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Join hands with Zeiss and other partners vivo 2021 vision + to convey "the joy of humanity" with images

2022-02-02 22:06:58 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Japan ,vivo hold 2021 VISION+ Online special events , Mark the 2021 VISION+ The video project has come to a successful conclusion . conference ,vivo And from Zeiss 、 National geographic 、FIRST Youth film exhibition 、 Three Shadows Photography Art Center and other partners , And 38 The creators reviewed and shared the past year VISION+ The humanistic practice achievements of the image project , And behind the scenes stories . Besides ,vivo Also sent to global creators 2022 Invitation for , Encourage more people to record 、 expression 、 Share daily and present , Jointly depict the picture of Contemporary Humanistic images .

vivo Xu Yanchun, general manager of brand communication, said :“ Stimulate more people to enjoy the fun of creation endowed by technology , yes vivo The humanistic vision and original intention of a popular brand with 400 million users . This year, ,VISION+ The imaging program is entering its second year , We are honored to build such a platform for video dialogue , And join hands with domestic and foreign partners , With nearly 70000 creators around the world , Explore the charm of images together , outline 2021 A portrait of the times in . future ,vivo Will continue to improve the humanized professional image strength , Continuously deepen the cooperation with excellent partners in the imaging industry , Empower ‘ Everyone is a creator ’ Era .”

VISION+ Special release events vivo Xu Yanchun, general manager of brand communication, made a speech

conference , Xu Wen, head of Zeiss China brand communication, told all participants VISION+ Thanks to the creator of the image project , And spoke highly of the cooperation between the two sides :“ This year, VISION+ The fruitful results of the image project once again prove to us , The possibility of serious creation with mobile phones today , At the same time, it also inspires our determination to provide consumers with more professional mobile photography functions .”

VISION+ Special release events Xu Wen, head of Zeiss China brand communication, made a speech

review VISION+ Practice throughout the year , Painting the world in the era with multiple faces “ The joy of humanity ”

As vivo since 2020 Long term brand project launched in ,2021 VISION+ The image is planned to be optimized and upgraded on the basis of last year's advantageous projects , In addition to continuing to work with national geographic and FIRST The youth film exhibition will hold mobile photography competition and super short film competition , This year, VISION+ It has also carried out... In ten cities VISION+ Imaging academy courses , Serve the public's demand for image creation in an all-round way , Encourage more people to pick up their mobile phones , Use the camera to record the moment , Expressing emotions .

2021 VISION+ Image planning main vision

Current VISION+ It has successfully attracted more than 40 countries and regions from around the world , Nearly 70000 creators contributed , Received in total 384,878 A picture and 3,160 A super short film , Fully interpret the image creation advocated by the competition —— Focus on daily , Return to the present . For a comprehensive review of this VISION+ The achievements of image practice throughout the year , Let these works full of humanistic feelings be seen by the wider public ,vivo Jointly build the Three Shadows Photography Art Center VISION+ Closing the annual exhibition , With “ Everyone is a creator —— our 2021” For the curator theme , Connect the creators' current and daily thinking , Splice out about 2021 The common memory of .

vivo VISION+ The curator of the annual Image Exhibition 、 Rong Rong, co-founder of sanyingtang, said :“ These creators who work and live in different regions , Through their respective angles , Pay attention to and record this extraordinary year , People and things in a vast space , Show the diversity of life at present , And the richness and possibility of images . We are honored to be with vivo Plan side by side 、 Finish the exhibition , Let these excellent mobile image works enter the physical exhibition space from online , Show more people the power and charm of mobile images .”

Uncover the behind the scenes story of mobile phone shooting , Feel the temperature of mobile image creation

Throughout this year VISION+ Submitted works for mobile photography competition and super short film competition , The whole work presents a richer narrative appearance than the previous one . among , In mobile photography ,2021 VISION+ The competition system design and evaluation lineup of the mobile photography competition are comprehensively upgraded , Successfully inspire the creator to broaden the creative dimension , Push the experience of mobile shooting to a broader field .

