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Hard core watch 488 Google called the NSO Pegasus vulnerability "the most technically complex vulnerability ever"

2022-02-02 23:06:09 Linux China

Google says NSO Pegasus The loophole is “ The most technologically complex vulnerability ever ”

The Google security team is studying NSO Pegasus Trojan horse time  , They found a way that hackers had never seen before , Including a pretend to be GIF Graphic PDF file , There is a virtual... In the file CPU, Is constructed by Boolean operations on pixels . Google security researchers say “ This is one of the most technically complex vulnerabilities we have ever seen ”. This vulnerability effectively creates “ An defenseless weapon ”, This vulnerability works silently in the background , The target is not even required to click on a link or browse a malicious website .“ In addition to not using equipment , There is no way to prevent the exploitation of zero click vulnerability .”Pegasus The Trojan horse is through iMessage Into the device , Hackers only need one AppleID The phone number can be aimed at and implanted into the eavesdropping Trojan horse .

Lao Wang comments : Put aside the malicious use of the Trojan horse itself , The design of this trojan horse is very creative .

Intel says , Metacosmic needs 1000 Times the computing power

Intel accelerated computing system and graphics group  , Our calculation today 、 Storage and networking infrastructure is simply not enough to realize the vision of the metauniverse , It requires several orders of magnitude of powerful computing power , Use in a variety of device forms with lower latency .

Lao Wang comments : Isn't it possible to sell a lot more chips ?

Godson processor successfully runs the open source Hongmeng system for the first time

Huirui stone announced , First success will OpenHarmony Transplant to Godson platform .  Show , It is based on the latest OpenHarmony 3.0 edition , By tailoring and streamlining the version , Remove unnecessary components , Transplanted to Godson 1C300 Processor platform . because OpenHarmony Does not support MIPS Architecture and based on MIPS The dragon core , The transplant has overcome many difficulties , But some drivers are not adapted , network card 、FPU Functions have not been realized yet .1C300 It is a cost-effective single chip system , Built in floating point processing unit (FPU), Support multiple types of memory , It can be applied to industrial control 、 Internet of things and other fields .

Lao Wang comments : This is a good thing for Hongmeng and Longxin , But later than I expected .

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