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Accelerate the construction of a national unified market and improve the efficiency of government supervision

Further promote the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines

Li Keqiang, Wang Huning, Han Zheng attended

   General secretary of the CPC central committee 、 Chairman of the national 、 Chairman of the Central Military Commission 、 Xi Jinping, director of the comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission of the Central Committee 12 month 17 Presided over the 23rd Meeting of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform on the afternoon of August , Reviewed and adopted 《 Opinions on accelerating the construction of a national unified market 》、《 Guidance on further improving the efficiency of government supervision and promoting high-quality development 》、《 Opinions on further promoting the construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines 》、《 Guidance on strengthening ethical governance of science and technology 》、《 Opinions on promoting the development of individual pension 》.

   Xi Jinping stressed at the presiding meeting , Developing socialist market economy is a great creation of our party , The key is to deal with the relationship between the government and the market , Make the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources , Better play the role of the government . Building a new development pattern , There is an urgent need to speed up the construction of efficient and standardized 、 Fair competition 、 Fully open national unified market , Establish a unified national market system and rules , Promote the smooth flow of commodity factor resources in a wider range . We should accelerate the transformation of government functions , Improve the efficiency of government supervision , Promote a better combination of efficient markets and promising governments , Protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and the safety of people's lives and property according to law . We should highlight the cultivation of first-class talents 、 Serve national strategic needs 、 Striving for world-class orientation , Deepen the reform of the system and mechanism , As a whole to promote 、 Build first-class universities and first-class disciplines by classification . The ethics of science and technology is the value criterion that science and technology activities must abide by , We should continue to promote human well-being 、 Respect the right to life 、 Fair and just 、 Reasonably control risks 、 The principle of openness and transparency , Improve multi-party participation 、 Cooperative governance system and mechanism , Shaping the cultural concept and guarantee mechanism of science and technology for the good . We should promote development that suits China's national conditions 、 Government policy support 、 Individuals volunteer to participate in 、 Individual pension with market-oriented operation , And basic endowment insurance 、 Enterprises ( occupation ) The year of , Realize the supplementary function of endowment insurance .

   Member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the CPC central committee 、 Li Keqiang, deputy director of the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform 、 Wang Huning 、 Han is attending the meeting .

   The meeting pointed out that , Since the 18th CPC national congress , The Party Central Committee adheres to the direction of socialist market economy reform , Promote market-oriented reform in breadth and depth , Reduce the direct allocation of resources by the government , Reduce direct government intervention in microeconomic activities , Continuously improve the protection of property rights 、 Market access 、 Fair competition and other systems , We will promote price reform and land reform 、 capital 、 Labour 、 technology 、 knowledge 、 Market-oriented reform of important production factors such as data , Strengthen anti-monopoly 、 Anti Unfair Competition , Strive to remove market barriers , Improve the efficiency and fairness of resource allocation , Speed up the formation of enterprises' independent management 、 Fair competition , Consumers are free to choose 、 Independent consumption , Free flow of goods and factors 、 A modern market system of equal exchange . meanwhile , There are still some problems in China's market system, and the system rules are not unified enough 、 Poor flow of factor resources 、 Prominent issues such as local protection and market segmentation .

   The meeting stressed , We should focus on system construction , Insist on building and breaking at the same time , In perfecting the basic system and rules of the market 、 Promote high standards of market facilities 、 Accelerate the construction of factor and resource markets 、 Promote high-level unification of commodity and service markets 、 We will introduce effective policies and measures to improve the level of supervision and governance , Continuously improve the unity of policies 、 Consistency of rules 、 Synergy of execution , Gather resources in a unified market 、 Driving growth 、 Encourage innovation 、 Optimize the division of labor 、 promote competition . We should speed up the clean-up and abolition of various regulations and practices that hinder the unified market and fair competition . It should be combined with major regional strategies 、 Implementation of regional coordinated development strategy , Give priority to the construction of a unified market , Play a leading role in demonstration .

