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2021 year end summary "some words for yourself"

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「 Time is not negative , Create constantly , This article is participating in 2021 Year end summary essay contest

The opening

I didn't intend to write this article , Look at the year-end summary written by everyone , Suddenly a little sad , Also want to say something to yourself .

2021 The year is coming to an end , Years later, I'll finish 30 Year old . It's been six and a half years since I left the campus , It seems that I haven't written a summary for myself in any year , This is probably part of the reason why I didn't make a name for myself . After all, people who are not good at summarizing , It's also hard to find problems , It's hard to get better .

This summary , Unrelated Technology , I just hope my experience can bring you some experience and resonance in life .

The last two years

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The epidemic originated from 2019 end of the year , It's not over yet . In fact, my 2021 year , It can be said that it is also from 2019 Year begins , Or is 2019 It's not over yet , I don't know how long it will last ...

The story has to come from 2019 Year of 4 The month says . I am from Heilongjiang in Northeast China , A farm called 852 , A beautiful place . I remember about a year after graduation , Should be 2016 year . Because once I went home to work and passed Harbin , Neurotic, I stayed in Harbin for two days , I fell in love with a house , Paid the deposit .

The house price was very cheap at that time , In Hasi's position , Next to the high-speed railway station , The average price is about 8 Thousand or so . This suite , Loan for 30 years , Monthly repayment 3000 many , Since then, he has become a house slave .

2019 year 4 month , The house finally came down . We fought with our girlfriend in Hangzhou , After some ideological struggle , All decided to return to Harbin , Our own home .

Because of this , Just for sharing 、 Worry about moving . in addition , The winter in Hangzhou is really cold , When you get home, you can directly open the electric mattress and drill the quilt , Yuba can't get rid of goose bumps when taking a bath .

 Wechat pictures _20211110112309.jpg Because people have been paying attention to the work information in Harbin , The salary level is very low , About half of Hangzhou . So before you come back , I found an interested company , startup , Let me take the team , Salary 12 about , In fact, this salary is also good in Harbin .

Through a lot of phone calls with the boss , Both sides have the intention of cooperation . So I happily returned to Harbin First , I met the boss and had a detailed chat , We found that we ignored a very important problem . The boss has a set of infrastructure , yes php Of , And I am java, He doesn't understand the difference between languages , I don't want to change the frame , So it's over .

Can't , Start looking for a job again , seven thousand or eight thousand , Even five or six thousand wages , All over the place , It's really hard. . Finally find a company that makes products for PetroChina ,9k, I have no income for two months , Let's do it first , After all, the loan still needs to be repaid .

What about this company , Nominally, the two-day break , Eight in the morning and five thirty in the evening . Actually , Eight in the morning and eight in the evening , Work on Saturday . The evening time is used to act for the big boss , Led by technical director , All the way to the bottom staff , Very tired, . In the evening, I spend most of my time reading blogs , Learn technology .

until 2020 Year of 5 In June, I joined a new company ,11k Pay for , I finally thought I could show my strength , However, it is taken for granted , There's no work at all . Although the salary is paid as usual , But there will be no technical improvement at all . The products sold are basically not used by anyone , In addition, the leaders are pulling the development whimsical all day , Obviously, there is no foundation , But want to ascend to the sky . It is in this environment that I began to write a blog , In fact, it's not so much a blog , It's more like my technical notes , Some are sorted out according to their own data , Some are hands-on , There are also some problems encountered by themselves .

Until today, I have written a total of 20W A word , I can't imagine that I can be so idle as a programmer , That's not counting the time I wasted fishing at work ....

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Harbin programmers are really too difficult , Now I'm bound here . The epitome of these two years can be said to be my current state , Sitting on the station with dull eyes , Write this year-end summary word by word , talk downright nonsense .

I don't know if you can understand my current mood after reading this article , but 、 Helpless, , I wonder if the next few years will be the same as now , No high spirited momentum , No enthusiasm for hard work .

The epidemic is also like my current state , Harbin has been filled with , The ice and snow world in the third year of this year doesn't know whether it can open normally , I hope the epidemic will end soon .

Choice is really important , Be sure to think carefully before making a decision . I may really regret my choice now ...

2022 What to do in the year

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I forgot ,2020 In September of 2007 , Married his girlfriend , The happiest thing .

  • The first thing , Maybe have a child , In my mother's words, after all “ It's not small ”, exactly , My dad 30 At the age of , I went to make soy sauce . In addition, help the children ask for their names in advance !!!

  • The second thing , I'm sure I'll change my job , It should be limited to Harbin . Money is one aspect , I hope I can find myself struggling . Friends who have a chance can give me a hand .

talk to 30 Year old self

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The last two years , I seem to have lost myself , Although already 30 years old , And the current urban employment environment is very poor , But I hope I can quickly find myself , Work hard . After all, both parents , Or wife , Future children , Or yourself , All should be , And deserve a better life .

  • I hope I can stick to the path of Technology , Don't give up halfway .

  • I hope I can do more exercise , After all, after work , Even my favorite basketball is alienated . The body is obviously fat , Not as good as before .

  • I hope I can get rid of my bad temper , Be more patient with your loved ones .

  • I hope I don't snore anymore , After all, it's hard to get up in the morning .


I wish you all a happy new year ahead of time , The epidemic will disperse as soon as possible , Next year will be better !!

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