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Where is the next boundary of cloud services? Amazon cloud technology has sent cloud services into space

2022-02-02 21:39:38 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , Amazon cloud technology 2021 year re:Invent The global conference is over , Amazon cloud technology Greater China product team combined with this re:Invent Five wind vanes for the development of cloud computing industry are summarized : First of all : Restructure the cloud computing base , Self developed chip upgrade ; second : The clouds are boundless , Unlimited expansion ; Third : Code is cloud , Everything is API; Fourth : Lower the threshold , Put cloud computing in the hands of more people ; The fifth : sustainable development .

Talk about “ The clouds are boundless ”, Zhou Ge, director of computing and storage of Greater China Product Department of Amazon cloud technology, believes that , from “ Self developed general computing processor ”、“ Self developed machine learning training chip ” To “ Self developed solid state drive ”, Calculation 、 Storage 、 Data related services continue to break the boundaries of cloud service innovation , Make cloud services more and more deeply applied to all aspects .

But the Amazon cloud team also found that , There are still new constraints to break through . These constraints exist in physical areas 、 It exists in many laws and regulations , For example, the data must have local regulatory requirements , Delay caused by various physical distances 、 Network bandwidth problem 、 Connection stability, etc .

Zhou Ge said , In order to achieve The Everywhere Cloud( The clouds are boundless ), Amazon cloud technology has been working hard .

Now Amazon cloud technology's cloud services cover six continents around the world 25 Regions , Provide 81 Usable area , Can help the Creator 、 Developers deploy cloud service applications very quickly .

Amazon cloud technology WaveLength Cooperate with operators , To serve 5G Edge application . Amazon cloud technology Wavelength Expand the cloud to the world 5G Edge network location , Enable developers to build new and innovative applications with ultra-low latency , So that developers can pass the same API And toolset seamlessly connect to all services in Amazon cloud technology area .

On this basis , How to extend the capabilities of Amazon cloud technology to the field of hybrid cloud ? Amazon cloud technology through Outposts Send the cloud service to the user's local computer room data center . this re:Invent On , Amazon cloud technology has also released Outposts Of 1U and 2U Model , And officially put it on the market . It can help cloud services move into smaller locations , For example, chain stores with thousands of stores . Through one Outposts Server Deployed in a store , You can complete all the control of the whole store .

Amazon cloud technology's understanding of cloud service boundaries

also There are farther and more remote areas , How to reach them with the ability of cloud services ?

This year, Amazon cloud technology released a new service Amazon Cloud WAN, Bring the advantages of Amazon cloud technology's global network to enterprises , Integrate enterprise wide area network with cloud .Amazon Cloud WAN So that enterprises can build on the global Amazon cloud technology wide area network 、 Unified management of global traffic and cloud network . All remote users and sites and data centers will use Virtual private network Or connect directly to the nearest place , In fact, Amazon cloud technology can build a global network service in a few minutes .

Zhou Ge introduced ,“ Introduction Cloud WAN service , Enable customers to access our access points nearby , Whether it's an office, a factory or a variety of different sites , Once connected , Through the entire Amazon cloud technology Cloud WAN Service for , Make a software defined network , This is a private network for enterprises , You can control everything , All this can be monitored and controlled on a central control panel , This will be one of the largest software defined WAN Network of , It allows customers to access anywhere in the world , Can be managed in a unified system , Become a private network . We are working with many partners , Including a lot of SD WAN Supplier , They can take what they are already deploying SD WAN Access to Cloud WAN, Continue to derive . Many telecom operators will also connect their basic backbone networks , Continue to derive . Many integrators and service providers will help enterprises deploy more easily , Realize the construction and management of private network .”

The office 、 factory 、 Various places , Behind it is the interconnection of all things , The era when billions of Internet of things devices need to be connected together , Amazon cloud technology provides many Internet of things Services , Include IoT Code、FreeRTOS, Help users connect data quickly ,Greengrass It can help customers reason and calculate directly at the edge , The ability to handle the calculation of its own edge .

Remote areas such as oil fields 、 Drilling platform 、 Ocean going workplace , Amazon cloud technology Snowball The series is covering these places , In these places, users can use Snowball Series do data collection 、 Front end analysis , Then transfer the data back to Amazon cloud technology cloud for unified follow-up processing .

“ A partner is putting Snowball To Antarctica , We can cover the Seventh Continent through this .” Zhou Ge proudly said .

Seven continents away , Where is the next boundary of cloud services ? Do cloud services have boundaries ?

Zhou Ge revealed , Amazon cloud technology Ground Station Expanding cloud services into space .

Ground Station It's a fully hosted service , It can be used to control satellite communication 、 Processing data and expanding operations , Without considering how to build or manage the user's own ground station infrastructure . Satellites are widely used in weather forecasting 、 Surface imaging 、 Usage scenarios such as communication and video broadcasting . The earth station is the core of the global satellite network .   With the help of Ground Station, Users can directly access Amazon cloud technology services and global infrastructure ( Including low latency global optical networks ).

It is reported that , Customers of Amazon cloud technology Capella Space Five high-definition synthetic rocket satellites have been launched , These satellites can provide satellite photo services with millimeter accuracy .Capella The satellite ground station using Amazon cloud technology has been integrated with various services deployed in Amazon cloud technology cloud .Capella Our customers can order takeout , Use one... Directly API, Get the satellite photo service you need .

“ Amazon cloud technology provides a variety of hardware devices 、 Software services , To help you challenge more unknowns , Achieve further exploration . What we want to achieve is The Everywhere Cloud, The clouds are boundless .” Zhou Ge said .

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