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MediaTek released the Tianji 9000 mobile platform, which is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2022

2022-02-03 12:44:40 TechWeb

【TechWeb】12 month 18 Daily news , Recently, MediaTek (MediaTek) Release Tianji 9000 The flagship 5G The mobile platform , It integrates advanced chip design and energy efficiency management technology , Excellent performance and energy efficiency .MediaTek Tianji continues to make innovative calculations 、 game 、 image 、 multimedia 、 Communication technology promotes the technological innovation of mobile platform , Enabling terminals create differentiated flagship for consumers 5G A smart phone .

MediaTek Dr. Li Yanji, deputy general manager of wireless communication division, said :“ Tianji 9000 yes MediaTek A milestone on the road to innovation , It is designed for global flagship 5G Smart phones make , It is the symbol of Tianji entering a new generation . We use scientific and technological innovation and professional technology , Put all your passion and inspiration into creating an extraordinary user experience , Meet all the imagination of users and technology enthusiasts for the new generation of flagship mobile platform . We are using a new Tianji 9000 Flagship mobile platform , Respond to the eyes of the world , Help the world 5G Mobile experience upgrade .”

MediaTek Jiang Tianji 9000 To be the flagship product of Tianji family , With powerful performance and ultra-low power consumption , Redefined the flagship benchmarking experience .MediaTek Tianji 9000 The main features of :

Flagship performance leap , Higher energy efficiency

Tianji 9000 Take the lead in adopting TSMC 4nm Advanced manufacturing process ,CPU Adopt a new generation for the next decade Armv9 framework , contain 1 The main frequency is up to 3.05GHz Of Arm Cortex-X2 Meganucleus 、3 The main frequency is up to 2.85GHz Of Arm Cortex-A710 Big core and 4 The dominant frequency is 1.8GHz Of Arm Cortex-A510 Energy efficiency core , built-in 14MB Super large cache combination , Provide unimaginable powerful computing performance for smart phones .

Tianji 9000 carrying Arm Mali-G710 Flagship ten core GPU, Support LPDDR5X Memory , Transmission rate up to 7500Mbps, Dual channel support UFS3.1 Flash memory , While improving platform performance and energy efficiency, it accelerates the application of the whole scene .

Tianji 9000 Integrate MediaTek The fifth generation AI processor APU 590, Adopt high energy efficiency AI Architecture design , Give full play to the advantages of mixing accuracy , Flexible use of integer precision and floating-point precision operation , Compared with the previous generation, the performance and energy efficiency are improved 4 times , Take photos of smart phones 、 video 、 Streaming media 、 Thousands of applications such as games provide energy efficiency AI Calculate the force .

High performance ISP Activate image creativity

Tianji 9000 Equipped with flagship 18 position HDR-ISP Image signal processor Imagiq 790,3 star ISP The processing speed is as high as per second 90 Billion pixels , Maximum supportable 3.2 Megapixel camera , Lift computational photography to a new height .

Tianji 9000 It is the first in the industry to support the simultaneous processing of three cameras 18 position HDR video , And all three shots support triple exposure , Parallel shooting draws inferences , Meet the creativity and productivity needs of mobile video creators for professional images .

Tianji 9000 The built-in MediaTek all-new AI Video Video Engine , Through innovative path architecture , Reduce the bandwidth occupied by video shooting , Let the preview have a low latency performance of what you see . In high-speed capture and dark light scenes , combination AI-NR 2.0 Intelligent noise reduction technology , It can also achieve clarity 、 High dynamic range and excellent noise reduction effect .

Evolving next generation mobile gaming experience

In the new generation of flagship Mali-G710 Ten cores GPU blessings , Tianji 9000 Have strong game performance , Bring next generation graphics processing speed to smart phones . Combined with the new and upgraded MediaTek HyperEngine 5.0 The game engine , In the intelligent control engine 、 Network engine 、 Image quality engine 、 Control the four core features of the engine , Bring the overall evolution of mobile game experience again .

HyperEngine 5.0 The intelligent control engine of can pass through the scene 、 Content 、 The multidimensional system reduces the power consumption of game operation :AI-VRS Variable rendering technology can automatically detect the characteristics of the picture scene , Dynamically adjust local rendering , Optimize power consumption ; According to the content of the game CPU Thread optimization , Give full play to the advantages of multi-core energy efficiency , promote CPU Multiplex efficiency ; Support intelligent dynamic frame stabilization technology , Through the temperature prediction decision-making system , Make the game frame more smooth .

MediaTek Continue to be committed to technical research and development in the field of graphics ,HyperEngine 5.0 bring MediaTek Mobile ray tracing dual engine , Give full play to GPU While rendering , Combined with heterogeneous hardware accelerator , Realize image post-processing of image noise reduction , Bring the image quality comparable to the real mobile game with lower power consumption .

Tianji 9000 Support Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 MIMO, bluetooth 5.3 And the bluetooth LE Audio And other next-generation wireless network connections , stay MediaTek FastPath Express Lane 、 Smart antenna 2.0、Wi-Fi Bluetooth dual connection anti-interference 、5G High speed channel, etc HyperEngine 5.0 With the blessing of network optimization technology , Haste 、 Stable 、 Low latency game network experience is available .

Besides , Tianji 9000 Support 180Hz FHD+ While displaying the refresh rate , It also supports variable refresh rate technology , Screen synchronization greatly improves the delay , The touch screen is more responsive .

new generation R16 5G modems

Tianji 9000 stay 5G The industry leading position in communication continues , Integrate MediaTek M80 5G modems , accord with 3GPP R16 standard , Support Sub-6GHz 5G Full band network . Tianji 9000 Support 3CC Multicarrier aggregation ,300MHz The theoretical peak value of downlink rate is 7Gbps, And take the lead in supporting R16 Super up , It includes two technical schemes: supplementary uplink and uplink carrier aggregation ,5G Faster .

In Tianji 9000 On ,MediaTek 5G UltraSave 2.0 Power saving technology and dual card technology are also upgraded , Not only greatly reduce 5G Communication power consumption , It also took the lead in bringing multi standard dual card dual pass Technology , Support double 5G and 4G Various combinations of , Keep the call online .

The quality of the painting is presented in front of you

Tianji 9000 Take the lead in supporting 8K30 AV1 HDR Video format , Full link 10bit and P3 Wide gamut color , as well as HDR10+ ADAPTIVE、 Jingcai HDR Vivid etc. HDR standard , Full link HDR10+ Make the picture quality more colorful . combination MediaTek MiraVision 790 Mobile display technology , Intelligently adjust the screen display and video streaming , Bring better visual effects through software and hardware optimization .

use MediaTek Tianji 9000 The flagship 5G The terminal of the mobile platform is expected to be in 2022 Listed in the first quarter of .

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