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Hungry? Upgrade the knight support system and improve the knight experience from five dimensions

2022-02-02 21:39:28 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , It's today “ The fourth Blue Knight Festival ”, It is also a festival specially created for the blue knight . Hungry? Announce a comprehensive upgrade of the knight support system , Pilot smart helmet 、 Match flexible delivery time 、 Broaden the knight promotion path , And will invest 1200 Ten thousand yuan to provide serious illness assistance to the knight's family .

According to Liu Xinyang, vice president of hungry Yao , Since this year, the communication mechanism has been unblocked 、 Optimize rule settings 、 Increase welfare materials 、 We have made improvements in the five dimensions of improving health security and broadening career development .“ Put Knight security and social responsibility first , This is the direction we adhere to .” Liu Xinyang said .

This year, , Hungry? Set up Knight operation Department , Take Knight satisfaction as the core work index , Develop long-term goals and business strategies around Knight rights , Establish an organizational mechanism to ensure .

In order to better listen to the knight pain point , Hungry? Created various forms of communication mechanisms , Among them, the round table has been held for nearly 100 site , And over 2400 A knight communicates face to face . Questions about Knight feedback , Hungry? Set up a special working group to promote , Regularly disclose the progress of optimization . At present, it is slow to have a meal in the merchant 、 Unable to reach users 、 Abnormal reporting process 、 Allowance for overweight orders 、 Continuous improvement has been made in the scenes such as the laying of the dining cabinet , And put on-line Knight layered protection system in bad weather .

Besides , Hungry? Recruit Blue Knight think tank from all over the country , Test and feedback the function and rule settings of platform products , To give the most authentic experience and make complaints about it. , And participate in product and rule optimization . First batch 10 A blue knight joined , The follow-up will be carried out in the country 30 Core cities recruit about 300 Members of a think tank . Members of the think tank who participate in suggestions and suggestions can receive cash and material subsidies .

According to introducing , Hungry? Exploring “ Online and offline co governance ” The security of . In the online , Hungry? Provide more flexible delivery time for complex delivery scenarios , For example, rainstorm 、 Temporary road control 、 The merchant's meal is slow 、 When you can't get in touch with customers . Knights can also report manually , Apply for matching flexible delivery time .

Offline , Are you hungry? We are piloting the promotion of smart Helmets . The smart helmet is directly connected to the mobile phone , Knights can process orders through voice commands , When receiving a user's call, use the built-in microphone in the helmet to communicate , Avoid potential safety hazards caused by answering and making calls while riding . The helmet also has a built-in sensing indicator , According to the brake 、 It flashes automatically when the light is too dark , Serve as a warning .

Safety training covers all stages of Knight growth , From novice stage to development stage , Then to the furnace return period . Are you hungry 28 A safety course , More than... A year 300 Million people attended the training . Hungry? Ask the logistics service provider to set up the post of Safety Officer , Regular traffic rules for knights 、 Fire awareness propaganda , Explain accident handling methods , Conduct compliance vehicle inspection .

“ The protection of Knights' rights and interests is a systematic 、 A long-term project , We will show the determination of continuous improvement , Actively assume greater responsibility .” Are you hungry? Vice president Liu Xinyang said .

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