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Is there a lack of a box car in the online car Hailing market?

2022-02-03 12:44:36 TechWeb

TechWeb writing /  Xu Yintao  

2022 year ,B End travel market , There are new options .

12 Mid month , A company called 「 Zhixing box 」 The start-up company launched its first car Hailing service for domestic Internet 、 Rental market customized models :BM-400.

BM-400 The price is about 12 Ten thousand yuan , expect 2022 Trial production on the road ,2023 Annual mass production and delivery , In the face of huge and growing pure electricity B Mid-market , This car has gained up to 42000 platform 、 Orders from multiple travel operators . 

“ Network car Hailing generally adopts the reduced allocation of household cars as the operating car ,BM-400 Will challenge this pattern .” Zhang Shuguang, founder of Zhixing box, said at the press conference ,“ Not only break the rules in product definition , We should control the cost in the supply chain , Strive to do B End explosion .”

chart | Founder of box car Zhang Shuguang

BM-400 Release at the same time , Zhixing box also announced that it will be in 2024 In, it went on the market, aiming at the medium and high-end rental market BM-600, Meet high-quality travel needs , Due in 2024 It's on the market in mass production .  Both cars appear at the same time , It shows the company's car making ideas : On the same platform , Develop different wheelbases 、 Chassis hardware for battery parameters , To adapt to the complex and multidimensional travel market , Cater to more customers .

In recent years, , The continuous growth of online car Hailing market , And “ Pure electricity replaces ” The main rising wave of puts forward new challenges to operating vehicles .  Up to 2020 end of the year , The number of online car Hailing users in China is 3.65 Billion , Accounting for the overall number of Internet users 36.9%; By 2021 year 6 At the end of this month, China issued a total of online vehicle transportation licenses 132.7 Ten thousand copies . The vehicle data without statistics is even larger , Pure electricity B The end market has great imagination .

Zhixing box and it BM Series models , Can be accepted by the market ? We might as well approach this product , Explore the logic behind .

One 、BM-400 What does it look like? ?

Hardware aspect , The abundance and openness of space is undoubtedly BM A series of highlights .

BM-400 In the body 4 In the case of early meters , The wheelbase extends to 2850mm, In the words of Zhang Shuguang ,“ It's like a box ”, Looked from a distance , If it weren't for the different lights , It's hard for you to tell which side is the front , Which side is the rear .  Long wheelbase provides more options for customers to make full use of space , And adopt single side sliding door , Convenient for passengers to get on and off .

chart | The box car can realize wheelchair boarding  

In order to ride on the steps ”,BM-400 Adopt seat layout . According to the team's vision , The machine MPV Will meet all travel needs , Whether it's a wheelchair 、 Pet 、 Large luggage , Can satisfy .  More Than This , After removing the passenger seat , The empty front row can also be equipped with vending machines .

“ With vending machines , More needs of passengers will be met , Especially long-distance travel , This kind of 「 In time 、 Occasion 、 meet an emergency 」 Consumption is particularly important .” Zhang Shuguang said in the interview that .  Considering the operation and maintenance cost after car purchase ,BM-400 At the beginning of design , Zhixing box will “ Low cost replacement of vulnerable parts ” Among them . Team research found ,80% The accident was related to the front and rear bumpers , On the premise of standard parts and interfaces ,BM-400 The driver is allowed to replace the front and rear bumpers by himself , Greatly reduces maintenance costs .

Energy supplement , Box car planning 240kW and 480kW Two overcharge pile schemes , Maximum voltage up to 1000V. “ expect 2022 Charging can be realized in 10 Minute endurance can exceed about 200 km ,2023 Complete charging in 10 Min endurance over 400 km .” Co founder of box car 、 Wang Zhe, chairman of Yougan technology, said .

chart |  Co founder of box car Wang Zhe

PS. Wang Zhe is an interesting person , In circles , He claims to be the first person in China to charge new energy wirelessly , It is said that high-power wireless charging is very good . 

according to the understanding of , Sense technology provides power technical support in the box car building project . The company has accumulated services in its early years 30 The experience of more than one main engine factory , There is no lack of Nissan 、 Toyota 、 Geely and other big factories . 

Two 、 Whether the box car has “ Scarcity ”?

B End travel , There's really a shortage of one 「 Box car 」 Well ? Up to a point , Zhang Shuguang has taken car building as the last time to start a business “ target ”, Bite B The infinite possibilities of end travel .

“ The taxi 、 online car-hailing , Its product concept is similar to C The end car is very different .C End car , The first is transportation , Then personal property , And it's a private space .B End car , The first is the city card , The second is public space , The last is the means of transportation .” Zhang Shuguang explained .

“ actually , Most taxis in society 、 The online taxi is old and dilapidated 、 "Thirty-three . And the first thing visitors to every city see is these cars .”

“ We did a lot of research , Think BM-400 It is possible to represent the image of the city . after , Wuhan cherry blossoms can be printed on the car body 、 Hainan fruit , Local delicacies can also be sold in the car .”

If the C Look at the box car according to the logic of end-to-end car making , The probability is not optimistic , But with the city B From an end point of view , The demand logic changes order .

3、 ... and 、 The box car enters and divides the cake , Do the competitors agree ?

Made by the main engine factory B End use vehicles , Can't resist a new car manufacturer “ subversion ”? “ We think we have no competitive products .”

“ Like Tesla 、Rivian, Domestic Wei Xiaoli 、 Goodway 、 Zero run 、 Which zha , Including later Xiaomi and Baidu , They are all great companies , It's all our predecessors . But reason to analyze , The whole business model , Logically , Everyone is staring at the subdivision track , Everyone is playing a subdivision track , Are breaking through small pain points ,”

“ First think clearly : Whose money do you make , What money do you make , Finally, push back the way to make money . We can talk about , The box is now B The only brand in the end market .”  A week before the press conference , Zhang Shuguang is convinced that it will attract countless questions .

“ If a new car is released , Many people attacked us and scolded us , I think it's too normal , Musk is such a cow that people scold , What is it to scold us , Who scolds us thinks highly of us .”

“ Industry landing within three years . As long as the box is fast enough , You can distance yourself from your new opponent .”  As of the new car release ,BM The idea of the series is polished in Zhang Shuguang's mind 2 years , At first, Zhang hoped to lobby a big customer at that time ( Inconvenient disclosure ) To build , He thinks if there is C End car manufacturing background , In this one BM More handy on the project .

However, the other party can't understand , It may be that the style of state-owned enterprises tends to be conservative , Zhang Shuguang naturally gave up this road , Turn around and set up your own company , Officially jump into the of vehicle manufacturing “ In the pit ”. The good news is , At the time , The voice of support in the team is in the majority ,BM Naturally, the project is advancing smoothly . 

Four 、 Last , Talk about the author's point of view  

2023 year , Can a box make a car ?

For now , There are still some uncertainties , Including the whole vehicle we see , Even though the founding team emphasized the plasticity of space and interior in the press conference many times , But the investors who came to visit 、 Suppliers and the media , I still haven't got the chance to get on the bus for a test ride .

Zhang Shuguang also explained :“ We're upside down 「 Car making - Sell cars 」 The order of , After the confirmation and intention payment , Before it is handed over to the downstream OEM for production , expect 2022 You can see the final version on the road in the middle of the year BM-400.”

And order driven production planning , It seems that for this 12 Pure electricity from 10000 yuan MPV, With lower financial pressure .  besides , Even if there is 20 Years of automotive design experience 、 A box car without vehicle manufacturing experience , Then there will be supply 、 Quality control and other problems , Zhang Shuguang and his team still have to face countless car building problems .


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