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Convenience bee is accused of secretly photographing hundreds of thousands of pedestrian data

2022-02-02 21:57:22 TechWeb

【TechyWeb】12 month 17 Japan , According to the southern weekend report , A chain of convenience stores called convenience bee is developing a set of algorithms , From site selection 、 order goods 、 logistics 、 Display , Even cleaning , All to “ System ” Decision making .

There are cameras in the store without dead angle coverage in all directions , They are the eyes of the system , Supervise the clerks in real time . Through manual and AI Automatically identify the pictures in the store , Once the requirements are not met , It will automatically alarm .

Every move of customers will also be collected , Become the decision-making basis of the system . The disturbing thing is , Such cameras extend from inside the store to outside the store . In order to establish an intelligent location algorithm , Convenience bee is quietly conducting a large-scale public image acquisition .

since 2017 From the year onwards , For five years , Convenience bee recruited a large number of information collectors and quietly placed cameras in residential buildings in many cities 、 Office buildings , Even at the door of state organs , Completely capture everyone who goes in and out on that day . Near the target store of every convenience bee , Will be subjected to a round of video . Convenience bee has accumulated at least hundreds of thousands of shooting data in the background .

In the convenient bee database , Videos like this , There are about 100000 in Beijing alone .

In order to verify whether the national ministries have been “ Taping ”, The reporter logged in through the account provided by insiders. One in the background of convenience bee is called “ Gold store management background ” system system , Confirmed the above information .

Companies check APP Show , The convenience bee affiliated company is Beijing free bee e-commerce Co., Ltd , The company was founded in 2017 year 1 month , It is wholly owned by Tianjin longtuxiang Trading Co., Ltd , Suspected actual controller Liu Yi .2021 year 5 month , The company is in breach of 《 Measures for punishment of acts against the rights and interests of consumers 》 Article 6, paragraph 1 ( Two ) term , Be fined 1 Ten thousand yuan .

2017 year 2 month 14 Japan , Convenience bee opened its first five stores in Zhongguancun, Beijing . To 2020 By the end of year , It has opened 2000 Shops . According to the data of China Chain Management Association , Three Japanese convenience store giants 7-11、 Whole family 、 rosen , In China 2000 stores , Used separately 15 year 、16 Years and 23 year , Convenience bees only use 3 year .

12 month 15 Friday night , Convenient bee replied in writing to the reporter ,“ Since its establishment , Convenience bee itself does not exist ‘ Take photoes in secret ’ Behavior ”,“ In the process of information collection , Our company will purchase data services from third-party companies .”



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