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Cloud computing = "Pandora"?

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Wang Xiaowei :FinOps Certified practitioners , Keen to spread FinOps Theoretical and practical knowledge , Help cloud enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency .

The era of cloud computing has arrived

Is the era of cloud computing really coming ?

Cloud computing (Cloud Computing), from 2006 year AWS First launch of elastic computing cloud service , It has gone through 15 years of trials and hardships . Early accused of “ Old wine in new bottles ” Speculation , Later, it raised concerns about data privacy on the cloud , Then to the ridicule of occasional accidents in the public cloud , The growth of cloud computing has been notorious , But what is the current situation of the cloud computing market ?

From the perspective of mainstream software in the Chinese market

Maybe you have noticed , On the startup page of some national software , You'll see a sign at the bottom :“ So and so cloud provides computing services ”. Cloud computing has gradually integrated into life , For example, if you want to chat, open the communication software 、 Bored, want to listen to songs and watch videos 、 Hungry and want to order takeout 、 I can't find the direction. I want to see the map , There may be a line under the startup page of these software :“ So and so cloud provides computing services ”, Cloud computing has brought infinite convenience to life .

In terms of the size of the global cloud computing market

The public cloud exceeds... Every year 1000 Billion Rapid growth based on US dollar expenditure ,2020 In, the global total cloud market share has exceeded 1250 Billion dollars , Cloud computing is turning into a butterfly .

chart 1: The cost of enterprises in public cloud and Data Center Picture source : Synergy Research Group

Why the cloud computing market “ The outbreak of ” 了 ?

Cloud computing takes all computing 、 Storage 、 Resources such as networks are abstracted into resource pools , Here's the picture 2 Shown . When you need to use these resources, you only need to point your finger on the platform website of the public cloud , Resources are within reach . It's like your home is connected to water 、 electric 、 The Internet , Just turn on the switch , You can enjoy the convenience of modern life . Cloud computing greatly facilitates the consumption of resources in the development process of enterprises , No need to buy resources in advance 、 Build a team 、 Specialized operation , If you need resources, you only need to register an account on the public cloud platform , You can directly use diversified resources and services .

chart 2: Cloud computing abstracts the resources needed by enterprises into readily available hydropower

Pandora's box has been opened

Cloud computing = “ Silver bullet ”?

Pictured 3 Shown , What modern families need to manage is generally the switch of small-scale resources , For example, a family usually has only a few taps 、 Dozens of switches and plugs 、 And a network portal , Water and electricity are usually used and turned on at any time 、 Pay as you go , The network is a monthly package . The faucet usually remembers to turn off , But many switches often forget , For example, air conditioning 、 TV and so on , Every time I compare the electricity bill, I will “ Heartache ”. alike , If you use personal computers or resources on the cloud to do a small project ( For example, school software homework ), You can control the start and stop of the project by yourself . If you forget to close the project , Because the project itself consumes resources , Personal computers will become stuck 、 If the project is running in the cloud , Will continue to incur costs .

If it rises from the modern family to the urban dimension , Urban management needs to be managed “ switch ”、“ The plug ” and “ The Internet ” Tens of thousands of . alike , If the running projects rise from traditional personal small projects to national applications such as wechat , The resources that need to be consumed also grow exponentially . Such a huge amount of resource management , With a modern family ( Small projects ) Your resource management approach may not be able to cope with , And improper management will cause great waste .

chart 3: The problem of resource management in modern cities

From the perspective of Enterprise Resource Management , I used to have my own IT center , Enterprises see their own equipment 、 Have a clear and definite equipment purchase process 、 There is a depreciation calculation method 、 There is strict resource audit logic 、 There is a complete IT Central management system . Cloud computing brings IT Center Virtualization , Become a pure online virtual platform , Let resources be used whenever and wherever they want , Once this variable expenditure model is not well utilized , Or forget to close “ switch ”, Waste is significant . Today's public cloud , Each manufacturer offers hundreds of products , There are several different types under each product , The management of cloud resources by customers has created new challenges . The transformation of this process , If you change the existing management means ?

