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Hikvision "supports", and the smart home ecology of fluorite network still needs to grow

2022-02-02 23:51:58 Heart of machine

recently , Hikvision announcement , Fluorite network technology innovation board, a holding subsidiary IPO Accepted , The company is going to raise money 37.39 One hundred million yuan . Fluorite network will expand financing channels through this spin off and listing , Increase the research on cloud platform construction technology 、 Video and audio AI technology 、 Further investment in core technologies such as product intelligence technology , Expand and strengthen smart home business and Internet of things cloud platform business .

all the time , Fluorite network focuses on smart home “ Security ” Concept , To sell cameras related to video technology 、 Video lock and other household security products are mainly engaged in business . What is expected is , Whether the fluorite network after listing can break through the circle , Is there a smooth path in the whole house smart home ecosystem ?

1、 Backed by Hikvision , Both revenue and profit increased

Fluorite network was founded in 2015 year , It is a holding subsidiary of Hikvision , It is mainly engaged in Internet of things cloud platform and smart home business .

Hikvision is the absolute leader in the field of video surveillance in China ,2010 year 5 Yueshi is listed on the SME Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange .

2014 year , Because HD IP The camera industry chain is becoming more and more mature , All security enterprises have begun to transform one after another . At the time , Hikvision is trying to explore from the traditional DVR Technology turns to high definition 、IP It's a solution , In-house incubated fluorite network .

at present , Hikvision is the largest shareholder of fluorite network , The shareholding is 60%; Qinghe investment under Jiaying investment is the second largest shareholder , The shareholding is 40%.

2018-2020 year , The performance of fluorite network continues to improve , The main business income is 15.29 One hundred million yuan 、23.64 One hundred million yuan 、30.79 One hundred million yuan , The proportion of Hikvision's revenue has also increased year by year , from 2018 Year of 3% to 2020 Year of 5%.

2018-2020 year , The net profit attributable to the parent company of fluorite network is 1.32 One hundred million yuan 、2.11 One hundred million yuan 、3.26 One hundred million yuan , Both revenue and profit increased .

As a subsidiary of Hikvision , The early development of fluorite network has been strongly supported by the parent company .2018-2019 year , Fluorite network purchases materials from related parties 、 The amount of goods is 9.60 One hundred million yuan 、18.32 One hundred million yuan , The proportion in the total amount of materials purchased in each period is 100.00%、99.57%.

In order to avoid the risk of large-scale related party transactions in the process of listing , In the past two years , Fluorite network has greatly reduced its dependence on Hikvision .2021 In the first half of , Fluorite network purchases materials from related parties 、 The amount of goods has fallen to 1.46 One hundred million yuan , The proportion in the total amount of purchased materials is 9.46%.

in addition , At present, some of the information systems used by fluorite network are also the information systems of Hikvision , The company has signed with Hikvision 《 System authorization agreement 》, Specify the rights and obligations of both parties during the period of authorization to use the information system .

Whether there is horizontal competition between the company and Hikvision and other enterprises controlled by Hikvision , Fluorite network denied .

From the perspective of strategic positioning , Hikvision is mainly for the government and large and medium-sized enterprises , A provider of intelligent Internet of things solutions and big data services with video as the core ; Fluorite network focuses on the use needs of consumers and users , It is a smart home service provider based on public network .

Here's the thing to watch , Smart home products not only facilitate consumers' daily life, but also , It also generates many privacy risks .

According to the black cat complaint platform , Many netizens are hot because of machines 、 The camera is cracked 、 The PTZ cannot be controlled 、 The network cannot be configured , File a complaint to fluorite network to protect rights .

Sanctions in the United States “ detailed list ” Under the influence of events , Comview “ Security ” Business overseas sales blocked . This spin off , Maybe fluorite network can be exempted from Hikvision “ Implicate in ”, Contribute to its further development , Especially overseas markets .

According to Hikvision , Will not lose control of fluorite network due to this spin off . But in the short term , The net profit of Hangzhou fluorite enjoyed by the company according to its equity may be diluted . In the medium and long term , Fluorite network can be listed through this spin off , Further improve R & D capability and expand business layout , Improve the overall profitability , The net profit enjoyed by the company according to equity is expected to further expand .

2、 Relying on the cloud platform of Internet of things , link 1.36 One hundred million units IoT equipment

Internet of things cloud platform is the core of fluorite network . On the basis of the Internet of things cloud platform forming a strong medium platform capability , With the technological innovation of smart home products , Formed cloud platform construction technology 、 Video and audio AI There are three core technologies and intelligent products .

among , Cloud platform technology mainly includes IOT access 、 infrastructure 、 Operation and maintenance guarantee 、 Service center and other parts ; Video and audio AI Technology is the core competence required for the intelligent upgrading of the company's smart home products and services ; Product intelligent technology is divided into general intelligent technology and special intelligent technology .

By 2021 year 6 end of the month , The company has obtained authorized patents at home and abroad 474 term , These include 34 Invention patents . The company has R & D personnel 961 name 、 Technical personnel 594 name .

From the proportion of R & D investment ,2018 Year to 2021 In the first half of , The proportion of R & D investment of fluorite network in operating revenue is 14.86%、13.00%、13.89%、11.59%, Showing a downward trend .

