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Raspberry pie build BT download tool

2022-02-03 01:57:44 Drink wine into your heart

 Raspberry pie bt Download tool

I found some movies to download at the weekend , Found previously built qBittorrent It's too slow .

To verify if there is a software problem , Set the Transmission, Found that the speed is similar .

So the whole network learned something .

It's probably that there are too few people doing seed production in China , Plus the existence of blood sucking thunder , And that is tracker No users found .

These three questions , One cannot defeat a hundred with one , Second, we can't compete with it , Three can still be adjusted .

One 、 build Transmission

Old ways , New directory and docker-compose.yml file , Just fill in the following .

version: "2.1"services:  transmission:    image:    container_name: transmission    environment:      - PUID=1000      - PGID=1000      - TZ=Asia/Shanghai      - TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME=/flood-for-transmission/ #  Theme of web page , Optional values are  /combustion-release/, /transmission-web-control/, /kettu/,/flood-for-transmission/      - USER=admin #   account number       - PASS=123456 #   password    Account and password can also be       #- WHITELIST=iplist # ip White list       #- HOST_WHITELIST=dnsnane list # dns White list     volumes:      - ${PWD}/config:/config  #  Profile path       - /data/downloads:/downloads #  Download path       - ${PWD}/watch:/watch #  Monitoring path , This directory will be automatically downloaded if the seed is lost     ports:      - 9091:9091      - 51413:51413      - 51413:51413/udp    restart: unless-stopped


docker-compose up -d

Two 、qb add to tracker

open :, Click on the selected list or the complete list , Copy everything .

The author gives us some knowledge of popular science , Look at it slightly. , Increase your knowledge .

 Raspberry pie bt Download tool

open qbittorrent, Add copy content to the settings

 Raspberry pie bt Download tool

Save it , The speed depends on your seed , My next serious movie , It's a little faster .

3、 ... and 、 build qBittorrent Enhanced version

Enhanced version tracker Auto update , You don't have to copy and paste every time .

Of course, there are other features , For example, shield Xunlei and other tools to suck blood .

Here to download : choice aarch64 Version download .

 Raspberry pie bt Download tool

Copy it into the raspberry pie Directory , And navigate to the directory , Unzip and run

#  decompression unzip  function ./qbittorrent-nox#  Or run in the background and change the port ./qbittorrent-nox --webui-port=8888 -d

Input Y That's all right. .

 Raspberry pie bt Download tool

Last input IP Add ports , Successful visit . Default account admin, password adminadmin

Not too bad with the original , Change to Chinese , Self configuring .

tracker If so, just write the link directly , It will update itself , That's what an adult should look like .

 Raspberry pie bt Download tool

Four 、 summary

Always what knot , Call it a day .

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