Before you change management , We can first analyze the changes of enterprise resource consumption model , The main change here is : The company is right IT The investment of assets is from traditional capital investment (Capital Expenses) Into operating expenses (Operating Expenses), This change is mainly manifested in :

Tradition IT Consumption model Cloud variable consumption model
Purchase process of equipment When the new project of the project team needs hardware equipment , It is necessary to prove to the finance department and the procurement department whether the project has sufficient commercial value , You can't apply for funds until you pass 、 Order equipment Any authorized project team member can purchase cloud resources anytime, anywhere , The finance department and the purchasing department lost their management role
Role relationship Engineers are applicants ; Finance Department / The purchasing department is the approver Engineers can buy cloud resources anytime, anywhere spend money with code; Finance Department / The purchasing department has no clear visibility of the cost , Lost its regulatory role ; And there is a lack of communication between different roles
consumption Predictable ( Buy equipment in advance according to the forecast ); Static ( It will not change until the next purchase ) unpredictable ( Buy equipment at any time ); Dynamic ( There may be changes anytime, anywhere )
The buying cycle longer instant
Failure cost Big Small , But it may cause waste
Project agility low high
Expenditure model capital investment (Capital Expenses), Buy equipment in bulk in advance like an investment Operating expenditure (Operating Expenses), Buy equipment on demand at any time like an operation

surface 1: The company is right IT Changes in the consumption model of assets

therefore , If management has not evolved ,“ On the cloud ” Instead, it may become a burden .Flexera released 《2021 Cloud computing market development status report 》 Pointed out that , On average, enterprises waste 30% Cloud spending for , Cloud cost optimization is an important task for enterprises 2021 What I want to do most in .

chart 4:Flexera Research enterprises in 2021 What I want to do most about the cloud

Pandora's box ( Pandora's box ,pandora's box) It is a classic myth of ancient Greece . The gods gave Pandora a magic box , The box contains all the evil in the world —— greedy 、 hypocrisy 、 libel 、 Jealousy and so on . Although cloud computing allows enterprises to live a life of resources that can be opened and used anytime, anywhere “ Modern life ”, But because of the rest of the supporting systems ( Management style 、 Personnel training 、 Operation means ) Didn't follow up in time , Cloud computing is like a Pandora's box , It also brings many problems to enterprises . This paper mainly discusses the biggest problem after enterprises go to the cloud : How to effectively optimize the use cost of cloud ?

Cover Pandora's box

How to close the magic box ?

New enterprise IT Consumption models need new management tools , The scheme should be able to cover personnel 、 Management of process and Technology , It is a governance scheme specifically for the variable consumption model on the cloud , Ensure that customers get the maximum value for every dollar they spend on the cloud .

If the scheme can also give decision-making suggestions in combination with the customer's own commercialization indicators ,( for example : The company has ten projects on the cloud , Find out 2 The amount of cloud resource consumption of a project is far less than the income of the project , Consider whether more resources should be invested in these two projects ? Found to have 3 The input-output ratio of projects has been expanding , Consider whether these three items should be adjusted ?). This can help enterprises how to use cloud computing to make money , Instead of blindly pursuing saving money , Give full play to the value of Cloud Computing , Close Pandora's box .

therefore , Based on the analysis of enterprises' demands for cloud cost management , Summarized below :

  1. visible : Let enterprises understand their consumption and cost
    • Project dimension : Specific to each project / The cost of the service
    • People dimension : Specific to each organizational structure / The team / The cost of people
    • Custom dimensions : The cost of each custom dimension ( for example : The amount of a specific cloud resource ; Cost aggregation of multiple teams ; Cost comparison in different periods ; Cost trend chart, etc )
  2. Use it sparingly : Provide suggestions to optimize costs
    • methods : Payment type of cloud resources 、 Model recommendation , Identify and clean up idle resources , Define budget alarms, etc
    • Strategy : Simplify configuration, optimize actions and Strategies ( for example : When the model is not suitable, prompt the user to manually replace the recommended model )
    • assessment : Optimization benefits of different means & risk ( for example : Compare the price difference between old and new models ; The risk that the peak flow cannot be carried when clearing idle resources )
    • automation : Automate the implementation of optimization strategies and alarms
  3. Continuous operation : Continuously optimize costs based on business strategies
    • forecast : Predict future costs , Predict the cost change after optimization by means of
    • To measure : How to compare the cost with the cost of the project KPIs combination , Measure the input-output ratio of the project
    • framework : How to make the cost correspond to the organizational structure of different levels of the company
    • Decision making : How to use insight indicators to help projects / Companies make better decisions

The problem of Enterprise Cloud cost management has been thrown out , Whether there is one of the above effective means to solve all the problems ?