   The meeting pointed out that , Improve the efficiency of government supervision , Efforts should be made to solve “ Who's in charge ”、“ Whatever ”、“ What do you do ” The problem of . according to “ Who approves 、 Who supervises , Who is in charge of 、 Who supervises ” Principles , Clear the chain of responsibility , Improve the performance of responsibilities , Serious accountability . The competent department of the industry shall strictly implement the supervision responsibilities of the industry , Relevant regulatory authorities shall earnestly perform their regulatory responsibilities within their respective responsibilities , Local governments should fully implement the responsibility of territorial supervision , Enterprises should strengthen self-management 、 Self discipline . Yes, involving multiple departments 、 Difficult to manage 、 Regulatory matters with prominent potential risks , We should establish and improve a comprehensive cross departmental supervision system , Perfect and perform their respective duties 、 Each has his own responsibility 、 Cooperate with each other 、 A coordinated supervision mechanism of joint management . We should promote market supervision as a whole 、 Quality Supervision 、 Safety Supervision 、 Financial regulation , Accelerate the establishment of an all-round 、 multi-level 、 Three dimensional supervision system , Realize the whole chain and field supervision in advance, in the process and afterwards , Plug regulatory loopholes . It is directly related to the safety of people's lives and property 、 Public safety , And potential risks 、 Key areas with high social risks , We should implement key supervision , We will guard against and defuse major risks . We should adhere to supervision according to law , Pay close attention to the formulation of key areas 、 Emerging areas 、 Laws and regulations urgently needed for supervision in the field of foreign affairs , Establish employment restrictions 、 Lifelong prohibition and lifelong accountability system . We should innovate regulatory methods , Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of Supervision . We should strictly regulate the government's supervision behavior , Establish a supervision mechanism throughout the whole process of supervision , Improve regulatory standardization and transparency .

   The meeting stressed , Run world-class universities and first-class disciplines , Must take root in China , Create Chinese characteristics . We should adhere to the socialist direction of running schools , Adhere to the development path of socialist education with Chinese characteristics , Implement the party's educational policy , To implement the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people . We should firmly grasp the key of talent training , Insist on educating people for the party 、 Cultivating talents for the country , Adhere to serving the national strategic needs , Aim at the frontier and key fields of science and Technology , Optimize the layout of disciplines, specialties and talent training , Build a high-level teaching staff , Deepen the integration of science and education and educate people , Provide strong support for accelerating the construction of the world's important talent center and innovation highland .

   The meeting pointed out that , Since the 18th CPC national congress , The CPC Central Committee established the national science and technology ethics committee , Improve the governance system and mechanism , Promote positive progress in ethical governance of science and technology . We should adhere to the unity of promoting innovation and preventing risks 、 The combination of institutional norms and self-discipline , Strengthen bottom line thinking and risk awareness , Put the requirements of scientific and technological ethics into scientific research 、 The whole process of scientific and technological activities such as technology development , Covering all fields of scientific and technological innovation , Strengthen monitoring, early warning and forward-looking research , Timely respond to regulations , Ensure that the risks of scientific and technological activities are controllable . We should avoid generalizing the ethical issues of science and technology , Strive to realize the benign interaction between high-quality development of scientific and technological innovation and high-level security .

   The meeting stressed , Develop multi-level 、 Multi pillar endowment insurance system , It is to actively deal with the aging population 、 An important measure to realize the sustainable development of the old-age insurance system . We should improve the system design , Rational division of countries 、 Pension responsibilities of units and individuals , Provide institutional guarantee for individuals to accumulate pensions . We should strictly supervise and manage , Improve supporting policies , We should promptly clarify the implementation measures 、 Fiscal and tax policies 、 Financial product rules, etc , Let the common people see clearly 、 I understand 、 Good operation , Let all parties involved have rules to follow 、 The operation of the system can be monitored and tested .

   Members of the Central Commission for comprehensively deepening reform attended the meeting , Comrades in charge of the Central Committee and relevant departments of state organs attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates .( The xinhua news agency )

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