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US court approves US $460 million debt restructuring plan of Ruixing coffee

2022-02-02 21:39:35 TechWeb

12 month 17 Japan news : Ruixing coffee's debt restructuring plan was approved by a federal judge in Manhattan , This means that the arrangement made in the Cayman Islands court can be implemented in the United States .

Court documents show that ,4.6 The holder of the $billion note will receive 3.2 $billion in cash and new bonds . The plan also ended many lawsuits initiated by shareholders after Ruixing coffee was accused of falsely reimbursed sales . The company's executives are still dealing with some shareholder lawsuits .

In this year 9 Month of the month , Ruixing coffee disclosed , The company signed with the plaintiff's representative of the U.S. class action 1. 875 A $billion letter of intent to settle . meanwhile , Ruixing also announced that it had submitted relevant documents to the Cayman court 2025 Due in 4. 6 The debt restructuring plan of $100 million convertible bonds .

Ruixing financial report shows ,2020 Ruixing's net revenue for the fiscal year 40. 33 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 33.3%. By 2021 year 7 month 31 Japan , Ruixing has opened... In China 4030 Self owned stores and 1293 Franchise stores , The total number of transaction users reached 7840 ten thousand .

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