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How to write the title of the popular article? Learning these eight common title templates is key

2022-02-03 01:57:16 Xiaoxian

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Everybody knows , The title is the first opportunity to read , Most people read the text through the title , We can see the importance of the title .

I shared with you before Creative skills of high-quality article titles , Many friends said they would not , What do I do ? Learn this 8 A common routine is key . Today, I will share the method directly with you , Common routines for dismantling popular titles .

One is “ Challenging ” title , By challenging the reader's common sense or stereotype , Subvert readers' ideas , So as to arouse readers' curiosity and competitive heart , Click on the title of the article to read . Such titles should not be made up out of thin air , Deliberately create contradictory views , Deliberately provoking readers .

Two is “ Inspiring and inspiring ” title , By inspiring readers' interest in reading , Arouse readers' desire to read , Let readers actively participate in the article in a friendly way . When setting suspense for such titles, pay attention to the consistency between the title and the text , Otherwise, the title party will be restricted by the platform .

The third is “ Dry goods ” title , By understanding the knowledge gap and needs of readers , Give ways to share experiences , Readers have strong click behavior driven by demand . Such titles must pay attention to accurately identifying users , And can put forward the best way to solve the problem ,

Fourth, “ Story style ” title , Create a story scene through the title , Presents an intuitive sense of picture , It's easy for readers to immerse themselves in , Increase the readability of the article , The article will have a click through rate .

Five is “ Hot spot ” title , Through the people concerned by the public at present 、 event 、 Problems, etc. , Meet the hot spot creation and increase the readers' familiar feeling , So as to resonate with readers . Never maliciously use hot spots to win traffic , Rub hot spots moderately .

Six is “ Pain point ” title , By grasping the reader's emotional needs , Go straight to the most sensitive and vulnerable topic in your heart , Help users vent their emotions , Get out of the dilemma . For example, the more common headlines are that the parents are short , Husband and wife emotion , Start school, graduate, etc . Because there are many users , So the more likely you are to be clicked to read .

Seven is “ Bosom friend resonance ” title , From the reader's point of view , adopt “ It's about me ”, Quickly attract the attention of readers , Close the distance between the author and the reader . Make sympathetic readers resonate , It's too late to meet .

Eight is “ Expert authority ” title , With the credibility and credibility of authority , Let readers realize the persuasiveness of the article . Be careful not to make up such titles , Otherwise, it is the title that the party violates the rules and does not recommend .

The above is what I want to share with you today , The purpose is not to encourage friends to copy mechanically , Just for the convenience of everyone to create a better title , Provide inspiration and skills . The platform encourages us to create healthy 、 Valuable content , Learning to learn and use flexibly will enable us to create more personal content .

Friends , How did you write your pop title ? Welcome to the comment area to exchange and share the popular title skills , We learn together 、 progress 、 grow up .

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