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Nezha automobile will hold "New Year's tide play" on December 22

2022-02-02 22:37:25 TechWeb

【TechWeb】 The New Year will come , A perfect combination of creativity and mind “ Nezha devil children play in the new year tide ” Coming soon ! There is not only the Christmas creative market 、 Winter dessert DIY、 All kinds of festival hand-made and other trendy elements , More adorable baby's first choice for new year fashion gifts - Nezha devil child . With “ Building cars for the people ” As the original intention 、 Uphold “ Equal rights in science and technology ” Nezha car of values , Will be held through “ Nezha devil children play in the new year tide ” Bring different fun to cute children and their parents .

chart | Nezha devil child - Pink

As Mengwa's first electric car , The design of Nezha magic child 、 manufacture 、 The materials shall comply with the double standards of passenger cars and toys ,3 Adorable young children can also enjoy easy and carefree electric travel . Nezha magic children not only use automobile grade paint and leather technology , In material selection 、 Design 、 Electrical appliances and other aspects are also fully in accordance with the standards of infant toys , And get 3C authentication ; The linear acceleration curve carefully adjusted by Nezha magic child , Keep cute baby away from frustration ; Equipped with music player , You can make the cute baby happy in the process of driving . Whether it's safe 、 Quality details , Or parent-child fun design , Nezha magic children can be called the first choice for cute children's new year trendy gifts .

chart | Nezha devil child - green

It is worth mentioning that , The Nezha design group, which has both strength innovation and brain hole, will also come to the scene to help . When the , They will unlock the design mysteries of Nezha car ? What new creative ideas appear ?12 month 22 Japan , We will not see each other !

Hezhong New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd ( hereinafter referred to as “ United Company ”) Founded on 2014 year 10 month , The registered capital 16.72 One hundred million yuan , The total investment amount is more than 100 One hundred million yuan , Total number of employees 6000 More than one , It's a research and development center 、 production 、 An innovative high-tech company that sells high-quality intelligent electric vehicles and software services . National Development and Reform Commission 、 The production qualification of pure electric passenger vehicles of the Ministry of industry and information technology , It's the only one in China “ Double qualification 、 Double factory ” New power car making enterprise . The company is headquartered in Shanghai , Build production bases in Tongxiang and Yichun , At the same time, set up a design center in Beijing , Set up R & D center in Jiaxing . Nezha car —— It is a product brand of Hezhong company .

Nezha's vision is “ Make high quality intelligent electric vehicles within reach ”. Uphold “ break with convention , Innovative technology makes travel more comfortable ” Enterprise mission of , With “ Building cars for the people ” As the original intention , Focus on products and forward-looking technologies , Drive the continuous evolution of electric vehicles , Lead the development trend of science and technology in the future .

Nezha automobile focuses on the mass consumer market , It will be based on the new exclusive platform for pure electric vehicles , Launch a number of models of different levels , Cover A0-B Class a mainstream market , The follow-up plan is to launch a new model every year , To meet the needs of users and the market . Up to now , Nezha U Pro、 Which zha V、 Which zha V Witch version 、 Which zha V Pro Models on sale . Nezha car from 2018 year 11 Since the start of sales in January, the cumulative production and sales have exceeded 80000 platform .

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