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[solution] what is the mysterious "1450"?

2022-02-03 01:47:19 Sogou wechat

lately , Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, mentioned two words :“1450” and “ Taluban ”, It has attracted netizens' discussion : What are these two things ?


The words are divided into two parts , Let's start with Central America, thousands of miles away . Some time ago , What Taiwan calls “ A friendly country ” Honduras is holding elections . The opposition presidential candidate said “ After being elected, he will choose Taiwan ‘ Disconnection ’”, Suddenly attracted a pile of Internet abuse . Foreign media found , The country's social media is suspected to have a large number of online soldiers ,300 Multiple “ Zombie ” Send documents in turn , Attack the candidate .

Taiwan's Cyber Army is suspected of involvement in the Honduran election . Picture source : Foreign media

... ? After some investigation , It was found that , Probably Taiwan Cyber Army What's going on . Need to know , Honduras is the only country left by the Taiwan authorities 14 A so-called “ A friendly country ” One of ,11 Mid month , The country's president Hernandez led a delegation to Taiwan , And the leaders of the Taiwan authorities boast about each other . The president risked the double attack of the epidemic and the international situation , Run to Taiwan before the election , Naturally there is a search “ Friends ” help 、 Purpose of consolidating votes .

Taiwan authorities are also awesome. , The first time they sent their own network army to attack “ Friends ” Public opinion . These cyber armies have a distinct “ Bay ” taste : All posts involving Hernandez are crazy to praise , Sing about his achievements , Eulogize “ Hong Tai friendship ”. It's also , In case the ruling party loses the election 、 The new government and Taiwan “ Disconnection ”, What will they do then “ Just rice ”?

This is not a story made up by Uncle Dao , It's the conclusion of Taiwan media reports . No gain, no rise , Let these cyber soldiers run away , You have to give three melons and two dates .

Taiwan media survey found , More than a dozen companies on the island are engaged in such activities “ Political Cyber Army ” Business , among 2/3 Long term cooperation with green camp , The DPP is a regular customer . About the price , These online soldiers post on social media 、 Leaving a message. , One set of prices is 5000-10000 NT $ ( renminbi 1100-2300 element ).

2019 year , platform “ The Agricultural Committee ” The announcement said , Plan to recruit at least 4 people ,“ Clarify information in real time on social platforms such as online forums ”, general budget 1450 Ten thousand new Taiwan dollars . therefore , Taiwan netizens gave the DPP online army a “ nickname ”: 1450.

“1450” Interpretation diagram ( Picture source : Taiwanese media )

“1450” I see ,“ Taluban ” What's the matter again ?

This is also the name given by the people on the island . This year, 9 month , Taiwan net red “ patron gods of a household ” Zhu Xueheng invited the people's party “ legislator ” Gao Hongan 、 Media man Huang Weihan , Three people sing “ Tower green class song ” To satirize the Democratic Progressive Party , Almost blew up the green camp and its supporters . The melody of this song is brainwashing , The lyrics are slightly vulgar , But because of the precise irony of the hegemonic style of the DPP 、 Echoing widespread popular resentment , Quickly became popular on the island .

Popular party “ legislator ” Gao Hongan sings “ Tower green class song ” Satirize the DPP . Picture source : Taiwanese media

Some commentators on the island said , So-called “ Taluban ”, Namely “ I can criticize 、 Abuse 、 Attack you , But you can't do this to me ”, In essence, it is the same party against the different 、 Don't disagree , Especially online .

For example, someone found out , During the leader election in Taiwan last year , Many accounts supporting Han Guoyu have been banned , It's green, but it's safe . Said Han Guoyu himself :“ Some people take it as their job to hack others , It's terrible .”

Of course, it's more than that . The DPP 1450 Troops poured out , Not only helped Tsai ing Wen win re-election , It has also become a substitute for the DPP authorities and green camp dignitaries “ Wash the white ”、 Tools to discredit the opposition .

for example 2018 year , Japan's Kansai Airport was temporarily closed due to typhoon , Many Taiwanese tourists are stranded , Large numbers “ Net friend ” question “ Taiwan office in Osaka ” Failure to provide proper assistance , Under the pressure of public opinion , The director of the Department, Su Qicheng, committed suicide . But the survey found , The public opinion on this matter is that Yang Huiru, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, leads the online Army “ With wind direction ” Caused by .

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , The DPP authorities immediately organized a cyber army , Target who director general tandesse , Call it “ Dereliction of duty has killed thousands of people all over the world ”, Say tandesay “ In love ”“ Platen ”, Of course not “ Nigger ” And other insulting words . It has to be doubted , Previously, Taiwan's application to join the who has been blocked for many times , The attack was an opportunity to vent personal anger .
3、 ... and

Who is manipulating “1450”?

2019 year , A named “ DPP dark net Army ” 's press conference , Announced that the Democratic Progressive Party passed two companies ( Nanfeng integrated marketing company 、 Weiqin public relations company ) Detailed materials for feeding the Cyber Army .

“ DPP dark net Army ” Press conference ( Picture source : Taiwanese media )

The press conference revealed , Relevant companies report to the DPP Central Committee every half a month “ Implementation results ”; Yang Huiru 、 Nanfeng company, etc “ Advanced players ”, Thousands of social media accounts , Calculate the remuneration according to the number of documents issued ; A member of the common Cyber Army at the bottom of the chain , Most are called “loser” The unprofessional , Forced to make a living “ Where to hit ”, The income is not high .

If you only do this on the island , Or go “ Friends ” With rhythm , Outsiders usually only see it as a joke . But will the DPP be satisfied with these ?

impossible .12 month 15 Japan , The spokesman of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office said the truth :“ Over the years , The DPP authorities do everything on the island to strengthen their control over the Internet and new media , Raise all kinds of cyber soldiers to attack 、 Vilify 、 rumor 、 Discredit the Mainland , alienate one person from another , Destroy cross-strait relations .

Although the spokesman did not specify which public opinion events had the presence of the DPP Cyber Army , But the implication is , Don't be arrogant , I have all the evidence in my hand ! Actually , For ordinary netizens , Just be careful , We can still find traces of the rhythm of the DPP's Web army from some public opinion events in recent years .

“ I hope mainland netizens can be vigilant , Grasp the policy scale , Never be fooled , We will never be disturbed by the DPP authorities and the green camp army ; I also hope that Taiwan netizens will bravely make a rational voice to support the peaceful development of cross-strait relations , Don't let Taiwan's Internet become a pet of the Democratic Progressive Party ‘1450’‘ Taluban ’ Such as demons and monsters ‘ scene of bloody slaughter ’.” Ma Xiaoguang said .

You bet , Cross strait relations have reached the present situation , Behind it, the DPP authorities have been bullying the people with online troops all year round 、 Incite cross-strait hostility . Instead of walking the same way to the dark , Why don't you think about it : The future of Taiwan is just a few cyber forces 、 Can it be decided by a few rounds of blind self hi public opinion manipulation ?

Stop dreaming !
writing / Donglu 、 Shanqiu
edit / Aya wave 、 Light the sky
( Intern Yang Fan 、 Chang Jin also contributed )

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