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Alibaba cloud has more than 4 million paying customers and more than 60% of A-share listed companies

2022-02-03 02:11:32 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 17 Daily news , stay 2021 Alibaba investor day , Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba cloud intelligence, said , Alibaba cloud is accelerating the expansion of overseas markets , Revenue growth in the Southeast Asian market exceeded 60%.

He said , This year, Alibaba cloud upgraded its overseas organizational structure , Establish a national manager system with the state as the unit , Higher quality service to the local market ,“ Our service team 、 The solution team is gradually localizing , This is a very important step in our internationalization process .”

According to introducing , Alibaba cloud is in Malaysia 、 Singapore 、 Indonesia 、 the Philippines 、 Japan 、 Germany 、 dubai 、 USA, etc 25 Hundreds of cloud data centers have been established in different regions , The number of paying customers exceeds 400 ten thousand , These include 62% Of A Stock listed company , The overall number and quality of customers continue to improve .

Zhang Jianfeng thinks , Whether in China or Southeast Asia , Cloud computing continues to grow at a high speed . Internet 、 Finance 、 Public affairs 、 manufacture 、 Retail and other industries show strong digital demand , From tradition IT Move to a new generation of cloud infrastructure , Let the cloud become the core and cornerstone of the digital world .

In terms of product technology , He said , Alibaba cloud will invest in more full stack technologies , Build a new computing architecture with cloud as the core , Define hardware with cloud down , Up through the cloud nail 、 Cloud integration provides users with an easier to use interface , Continuously introduce more innovative and competitive technical products for customers .

According to international authorities Gartner Evaluation report issued , Alibaba cloud IaaS Infrastructure capacity ranks first in the world , In the calculation 、 Storage 、 The Internet 、 Get the highest score in the four core safety evaluations , Beyond Amazon 、 Microsoft 、 Google and other international manufacturers .

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