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CEO of cruise, GM's autonomous driving subsidiary, resigned

2022-02-02 21:39:39 TechWeb

12 month 17 Daily news : According to the The Verge reports , General Motors announced late Thursday , Autopilot motors as a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors Cruise CEO of Dan Ammann Will leave the company .Cruise Co founder and CTO of Kyle Vogt Will take over the temporary CEO.

Dan Ammann , 49 year , Former president of General Motors , stay 2016 Led GM's acquisition of cruise in , 2019 In Cruise CEO . His departure coincided with the company's approval and approval to operate the automatic driving service in San Francisco. .

Ammann It is the latest outgoing and automatic driving company CEO. Earlier this year ,John Krafcik Announced that he would step down Waymo CEO of the company , He from 2015 Began to help lead the company in .

GM did not provide Ammann The reason for leaving , Just said he left for 「 Pursue other opportunities 」.Cruise A spokesman for declined to provide any other comments .

General motors at 2016 Years acquired Cruise, To speed up the development of its automatic driving vehicle. . At that time, he was president of general motors Ammann Supervised the acquisition , He later served as CEO of the company .

GM said in a statement that :「 GM is firmly committed to achieving its zero collision 、 Zero emissions 、 Zero congestion vision , The technology of autopilot will play a key role in achieving this vision. .」 so far , Under the leadership of General Motors ,Cruise Has seized the leading position of commercial self driving shared cars , And for GM shareholders and Cruise Small shareholders have created great value .」

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