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At the closing of the first meeting of the 10th Council of China Journalists Association, a new leading body of China Journalists Association was elected

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The first meeting of the 10th Council of the all China Journalists Association successfully completed various agenda items 17 The end of the day . He Ping was elected president of the new China Journalists Association .

The meeting considered and adopted in principle the work report of the Standing Council of the ninth Council of China Journalists Association , Reviewed and adopted 《 Articles of association of all China Journalists ( Revised draft )》, Elect the Standing Council of the 10th Council , Election of the chairman 、 Vice chairman of the , Appointment of members of the Secretariat .

Liu Zhengrong 、 Yan Xiaoming 、 Liu Siyang 、 Wang Yibiao 、 Xiao Wei Yang 、 Ju Zhaohui 、 Zhang Yutang 、 Jing Yun Zhao 、 Chen Songqing 、 Huang changkai 、 Zhang Chunjiao 、 Li Xiaojun 、 Liu Chengan et al 13 Comrades were elected vice chairman of the China Journalists Association .

Liu Zhengrong appointed by the Standing Council 、 Zhang Baixin 、 Ji Xingxing 、 Tian Yuhong 、 Jing Wu 、 Su Rongcai ( work on secondment ) As a member of the Secretariat .

He Ping said in the closing speech of the conference , *** , *** . Comrade Huang Kunming delivered a speech on behalf of the Party Central Committee , It has put forward clear requirements for the work of journalists and China Journalists Association . We should take the care and entrustment of the general secretary and the Party Central Committee as a strong spiritual driving force , Better perform the duties and missions entrusted to us by the party and the people .

He Ping said , The China Journalists Association is a National People's organization of the Chinese press under the leadership of the party . On a new journey 、 Take on a new mission , We should maintain and enhance the political nature 、 Progressiveness 、 Mass character , Better unite the majority of journalists . Adhere to the correct political direction , Determined to do “ Two maintenance ”; Adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion , Consolidate and strengthen the mainstream public opinion ; Adhere to the correct work orientation , Always stick to the feelings of the people ; Stick to the right journalistic ambition , Guide talents to grow healthily . Give full play to the role of the bridge between the party and the government and the press , Give full play to the new era “ Reporter's house ” effect , Guide journalists , Be a disseminator of the party's policy propositions 、 The recorder of the times 、 The promoter of social progress 、 The watcher of fairness and justice , Welcome the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress with more outstanding achievements .

source : The xinhua news agency

The reporter : Wang Sibei



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