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Wangsu technology won the "China Patent Excellence Award"

2022-02-02 21:57:25 TechWeb

【TechWeb】 In recent days, , The State Intellectual Property Office announced a number of enterprises with outstanding performance in technology , among , Wangsu Science & Technology co., ltd ( abbreviation : Web host technology ) rely on “TCP Processing method of connection 、 Devices and systems ” patent ( Patent number :ZL201510827413.1), To be honored with “ China Patent Excellence Award ”.


caption : Wangsu technology won “ China Patent Excellence Award ”

Disclosure of information , Founded on 2000 Wangsu technology in (SZ.300017), It is the world's leading information technology infrastructure platform service provider . Since its establishment , The company always adheres to technological innovation , Focus on R & D investment in key business directions ,2018-2021 Accumulated R & D investment in three years 18.39 One hundred million yuan , Further promote the globalization strategy , We have built a global R & D center centered on the Asia Pacific region 、 Sales platform .2015 Since then , The company has repeatedly obtained “ China Patent Excellence Award ”.

China Patent Award , It is a high award in the field of intellectual property in China , Known as the “ Oscar ”, With high international influence , It is also the only national award in China that rewards the invention and creation granted with patent right , Jointly issued by the State Intellectual Property Office and the world intellectual property organization .

Wangsu technology won this award “TCP Processing method of connection 、 Devices and systems ” patent , Is aimed at SYN FLOOD Attack protection technology .SYN FLOOD The attack was DDoS The most common attack method , Of all attacks 89.61%. Effective defense includes SYN FLOOD Including the attack DDoS attack , Improve protection performance , Enhance user experience , It is one of the key research points of anti attack in the field of network security , It's also DDoS Common technical problems of attack protection .

To solve the above technical problems , Not only to ensure that CDN The access provider accelerates the service normally , And the guarantee is valid 、 Accurate defense against attacks , Web host technology Many R & D experiments , stay TCP Connection establishment phase , Through the of protective equipment SYN Cookie check 、 Secondary verification on the server side 、 The protocol behavior verification of the client will be completed by checking the client address and establishing the client address table , So as to block the attack without affecting the normal client connection , Avoid connection interruption or protective equipment TCP The response delay brought by the agent and the beneficial effect of double verification , Yes SYN FLOOD The attack is more effective 、 Precise defense . further , Connect the device through the server , You can quickly create a communication connection on the server , Avoid connection interruption or protective equipment TCP The response delay caused by the agent , Improved user experience .

“TCP Processing method of connection 、 Devices and systems ” Patents in novelty 、 creativity 、 Practicality, etc , There are breakthroughs . meanwhile , Through the important products of Wangsu Technology “ Net residence DDoS Cloud cleaning ” Practice on , The patent shows strong practicability .

Net residence DDoS Cloud cleaning products to “TCP Processing method of connection 、 Devices and systems ” Patent based and core technology , Relying on the resource advantages of nethost Cloud Security Platform , Combined with big data analysis , Self developed protection algorithm , For government and enterprises 、 Finance 、 Online retailers 、 Media information 、 Users in game and other industries detect and intercept all kinds of network layer and application layer in real time DDoS attack . Nethome cloud security platform has a global presence 2800+ Protection node , overseas 12+ Cleaning Center , Protective DDoS The scale of the attack is 15T+, And successfully defended many times T magnitude DDoS attack . Only in 2021 In the first half of , The nethome cloud security platform monitors and intercepts DDoS The attack was near 3000 All the , The attack peaked at 774.58Gbps.

Take a provincial media customer as an example , The customer's website is the first key news website in the province , The Propaganda Department of the provincial Party committee is in charge of , Sponsored by the provincial daily newspaper group , Government information disclosure 、 Press release 、 Policy interpretation 、 The main channel of public opinion listening , In daily operation , Often faced with DDoS Risk of attack . During a major event in the province this year , The website group under the jurisdiction of the customer has suffered... For many times DDoS attack , The peak is as high as 88.12Gbps, Nethome successfully protects it . During the service , The nethome cloud security platform provides customers with protection on average every month 6.5 More than 100 million times of various network layers and application layers DDoS attack .


caption : A provincial media customer DDoS Effect drawing of attack protection

Up to now , The security products of Wangsu technology have been in “9.3” parade 、G20 Summit 、“ the Belt and Road ” summit 、 BRICs Summit 、 Shanghai Cooperation Summit 、70 It is a national military parade of all kinds 、 The media 、 Customers in key industries such as finance have provided re insurance services , It has made positive contributions to creating a healthy and orderly network environment .

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