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He is only one meter tall, but he guards the health of more than 2000 people

2022-02-02 23:29:19 Sogou wechat

Yangang village, Duanwu Township, Yudu County, Jiangxi Province

There is a village doctor

He only 1 Michael's small body

But the giant in everyone's heart ……


This year, 57 Xiao Jiulin, 19

3 He was disabled by illness at the age of

Till today

He is only tall 1 Rice or so

1989 year

After graduating from the local health school

Xiao Jiulin got

Qualification certificate of rural doctor

Became a doctor in the local village health center

The vicissitudes of time , Hard life

30 these years

He always sticks to the post of village doctor

With your hard work

It has been recognized by the villagers


Let's look at some of his daily :

Take medicine for the villagers

He's going to climb up the cabinet step by step



Go out for consultation

He needs his wife to take him to the car



Now he

Not even as tall as his grandson



30 these years

Xiao Jiulin guarded the whole village

2000 The health of many people

When sharing these years with reporters

He could not help but lament :

“ I hope I can through my own efforts ,

Win the respect of others ,

It can help patients get rid of pain .”

Net friend : Little body , Great love




A weak body , Noble soul !

Over the years

Thank you for your hard work , Stick to it

Praise Xiao Jiulin !

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source : The xinhua news agency

The reporter : Hu Chenhuan

author : Li Yongxi

Supervise the manufacture of : Liu Hong  
edit : Gu Peng

proofreading : Liang Tiantian   Zhang Linglin



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