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Can the mobile phone be used for a week without charging? Samsung and IBM launch new chip transistor

2022-02-02 20:55:19 TechWeb

In recent days, ,IBM And Samsung announced a new semiconductor chip design , Claiming that this design can continue Moore's law . This groundbreaking architecture will allow transistors with vertical current flow to be embedded into the chip , This results in more compact equipment , And paves the way for the long-term operation of smart phones .


It is reported that , New vertical transmission field effect transistor (VTFET) Designed to replace some of the most advanced chips currently used today FinFET technology , essentially , The new design will stack transistors vertically , Allows current to flow up and down the transistor stack , Instead of the left-right horizontal layout currently used on most chips .

according to IBM That's what I'm saying , This new vertical structure allows more transistors to be placed in the space , It can also affect the contact point between them , To increase current and save energy . The company said , This design may double performance , Or reduce 85% Energy consumption .

IBM Has been produced with this new VTFET Test chip of Architecture , And imagine that it plays a role in changing the rules of the game in many fields . With the continuous development of the Internet of things , These chips can make marine buoys and autopilot vehicles run with less energy. , And may have a similar impact on energy intensive computing processes such as cryptocurrency mining , Reduce its carbon footprint .

Besides , according to IBM That's what I'm saying , It can also make spacecraft more efficient , Even let the smartphone battery be used without charging for a week instead of a few days .

IBM Vice president of hybrid cloud and systems at the Institute Mukesh Khare "Said Dr. ,“ Today's technical statement is about challenging tradition , Rethink how we continue to advance society , And provide new innovations , To improve life 、 Business and reduce our environmental impact .”

“ Considering the current restrictions faced by the industry in many aspects ,IBM And Samsung are demonstrating our commitment to joint innovation in semiconductor design , And pursue what we call ‘ Hard technology ’.” He added .

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