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Fairy's Thoughts on Friday (in memory of 2021)

2022-02-02 23:05:29 dingyingying

「 Time is not negative , Create constantly , This article is participating in [2021 Year end summary essay contest ]

About 2021

 This year , Internship 、 Sign autumn move 、 graduation 、 Break up with good friends 、 Compound with first love 、 Work ........
 Writing at this point , A little tearful . Appreciate your efforts , Although compared with others , It may not be worth mentioning , In me , Has been very lucky .
 Today, I regard Nuggets as tree holes , Want to make this year's happiness and efforts 、 Regrets are written here , Write to yourself .
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First lie down Find an internship 、 Sign an autumn move

 I'd like to talk about my two internships 
 The first internship was in gitee, Assistant Project Manager , Coordinates Beijing Xierqi , Internship 10 God .
 The second internship - Zhejiang central control information Co., Ltd , The front-end development , Coordinate Hangzhou , From internship to signing autumn recruitment , Until now, , Contract work .
 Also want to remind me, like me , Develop girls with weak skills in school ,
 It's important to find an internship company and positive back questions during college .
 When submitting your resume , Invested in front-end development and operation ,
 Because I know my development strength is weak , But as long as you stick to it ,
 More interviews , Resume of Haitou , It will succeed .
 Now recall , Beijing is an exhausting city , At the Beijing railway station 2 An hour's subway ,
 I didn't feel the slightest bit tired , The next day is still 6 Get up at 8 o'clock and squeeze the subway .
 stay gitee Of 10 In the day , I can't find my existence , The joy of not finding a job , Only a daily sense of powerlessness and cold excel.
 Maybe it's my bad luck , In exchange for a second job . The second job is in gitee At work ,hr The invitation from my little brother .
 Attach a photo of my departure , I bought 180 Yuan of air tickets , From Shandong to Hangzhou . My life may have changed from here .
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 Came to Hangzhou and chose 2800 Yuan's internship life , It's the most important decision in my life for work .
 The work of the company is not very busy , My foundation is poor , My tutor always helps me and encourages me ,
 The company's activities took me to , Makes me feel like I'm not an intern .
 The leader also gave me the opportunity to complete the project independently , In the second month of joining the company ,
 With the help of my mentor , Independently completed the company's authentication system , Although it is a small part of the project , It's also great for my growth .
 I am also slowly self-taught in the internship stage , Improve yourself a little .
 My mentor is the person who took me into the front-end industry , Is my mentor , Also the person I wrote in my graduation thesis .
 Until the new year , I signed the company's autumn move . Actually , Words simply can't express a dreg of hard work , Fortunately, hard work pays off .
 Hold yourself .
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Second, lie down graduation

 The last Memorial on the way to school 
 More than ten years of study , Join the party smoothly 、 Got a scholarship 、0 Failed records , The last autumn move .
 For ordinary me , It has been the perfect answer on the way of life and learning .
 The memory of Harbin University of technology is cruel to me , Exam week is painful , Algorithm 、 The failure rate of design pattern makes me shiver .
 Facing such a cruel exam , I still haven't seen the sun at 4 a.m .
 Fortunately, I met my roommate during college , We'll carry it together during exam week ,
 The happiness of reciting a book a week is the happiness I can no longer feel now .
 Online class at home in the last semester of senior year , It also shortens the time I spend with Polytechnic ,
 But good online exam , No more nightmares for a month .
 I remember large integer multiplication , The night I cried .
 Graduation thesis is also a painful torment , The project was rejected by the teacher again and again ,
 But maybe only the paper format is the only student who makes me work hard until 2 a.m .
 Now the five of us choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination , Others are working hard at their jobs .
 Some people may never contact again , On the eve of graduation ,
 We didn't argue , Maybe because each other is too strong , Someone in the same city , Never contact again .
 But I still hope you won't be bothered by love , Live hard !
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Third, lie down Meet love again

 Make up with your first love this year 
 Sometimes I think back , We met by chance one fall last year ,
 Maybe God arranged this round of meeting to make up for my previous regret .
 Since childhood, he is the person I admire most , The tall one , Learning is super good ,
 Remember the physics problems I can't do in junior high school , He knows all the geography problems , Once he was Superman in my heart .
 Think two people met in high school , Ignorance at that time 、 Shyness and willfulness , Let him leave me ,
 not so bad , Fortunately, I can meet again .
 Both of them are now working in Hangzhou , But it is definitely not because they are all in Hangzhou that they choose to be together ,
 Maybe the reason for my choice is more because I like .
 Regret to regret , Now I still quarrel with him occasionally .
 More time to meet in the same city , Occasionally, I choose to go crazy once a week or two ,
 Our most popular meeting place is the restaurant , Only those who are full of food have the strength to quarrel .
 No more , Being together again can deeply feel his tolerance for me .
 Remember the day before this year's exam , Come to my company to find me after work , On the way to dinner ,
 Take out a pendant in your pocket that will pass every exam , I know he's trying to be nice to me .
 Time together , We have seen the sea of Qingdao together , Have been to Inner Mongolia , We went to the playground together ,
 I've done ceramics , The most time is cooking together ......
 He is a man of Engineering , There is little time for vacation , Will still take the time to accompany me .
 Finally, for love, I want to say , Hope to treat each other sincerely , Mutual sincerity , If you're lucky , Hope to help each other for a lifetime .
 He who knows romance , Send roses with a happy National Day !
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Fourth, lie down 2021 In the second half of the year KPI completion

 He is a mortal ,

1.[√]  Sign the proofreading , Work hard for a year 

2.[√]  To the little old man ( Dad ) Upper insurance 

3.[ ]  Go back to the northeast during the Spring Festival 

4.[√] To the little old man ( Dad ) Upper insurance 

5.[ ]js Advanced programming is best read 

6.[√]3 dimension , I hope to make progress this year 

7.[√] Pay off the debt owed 

8.[√] deposit  a little

9.[√] Graduate safely 

10.[√] The work is smooth , A man to accompany 

 The summary of the second half of graduation is , The revolution has not yet succeeded , Comrades still need to work hard 
 I got it myself , Compared with others, it may be a drop in the bucket . But I believe , As long as I insist , Little bread will have .
 Never erase the little light on the way forward . Tears can flow , Dry your eyes and still study hard .
 The picture below is my business mentor , What you wrote to me when I joined the company .
 Actually, I'm lucky , At Hangzhou , In the company , Have met many people who have helped me ,
 I also have a good friend who has nothing to say in the company , Sincere achievements and everyone , It's all worth learning .
 Students who want to see this article , Go ahead bravely , Not to lose this life !
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Last lie down A favorite sentence for yourself

 On the way to make a living , Don't abandon your conscience 
 On the way to love , Don't give up your dignity 
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