Basic management and intelligent analysis capabilities based on IOT cloud platform , Fluorite revolves around intelligent life scenes , People have created a diversified product system , Formed a smart home camera 、 Smart access 、 Intelligent control and intelligent service robot , And developed intelligent water purification 、 Smart fresh air 、 Smart Bracelet 、 Diversified ecological products such as intelligent pet feeder .

With the continuous increase of our smart home products , Hundreds of derivative value-added services have been formed . During the reporting period , Hair

The number of paying users of pedestrian value-added services continues to grow , The average number of monthly fee paying households is 48.39 10, 、84.94 ten thousand

name 、122.20 Ten thousand and 147.29 10, .

In order to further meet the application needs of consumers and users in different scenarios ,2021 The company has been in AI The algorithm store is built on the basis of the open framework , Users can choose according to the needs of the application scenario AI Algorithm , A solution to quickly customize home or home like scenes , You can also make adjustments to... According to your own needs AI Update and replace the algorithm .

By 2021 year 6 end of the month , Fluorite IOT cloud platform is connected to all kinds of IOT devices 1.36 One hundred million units , The number of domestic equipment access has reached 1.04 One hundred million units , The number of domestic video equipment access exceeds 9000 Ten thousand units .

According to the statistics of iResearch , By 2020 year 12 end of the month , The number of Internet of things devices connected in China's life field has reached 11 One hundred million units , Among them, the number of video equipment access reaches 2.3 One hundred million units , The number of access devices of fluorite IOT cloud platform accounts for about... Of similar IOT cloud platforms in China 9%, The access number of video devices accounts for more than 30% of similar cloud platforms of the Internet of things in China 30%.

Through this spin off , Fluorite network plans to raise funds 37.39 One hundred million yuan . among ,22 Billion yuan for fluorite intelligent manufacturing Chongqing base project ,8 Billion yuan for the new generation of Internet of things cloud platform project ,3.9 Billion yuan for R & D projects of core and key technologies of smart home ,3.38 Billion yuan for fluorite smart home product industrialization base project .

3、 Competitors surround , The smart home track is very difficult and long

As an important consumer technology market , Smart home contains hundreds of billions of dollars of market opportunities . according to IDC Previously published data show that ,2021 In, the value of global intelligent products was as high as 2899 Billion dollars , To 2025 Years will break through 4000 Billion dollar mark .

In recent years , The competition in smart home industry is becoming increasingly fierce . Look at the country , It's not just millet 、 Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers , Baidu, too 、 Alibaba and other Internet giants , And Haier 、 Midea and other appliance giants . At the same time, many competitive smart home innovation enterprises such as orebo have emerged .

among , Xiaomi from 2013 We have been developing eco chain products since .2021 Third quarter of 2007 , millet AIoT( Artificial intelligence internet of things ) Number of platform connected devices , For the first time 4 Billion , And does not include smartphones and laptops , Year-on-year growth 33.1%;

At the same time , The millet IoT The business income of consumer products and living products has reached 209 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 15.5%, Accounting for the total revenue 26.8%, It has become Xiaomi's second largest source of revenue .

Huawei whole house intelligence to HarmonyOS Promote and upgrade the whole house intelligent solution for the cornerstone . Huawei consumers BG Shao Yang, chief strategy officer, revealed the new goal of Huawei's whole house intelligence :“ Realization 5 year 500 Thousands of sets of , Be a leader in space intelligence ”.

Face many heavyweight players , The smart home ecological story of fluorite network is not easy to tell .

From the perspective of income composition , Smart home is an important revenue source of fluorite network , Accounted for in 85% about , among , And smart home camera as the core source , The proportion of income is 60%-70% Section .

According to the statistics of iResearch ,2020 In, the global shipment of household cameras was 8889 Ten thousand units , Our smart home camera 2020 The annual shipment volume is about 1279 Ten thousand units , It has a global market share of about 14.39%.

According to the prospectus , At present, companies engaged in smart home camera business include Xiaomi 、360 and RING etc. , The performance indexes of fluorite network and comparable companies are compared as follows :

With the improvement of residents' living and consumption level year by year and the gradual upgrading of consumption structure , Users' demand for it will continue to increase , among , Users use the smart door lock most frequently .

This year, , Fluorite network has launched a DL31FVS Face recognition intelligent visual door lock , It realizes the control of door lock 、 Cat's Eye 、

Integration of doorbell and camera functions , The performance indicators compared with comparable companies are as follows :

According to the research of China Merchants Bank Research Institute , The overall competitive strength of fluorite network in intelligent door lock is only average .

in addition , Intelligent service robot products of fluorite network mainly include escort robot and sweeping robot , Both types of products are in the initial stage of development , And taoyun Technology 、 There is still a certain gap between kovos and leading enterprises in stone technology and other industries .

Internet of things platform is the second largest revenue source of fluorite network , Accounted for in 10% about . This area , Fluorite network also faces fierce competition .

At present , Not only Amazon、Google、 Large Internet companies such as Microsoft and Alibaba are exploring the cloud platform business of the Internet of things ; millet 、 Huawei 、 Apple 、 samsung 、 Hikvision and other large technology companies have also developed the cloud platform business of the Internet of things ; There are also head home appliance brands such as Haier 、 Beautiful and so on , Relying on the intelligent home appliance product line that has been established , Create unique internet of things products and R & D systems .

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