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New value of quark app link from retrieval to ecological service

2022-02-02 21:39:34 TechWeb

【TechWeb】2021 The year is approaching the end of the year , This year , A lot has happened , There are also many surging moments . In the context of the normalization of the epidemic , People are more closely related to technology . As a platform for defining the next generation of intelligent search for the future , quarks APP It has also recently released the of tens of millions of young people 2021 key word .

Looking back on the coming year , Centennial of the founding of the party 、 Olympic Games 、 China Aerospace 、 Test preparation youth 、 Break defense 、YYDS、 vaccination 、 The whole people fight against fraud 、 National wind and tide , These keywords become Z The annual memory of millions of young people for generations . It is worth noting that , Behind these keywords , It also contains the needs and expectations of the mainstream young generation in the future stage . Create more value for the younger generation of users , Provide users with new value with diversified content and services , Past keywords will also become quarks APP The base for future upgrades .

from 2021 Key words “ persona ” Multiple Z Generational attitude

A record is a summary of the past , At the same time, it is also a prospect for the future . quarks APP As a recorder , The platform carries thousands of 95 After the young people . Every search and click of these young users , Is an expression of the outside world ,2021 The key words of the year also record the attitude of young people at present .

From the published keywords, we can see , Break defense 、YYDS、 Jujuezi et al Z Generation network buzzwords , It carries the abundant emotions and attitudes of young people at present .

and “ Test preparation youth ” As the annual topic of hot search , It also represents the positive progress of young people 、 Chasing the dream 、 The attitude of seriously meeting all kinds of life challenges . According to the data released by quarks , Preparation Introduction 、 Bonus policy 、 Selected students 、 The scoring system is the key words of youth hot search ; Quark 、 Quark net 、 Quark translation 、 Quark document 、 Scan files 、 Extracting text is their test preparation artifact .

2021 The year is a hundred years since the founding of the party ,《 The age of awakening 》、《 Revolutionary 》 And other main melody film and television works are sought after by young people . Different from many people's past cognition ,Z Generations are paying attention to the current political affairs of the country in the way of drama , They'll be in quarks APP Look for red travel routes on , Chasing drama and learning party history , Search for 《 The age of awakening 》 Archetypal characters 、 Actor 、 Quotations 、 wallpaper 、 Facial expression bag, etc , Feel Li Dazhao 、 Chen Yannian 、 Lu Xun and other revolutionary predecessors “ faith ” Inspiration .

Maybe , Many people don't find , Stronger self-confidence of the times has returned strongly to this generation of young people . among ,“ National wind and tide ” As 2021 key word , It represents the consumption choice and aesthetic attitude of young people at present . From the data released by quarks , Sanxingdui cultural relics 、 Hanfu 、 China time honored brand 、 Guochao brand and other contents become 95 After hot search , Show strong cultural confidence , Including quark's sweater 、 Stationery, etc , They are also deeply loved by users , And this kind of love comes from the cultural resonance between the younger generation and quarks .

From information retrieval to information service Behind the annual keywords are common needs

Comparison 80、90 after , The present Z Generation's demand for information is the most active , They have higher requirements for Information Retrieval , Behind every search , Not just to get an answer , Extended services are also what they want .

For search engines , Provide answers to users , Just the most basic service , Behind the retrieval , You have to be able to get To the common needs behind the problem .

This year, ,“ The whole people fight against fraud ” Become a hot topic of social concern , It's also Z generation 2021 Key words of the year . quarks APP In addition to providing users with relevant news and answers about anti fraud , It also collected millions of fraudulent website libraries through monitoring , Provide 100000 network security tips every day , Not just a porter with a rigid answer .

According to the official figures ,“ Common types of telecom network fraud ”、“ How to recover the money lost by telecom fraud ”、“ Standards for filing telecommunications fraud cases ” And other knowledge contents have been shared for tens of millions of times , It further proves that quarks APP Advance prediction of users' common needs .

And in the “ Test preparation youth ” Behind the key words , It is 95 The spirit of the younger generation to dare to challenge , More willing to take the initiative to set goals . meanwhile , Today, with the rapid development of mobile intelligent devices ,Z Generations prefer to use iPad To learn , Pursue portability , Replace paper books with electronic materials , The efficiency of obtaining answers is also required to be higher . At this point , quarks APP Just use AI Technology meets the needs of New Youth .

In Quark APP in , Users can use AI The camera scans and stores the books and teaching materials in the network disk , Easy to access at any time . also , Photo search, photo translation and other functions , It can also help users find answers more efficiently , intelligence “ Wrong questions ”, It also makes the recording of wrong questions more simple and convenient . According to quark APP Xia Yazhen, product manager, revealed that , Some users use quarks AI The camera scans at one time 300 A multi page Textbook , Easy to access and review anytime, anywhere .

in addition , quarks APP This year also launched a new college entrance examination AI Volunteer service , Help users more efficiently choose the information they may choose , Check the past admission score of colleges and Universities , help “ Test preparation youth ” Solve their exams and life problems . data display , This year's 2100 Million users used the corresponding tools when filling in their volunteers .

On the search , quarks APP It not only provides users with accurate answers , From the perspective of helping users solve problems , Extend more common ecological services .

Jump out of the search box Link new value

Search engine has developed so far , It is no longer a one-way answer feedback , Behind the retrieval , Service has become a new value . and Z Although the current proportion of Internet users is not high , But they are highly active , It has become the upgrade wind vane of the Internet era .

For search platforms , To jump out of the traditional search box , Break the boundary , Across information , Beyond the answer , Provide more accurate services , So that users can get more substantive help in one search . Relevant research reports point out that , Present Z Generations prefer minimalism 、 Efficient 、 All media intelligent information products , Hot search resources 、 knowledge 、 Skill , One stop service is deep 、 high frequency 、 Long term rigid demand . If the search engine is still just a simple tool service , It will be farther and farther away from the original intention of creating value for users .

As a young search tool , quarks App From the first moment of its establishment, we are determined to make the best active information acquisition experience . According to quark APP Zheng Shishou, the person in charge of the product, revealed , quarks App Serve more than ten million Z Generation user ,25 Users under the age of account for more than half .Z Thinking and usage habits of generations of users , Has become a quark App Upgraded base .

In Quark App In the product , You can see all kinds of AI Application of Technology , Through intelligent tools + Content + The mode of service , Link new youth , Create new value , Meet the needs of users to actively obtain information and solve problems . meanwhile , From Quarks App In our product philosophy , You can see , Its understanding of search has not been limited to the feedback of answers , Not only connected content , Further connected to the service , Use intelligent tools to solve users' deeper problems .

This time, ,2021 Release of annual keywords , Not just to show the outside world Z The confidence and common needs of generations , It also provides the direction of change for the development of search engine . As Zheng Shishou said ,“ We need to summarize these needs to some extent , And summarize the trends behind these summaries to design the growth strategy .”

From information search to information service , This is quark App Always the same direction , It is also the principle that we have always adhered to . Make the purest tools , And Z Generations of intimacy , That's why quarks App The reason why tmall Taobao was not added .

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