VISION+ Collection of winning works in mobile Photography Competition

Press conference site , The judges of this mobile Photography Competition 、 Portrait photographer Xiao Quan, as a representative, shared the evaluation criteria of this competition : “ This year's new ‘ event ’ And ‘ Focus on ’ unit , Not only let us see many photography works with great news and humanistic care , Also send VISION+ The image plan is deeper 、 Broader humanistic spirit . The present , The aesthetic paradigm of mobile photography is taking shape , We are happy to be with you vivo VISION+ Participate in and influence the current image culture reform together , Witness together 38 More than 10000 photos show the face of the times .”

The other five judges also shared their overall observation of the submitted works —— National Geographic Photo review Michael · George (Michael George) Express :“ I see the new possibilities of mobile photography . Whether it's artistic expression , Or life records , These works show the unique perspective of mobile images , Helped us build our awareness of the diversity of this era .” Documentary photographer Martin · Parr (Martin Parr) Pointed out that :“ Mobile phones almost provide people with anonymity , So you can shoot more closely .” Documentary photographer Jonas · Ben Dixon (Jonas Bendiksen) Is moved by the sense of daily life revealed in the work :“ It is very important to keep records to preserve these family lives and our own intimate moments .” Laura, curator of Arles International Photography Festival · Serrani (Laura Serani) mention :“‘ Everyone is a creator ’ The idea of encourages people to archive their daily lives , Into a huge archive .” Zeiss photography expert Bertram · Hollinger (Bertram Hoenlinger) Also recognize the value of the competition :“ Such an international mobile photography competition can help Zeiss and vivo, Better understand mobile Photographers .”

Five place VISION+ Judges of mobile Photography Competition Appearance 《 Review testimonies 》

In terms of super short films , A large number of works focusing on daily life have also emerged in the collection of this super short film competition , But the outstanding works of the form pioneer .FIRST Song Wen, founder of the youth film exhibition, said in his speech :“ Submitted this year 3,160 A group image of a super short film , More clearly reflects the new trend —— Portable photographing equipment and method 、 A different perspective , And more experimental creative means . among , The proportion of using mobile phones to shoot short films has increased compared with last year 148%, It also fully proves that mobile phone is a lightweight creation tool , It is continuously broadening the new boundary of narrative expression . The present , Image has become a new audio-visual language , We look forward to passing the professional competition unit of super short film , Help train and improve the audio-visual language of the whole people .”

The press conference also held a creator Forum , Invite writer Xu Zhiyuan 、2021 VISION+ Director Liu Kuan who won the award for super short film of the year 、2021 VISION+ Zhang Xin, winner of portrait unit award in mobile photography competition , And vivo Image effects expert 、 Landscape photographer an Yiran “ How images become a worldwide language ”、“ How mobile phones reshape the relationship between creation and viewing ” Topics such as , Combined with their own creative experience and understanding , Have an in-depth discussion .

2021VISION+ Special release events Creators and guests talk

Looking forward to a new era of mobile imaging , Let more people enjoy free creation

With the rapid progress of Technology , major 、 Portable mobile phone images greatly reduce the threshold for ordinary people to enter image creation , Make creation anytime, anywhere 、 Convenient and efficient 、 Intimacy as usual . To encourage more mobile phone users to join the ranks of image creation ,vivo Always pay attention to the real needs of users , Committed to building a humanized professional image system , Bring excellent comprehensive image experience to users , And pass VISION+ Video plans to set up a communication platform , Let the creative spirit and daily image expression , Be fully respected and encouraged , Practice the cultural responsibility of a science and technology brand .

future ,vivo We will continue to work with excellent partners in Zeiss and other industries , Create more extreme 、 Humanized professional image products , At the same time, broaden the orientation of humanistic creation practice , Help more people enjoy the of mobile image creation “ The joy of humanity ”. Next year, ,VISION+ Will follow the next generation vivo The products jointly developed with Zeiss set sail again , Invite creators from all over the world to discover the beauty of life with images , Describe the face of the times .

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