FinOps(Financial Operations) It's such a best practice , Help cloud customers gain effective insight into cloud spending 、 Provide means to optimize user costs 、 And subsequent long-term continuous operation and optimization .FinOps Areas involved :

  • Understand cloud spending and costs ( Corresponding to the problem of enterprise cost management “ visible ”, Help enterprises understand the cost composition )
    • Answer such a question : What does the enterprise spend on the cloud ?
    • Gather all the necessary information about cloud usage and costs , And distribute it to everyone , Understand every project in the team / People's use of cloud resources
  • Performance tracking and benchmarking ( Corresponding to the problem of enterprise cost management “ Continuous operation ”, Help enterprises understand whether their costs are right )
    • Answer such a question : Being used / Whether the spent cloud resources enable the enterprise to achieve its strategic and organizational goals ?
    • Set its usage and cost and map it to the budget , Use historical information to predict , And establish and measure key performance indicators and other performance indicators .
  • Make decisions in real time ( Corresponding to the problem of enterprise cost management “ Continuous operation ”, Help enterprises make decisions )
    • Answer such a question : What actions should be taken to better achieve the objectives of the enterprise ?
    • When the enterprise understands the expenditure , And understand the performance relative to expectations and standards , Enterprises can use this information to make real-time decisions when they receive new cloud expenditure information .
  • Cloud spending optimization ( Corresponding to the problem of enterprise cost management “ Used Province ”, Help enterprises choose more appropriate cloud resources )
    • Answer such a question : How to change the expense model paid by enterprises ( Every year, every month / Pay as you go / Bidding example ), And how to buy things to use in the cloud ( What model should be selected ), To achieve better price targets ?
    • Adjust the pricing model using historical data , Help enterprises choose more appropriate cost models and model examples .
  • Optimization of cloud usage ( Corresponding to the problem of enterprise cost management “ Used Province ”, Help enterprises manage their business more effectively )
    • Answer such a question : How to change the way enterprises use cloud resources , To optimize costs ?
    • Manage business workloads 、 And the number of cloud resource instances , Close resources when not in use .
  • Solidarity company organization ( Corresponding to the problem of enterprise cost management “ Continuous operation ”, Help adjust the organizational structure of the enterprise , In order to realize the culture of reducing cost and increasing efficiency )
    • Answer such a question : What changes can be made within the organization of the enterprise , To use the cloud more effectively ?
    • take FinOps With existing organizational processes 、 Organizational units and technology integration .

Why FinOps?

FinOps Put forward a very detailed cloud cost management means , Include the following figure 5 The idea in the design 、 principle 、 The division of labor of the personnel involved 、 The stage of cost optimization 、 Related fields, etc .

FinOps idea

FinOps Committed to a complete set of systems 、 Best practices 、 Culture , Help enterprises understand cloud costs , To make better decisions .

FinOps principle

  1. Teams need to work together ( The team mainly includes : The finance team 、 Technical team 、 Business team )
  2. The value of the cloud drives decision making ( Help executives gain insight into the value of cloud consumption , Assist them in making decisions )
  3. Everyone is responsible for the cloud cost they consume ( Apportion the cloud cost to everyone )
  4. FinOps Your report should be accessible 、 And it's real-time ( The report should be timely 、 Accessible to everyone )
  5. A centralized team drives FinOps Cloud cost management concept ( There must be a team with an overall view to unite different people , Use FinOps The idea of optimizing cloud spending )
  6. Using the cloud's variable consumption model ( The consumption mode of cloud has its special use methods , Make good use of it to make full use of it )

chart 5: What is? FinOps

FinOps The influence of

FinOps The foundation did a questionnaire survey , Received in total 804 Replies , The total annual cloud expenditure of the enterprises participating in the reply exceeds 300 Billion dollars . exceed 78% Of respondents pointed out that :FinOps Foundation It is the best source of cost optimization management information on the cloud .

chart 6: Cloud cost optimization management channel

FinOps Panorama

FinOps The foundation is Linux A project of the foundation , Committed to adopting best practices 、 train 、 Set standards to advance Financial management of the cloud . 2019 year 2 Month set up FinOps The foundation ,2020 year 6 Month join Linux The foundation . at present FinOps The foundation includes people from 1500+ Enterprise 3500+ Individual members , Include 10+ Service and platform providers .

chart 7: FinOps Panorama

At the end

The era of cloud computing has come , Cloud cost management is imminent ,FinOps The Chinese community will continue to operate and spread FinOps Relevant ideas and knowledge , Looking forward to your joining , The value of putting enterprises on the cloud will reach the original heart —— Authors efficiency .

Reference resources :

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