energy Solution And other battery enterprises supplying cathode materials L&F General manager of the company Patrick Choi In an interview :“ Expect to 2022 The annual profit will further increase , And plans to increase the annual production capacity from 4 Ten thousand tons to 2025 Year of 20 Ten thousand tons of .”

Analysts' estimates L&F This year's sales will triple year-on-year to 1 Trillions won (8.5 Billion dollars ).Patrick Choi Express ,2022 Sales in are expected to double further , Will at least reach 2 Trillions of the won .

The upstream supply chain is not moving so fast

Pilbara CEO Brinsden said , The preparation and construction of the battery factory only need 18 About a month or so , And mines usually need 7 Years or more before it can be put into production , This indicates that the supply of raw materials may still be limited , Prices will remain high .

“( Battery supply chain ) There may be more pain and heartache in the future . The response of the supply chain cannot be as fast as people think , At the same time, demand is expanding rapidly ,” He said ,“ For this industry , There is no quick solution to the problem .”

The high price of raw materials has also stimulated the development of battery recycling industry .

This year, 10 month ,L&F With Tesla co-founder stroubel (J.B. Straubel) Create a battery recycling enterprise Redwood Materials Inc. Established a partnership , Doing business in Europe and the United States .

L&F Of Patrick Choi Express ,“ Now everyone is talking about the shortage of metal for batteries . But if recycling is achieved , Let's assume that about 80% The cathode can be extracted , And in 10 Years later, it will be reused in new electric vehicles . This will reduce the supply burden , Reduce costs to current levels 60%.”

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