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Um! Human skiing originated in China!

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Speaking of the origin of skiing in the world ,

Don't look at the title ,

Can you give the right answer ?


There's a picture, there's a truth ,

A rock painting found in Altay, Xinjiang, China ,

It confirms the statement that human ice and snow sports originated in China :

On ancient rocks ,
Engraved with vague human shapes ,
You can vaguely see the action of skiing .


This rock painting dates back to the Paleolithic age ,

In the unique weather covered with ice and snow ,

Paleolithic ancestors ,

In order to survive ,

Made skis out of fur ,
For transportation and hunting ,
Can gallop freely in the ice and snow .


And this is also the earliest skiing project ——
“ Cross country skiing ” The prototype of .
To this day ,
“ Fur skiing ” Also frequently appeared in cultural heritage exhibitions ,
Altay also holds fur skiing competitions every year .


    The ancients “ Frozen ”

Entering the pre Qin period ,

According to the 《 And seas · Haineijing 》 record ,

There is nailing kingdom in the North Sea ,

Dingling people are covered with long hair below the knee ,

Feet like Horseshoes ,

Therefore, he is good at galloping and walking in the ice and snow .


Behind this mythical record ,
Probably the ancestors of the north at that time ,
Keep out the cold with fur pants ,
A vivid description of walking on horseshoe shaped primitive skis .

If you turn it over 《 highly · Li Zhi 》,
You can also see that ,
At least in the Song Dynasty ,
Our ancestors
It has been invented, known as “ Ice frolic ” Ice entertainment .


To the yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties ,
“ Ice frolic ” The event has become a spectacle ,
It is no wonder that Anling Rong had a good time !


Many modern ice sports ,

You can find the prototype in the classics ,

Such as speed skating and figure skating .


In the Qianlong period 《 Ziguangge for the banquet 》 in ,

Figure skating has developed into a large-scale ornamental performance .


    The father of Chinese skiing

But in modern times ,
China is in a weak position in ice and snow sports .
Related historical origins
There is no internationally recognized evidence .



To change this situation ,

An old man has paid silently for decades .

He is known as “ The father of Chinese skiing ” Shan Zhaojian .


1957 year ,
19 Shan Zhaojian became the first skiing champion in New China .
After retirement ,
It took him ten years ,
Confirm an idea in my heart :
Skiing originated in China .
Take this idea as the first ,
He studied history and Archaeology ,
Footprints all over the north and south of China .


Final ,
Shan Zhaojian locked the Altay area ,
Found the trace of the rock painting at the beginning of this article .
After years of root searching and tracing ,
It is confirmed that China is the origin of human ice and snow sports .


In the 26 At the award ceremony of the international ski History Association ,

As the first Asian to stand on the podium ,

Shan Zhaojian proudly announces :

The sun of human skiing ,

First rise from Altay .

 picture  picture

    Winter Olympics with 2022 Here we go

Here comes the snow ,

The wind is coming ,

Winter Olympics with 2022 Here we go .

Behind the successful bid for the Winter Olympics ,

It is the unremitting hard struggle of generations of ice snowmen .

I wish athletes to inherit the traditions of their predecessors ,

Make another great achievement !

In the comments section, talk about

Your most unforgettable “ Winter Olympics moment ”

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