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2021, those moments that heal you and me!

2022-02-03 12:08:36 Sogou wechat

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# In my eyes 2021 warm 、 be moved 、 happy ……2021 Those moments that heal you and me ! Video source : xinhua

Standing on the 2021 At the end of the year

The past year has passed like a white horse

Taste the world

sour , sweet , bitter , hot

There are always those warm and moving moments

Heal you and me

Let's have tears in our eyes


When the self-study of senior three meets the sunset of summer night

More romantic than sunset

It's a group of partners who fight side by side

More gorgeous than the sky

It's you who make unremitting efforts at the moment



When the little boy was vaccinated

Cheer yourself up

Keep shouting :“ cheer up ! cheer up !”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Good little brother !


52 Year old rural teacher

Like to take students to dance self-made dance in their spare time

The pressure is released

It also makes children more cheerful and sunny !


Coming face to face is “ Shenzhou 13 ” The squadron

At the opening ceremony of the sports meeting

The children dress up as “ astronaut ”

It's adorable !


Daxing International Airport

2 The half-year-old doll saluted the soldiers passing by

But lovely love

The soldiers are so handsome

This is the power of example !



Their fancy on the field is more than heart

Do you remember

Do you love such Olympic athletes ?



10 Year old rural girl in order to practice dancing

Go back and forth every week 300 km

Slippers as skates

The boy is practicing figure skating in the living room


Where there is a dream, there is a stage

The children who pursue dreams are really amazing !


Remember this scene ?

“00” When the rear soldier transfers the baby

Shade the baby with a military cap

People's hearts are melted !


Child, you sleep safely

No matter how big the wind and rain, uncle will protect you !


After disaster relief

The crowd chased the military vehicle to send gifts and fruit !

Welcome to , Firecrackers exploded

This is the most simple thanks of the people

Pay tribute to the people's soldiers

This scene is really moving !


Blizzard day , Icy Road , The vehicle is trapped

The police turned into “ Pushman ”

clear the traffic , Snow shoveling cart


Their struggling figure in the wind and snow

It's the brightest fluorescent green

It's a warmth in winter “ snow scene ”


2021 The year is about to pass

But we still remember those

Give us warmth 、 be moved 、 hope 、 A beautiful moment

Little things

But let many people like you and me

With the courage to persevere in difficulties


Thank you for these warm moments

Let's be confident 、 Frankly

And 2021 Wave goodbye

And full of expectation and longing to 2022

More news

Culture and tourism department : Such inter provincial tourism , To suspend immediately

He only 1 Meter high , But guard 2000 The health of many people ……

source : xinhua

planning : Liu Hong

Supervise the manufacture of : Mou Yanqiu

As a whole : Zhao Gang

Video production : Chen Yu

copy : Liu Yanqiu

edit : Liang Tiantian

proofreading : Gu Peng Zhang Linglin



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