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What does word of mouth marketing mean?

2022-02-03 01:57:38 Wen Ke

Word of mouth marketing belongs to marketing methods , But it can't be said to be an online marketing method , Because when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing , What many people often think of is on the Internet , Netizens' comments on various brands or products , So to speak , The pattern is smaller , Because word-of-mouth marketing is divided into online and offline . Now I'll share with you the relevant contents of word-of-mouth marketing .

One 、 The definition of word of mouth marketing

The primary purpose of word-of-mouth marketing is to establish a brand , The second is word-of-mouth , Ultimately, it's sales . Word of mouth marketing is divided into offline and online , Generally, the offline investment is large 、 Difficult to monitor ; Online online word-of-mouth marketing , Not only the propagation speed is fast , And it can also carry out directional transmission accurately .

 What does word of mouth marketing mean ?

Generally, the best situation of word-of-mouth marketing is that users use offline users A Word of mouth , Or online users B The high praise , Or users A After use, it will be praised offline and online and passed down by word of mouth . Through the interaction between enterprises and consumers 、 The interaction between consumers is favored by enterprises .

Before, when the Internet and e-commerce were not developed enough , The general advantage of word-of-mouth marketing is offline , Now, due to the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce, group buying and other shopping platforms , The proportion of online word-of-mouth marketing and online word-of-mouth marketing is about 10:1 , Consumers or Internet users through the Forum 、 Blog 、 Photo album 、 video 、 article 、 The evaluation is directly published on the Internet , Not only the speed of propagation , And generally, this kind of good and bad evaluation always exists , This also pushes back that enterprises have to do word-of-mouth marketing before , We must ensure the quality of products or services, and constantly optimize and improve , Improve user experience .

Two 、 The advantages of word-of-mouth marketing

1、 The cost is low 、 Spread fast

What is word of mouth ? Kubei is the user's view of an enterprise , Or the experience of a product , For example, how much donation does an enterprise provide to the disaster area , People think this enterprise is good , I donated so much money , It's a good enterprise ; Another example is that we use a mobile phone , It feels really good , Not only is the price reasonable , And it's very smooth to use , No card, wait , The praise of this product also directly determines people's praise of the enterprise producing this product . therefore , As long as the enterprise does a good job in the product , Users will spread and help you promote your products and services . You don't have to spend a lot of advertising expenses .

2、 High credibility 、 Strong influence

Although the Internet is now developed , But there are many problems , Like a liar , If you don't pay attention, you'll be cheated , Of course, it's not alarmist , meanwhile , Because netizens have more contact , Vigilance is also high , People are inevitably exposed to all kinds of advertisements every day , For example, we are watching the news , When I brush the video , You can see advertisements all the time . And most netizens hate and resist advertising , therefore , Now more and more people know about a related product or company through their relatives and friends . therefore , First of all, these relatives and friends have used a home or learned about an enterprise or a product . therefore , The effect of word-of-mouth is often highly reliable , Influence is also strong . The transaction rate reached by ordinary people from online advertising is far lower than the word-of-mouth of relatives and friends .

3、 Build a brand image 、 The effect continues

People often get reliable information from relatives and friends , It also determines the person's praise and recognition of this product and this enterprise , So if an enterprise with a very poor reputation wants to get a more long-term development, it is impossible . Because word of mouth is the image of an enterprise , Word of mouth communication is people's understanding of a product or service , Or the view of an enterprise . Therefore, an enterprise has a good reputation , It can not only establish a good brand image , This effect can often continue to expand , Because one pass ten passes a hundred .

 What does word of mouth marketing mean ?

3、 ... and 、 Word of mouth marketing 3 Elements

1、 Disseminator

People who pass word-of-mouth are often users or netizens , Some are experienced people , Others are from colleagues 、 Where do friends and relatives know , There are also some netizens , It's from the Internet , These people may be potential users .

We should first according to our own products and services , Choose the right people , For example, male or female , Married or unmarried , High education or low education and other attributes , And according to the “ Gathering place ”, For example, they focus on offline occasions , Or like what you like to use APP, What kind of content do you like to watch and so on , Show your products and services according to these characteristics , And good reviews , In this way, we can better , More accurately, let them help you carry out spontaneous good word-of-mouth transmission .

2、 Communication channels

I just said , Word of mouth marketing is divided into online and offline , We should combine our products and services , Choose the right channel , For example, our product is a virtual server , domain name , Website, etc. , It is more suitable for online channels , For example, we have electric cars 、 automobile 、 mobile phone , This is suitable for online and offline dual channels to spread . therefore , We should choose communication channels according to our own products and services .

3、 Evaluation content

Offline : If you go shopping at a convenience store , A friend just told you , Where has he been and bought such things , Very bad, there are , Do you still have the idea to go to this convenience store to buy ? Of course not , The probability of meeting is very low , Unless you're in a hurry .

on-line : If you go to an e-commerce APP Buy clothes , See that the evaluation is of poor quality , High price, etc , Of course you won't choose this store .

contrary : Whether you're shopping offline or online , I heard that everyone around me praised this product , General situation , Naturally, you are happy or less worried .

 What does word of mouth marketing mean ?

summary : Enterprises must do a good job in their products and services , Let your users have a good experience , In order to help make good word-of-mouth publicity and effect . I passed the above 3 Point to introduce you to the original article about word-of-mouth marketing , I hope you can understand , It's helpful .

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