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Tearful eyes! Liu Yutan, thank you for coming

2022-02-02 21:44:31 Sogou wechat

If it weren't for a sudden car accident

Liu Yutan in his prime of life

This is the time

Should be with most

Like students in Chengdu Medical College

In internship or class


stay 2021 year 11 month 3 After a car accident

21 Year old Yutan failed to open her eyes again


Liu Yutan is from Chengdu Medical College

Department of preventive medicine, School of public health

2018 Bachelor's degree 2 The students of the class

Even if the medical staff ——

Her teachers tried their best 、 Multiple operations

Liu Yutan also failed to stay

Under grief

The family replaced Yutan

Make an important decision

Donate your daughter's cornea and body to the school


12 month 11 Noon

Teacher of the body donation receiving station of Chengdu Medical College

Took Liu Yutan back to the campus from the hospital

The sad thing is

This time back to school

Liu Yutan doesn't continue his own

Campus life and study

But from students to “ General teacher ”

According to the school

Liu Yutan is the first in Chengdu Medical College

Donate the body to the students of his alma mater

“ I think , With her open-minded and kind character

Will make the same decision as her father ”

2019 First class schoolgirl 、 Friend Jing Irene told reporters



“ My eldest daughter

Signed a voluntary letter to donate the body a few years ago

Her mother and I have the same idea ”

Father Liu said

“ Not to society 、 Increase the burden on families ”

But father Liu didn't expect

Daughter Liu Yutan walked ahead


Liu Yutan was born in the family of Chinese astronauts

Father Liu introduced

When my daughter was in her infancy

What comes to you

But Yutan's parents didn't spoil too much

Bit by bit shaped Liu Yutan

“ Others have difficulties , Just help if you can ” The goodness of

The elder sister returned to school for postgraduate entrance examination and had no place to live

Liu Yutan took it home

A classmate

Back to school early, no place to live

Give Liu Yutan a call

Just come and stay 10 Many days


Father Liu said :

“ My daughter's grandfather is the first generation of Chinese astronauts

She is the descendant of spaceman

She hasn't made any contribution to society yet

To donate a body is to contribute

For those in need , Let life continue

She also lives in our hearts

This is consistent with her spirit of wanting to study medicine ”

“2018 year 10 month

Just started school

Let's take part in the assessment of the members of the military band

She is tall , Love to laugh 、 Can say , Very cheerful ”

Preventive Medicine

2018 Bachelor's degree 2 Class leader Wang Luya said

“ Liu Yutan likes to help people

Every time I come home to school

Bring delicious food to share with your classmates

Many students went to her home for dinner

Her father serves a lot of dishes ”


“ One year, one gift , An inch of joy

I have been graceful , No worries, no fears

May today's computer

Everyone has a good result

It's not just that you're interesting and hopeful

Live up to your love

I would like to sincerely

Live up to the teachings of the years ”

This is the end of the rain this year 21 On my birthday

Sent a message QQ dynamic

It's also her last state

The picture is a flower from a friend 、 Birthday cake

And a small bag

And a happy smile


Jing Irene remembers

Birthday is Saturday

“ She feels good , Evening party

She said I gave her the first bouquet of flowers in her life

She cherishes the things given by her friends ”


Jing Ailin wants to finish her internship with Liu Yutan

Hang on her bedroom door

“ Welcome Liu Yutan back to school ” Red banners

“ Just kidding

But now , I can't hang it up anymore ”

Jing Irene bowed her head sadly


Meet you in this way

Thank you for coming

Dear Yutan

All the way walk good !

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source : Sichuan Daily (ID:scrbgfwx) Comprehensive Sichuan Education release 、 Chengdu Medical College, etc

Supervise the manufacture of : Liu Hong   Mou Yanqiu  

edit : Liu Yiran

proofreading : Liang Tiantian   Yan Hai

Internship : Wang Yuqing


Dear Yutan , All the way walk good !

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