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The hardest lesson of being a boss: how to fire someone well?

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The boss has to do many difficult things , One of the most difficult things is to fire others , If you do it wrong , May poison the company's culture . Being an employee just doesn't fit in , And you accept your responsibility in this matter , Will deal with this unpleasant task with a more reasonable attitude .

Don't take it out on your employees , Learn how to fire people well .

You'll soon find out , When starting a business , This is an important but often overlooked skill . If there is a supervisor after dismissing the employee , Immediately cut off contact with him ; I can tell you , To put it mildly, the supervisor lacks empathy , It's hard to say , It could even be a sadist or bullying someone . The same concept applies to entrepreneurs who are always unable to pull the trigger , If you have a bad employee , His attitude may have a negative impact on other employees .

Don't delay , But don't fire suddenly

Don't delay firing employees , But don't happen in an instant like a nuclear bomb explosion , Time won't heal all wounds , It won't let an incompetent person suddenly magically become competent . If you've given that person a reasonable warning , But he didn't respond , Then don't repeatedly give him opportunities to improve , Because he probably won't improve . Have a resignation meeting with him , Break it clean , meanwhile , I want to warn you , Don't use “ Scorched earth policy ”, If your emotions get out of control , Decide to fire all employees who have made mistakes or have made you unhappy , Then you'll end up with only one office and yourself . Remember to , The reason why you fired someone , Because you shouldn't have hired this person from the beginning .

Become a powerful Terminator , need 6 Item skill

this 6 I summed up this skill with a lot of my own experience . You must first understand , When you fire someone , The other party may take legal action against you . therefore , Before ending any employment relationship , Must consult the company's lawyer , Or if the company has a human resources department , Also consult them .

1. Be gentle when firing .

When you want to tell someone, he will do it today , You should tell him sincerely . Don't blame others . Employees don't have to fight back when they blame you ; If you bash employees , No one will want to work for you . But if employees criticize you so much , Then you won't write a letter of recommendation for him 、 Help him find a job elsewhere .

2. Go straight to the point .

When you're firing someone , Don't procrastinate , Although people will be shocked by their dismissal , And from this shock, there will be a feeling of resistance , But this process should not be tardy . Don't waste time rationalizing your actions or proving that they should be fired , There's no point in doing this , You just waste time and consume your emotions .

3. Gentle and firm .

you 're right , I just want to remind you again , Be gentle , Because I don't want you to be as hard as a stone , And start attacking each other . Firm means to get to the point quickly , Don't hesitate . Remind yourself , This is not a debate , It's a decision . This man won't work , Both of you should put down 、 Go straight ahead , Period .

4. Be aware of each other's feelings .

You can say something like this :「 I understand that this may be a time of frustration and disappointment for you , I've been fired before , I can tell you , It's uncomfortable . And I just want to tell you , I fully understand your feelings and thoughts .」 Listen and see what the other person said , Then communicate with him , And tell him , You understand the emotion he expressed :「 I know you're angry ……」

5. Have a good exit strategy .

There's a bad exit strategy , Is to ask your employees to help you fire someone you interviewed in person . If you do this , That's a guarantee that you'll have an angry former employee . But if you had recruited John yourself , And then he worked for Sue , So what should we do ? So when you're going to tell John the bad news , You and Sue have to be there . Turn his exit into an interview , Instead of a brief dismissal notice .

Don't kick people out directly , It's about using information and empathy to get him to leave . If you fire a supplier who doesn't work in the office , It's not the same , You may be able to solve it with one phone call . But if it's someone in the office , Before he left , You need to interview yourself .

6. Talk about each other's strengths .

This is based on the previous point . This includes some advice you can give him , About how he can use his own strengths , Succeed in your next job :「 You're good at X, It means that you will be very suitable to do Y.」 You have to be a sympathetic coach , According to what the other person is good at , Help him find his next position . If you use this method , Then even former employees will become fans of your company .

Employers should take their time , Dismissal requires a quick decision . take your time , Make sure you hire the right person , however , When you decide someone is wrong , You shouldn't let this man continue to wander around 、 Hurt the productivity and morale of the company .

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