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Huawei cloud was selected as the market leader of situation awareness solutions in China

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In recent days, , Global authority IDC Release

《IDC MarketScape: China situational awareness Solutions Market 2021》 The report

Huawei was selected as the leader of situation awareness solutions in China

According to the report :“ Network security analysis 、 intelligence 、 Respond to 、 layout ”(AIRO) Is a comprehensive solution , In the Chinese market, the corresponding situation awareness solution .

IDC Through research 20 A number of domestic network security situational awareness products and service providers have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the current security situational awareness solutions 5 Big feature :

Comprehensive safety information 、 Real time acquisition and analysis is the key to realize situational awareness ;

Automated orchestration and response capability have become an important embodiment of the capability gap of situational awareness solution providers ;

There is still a lack of unified interface between situational awareness platform and other security products ;

Security operation service is becoming the development direction of key investment of many security manufacturers ;

Software as a service (SaaS) The situational awareness operation center, which is centralized and remotely hosted, has become an important product planning center .

At the same time, the report points out that , Huawei cloud provides a trusted security platform , Continue to empower customers with safety experience , Provide a wealth of AI Test model 、 Safe operation tools 、 Minimalist operation and maintenance process and professional security services , Play the role of guiding safe operation .

Huawei cloud security situational awareness solution is based on security intelligent analysis platform ISAP Is the base , Situational awareness service SA、 Threat detection services MTD、 Security operations center SOC、 Manage detection and response MDR Comprehensive big data security solution integrating self-developed services and third-party ecological services , Help customers realize the efficient and safe operation of cloud platform business .

The scheme is driven by safe operation and compliance , Integrated cloud native architecture refinement and service diversification management 、 Big data acquisition performance 、 Threat detection and other capabilities , A global Huawei cloud situational awareness system has been established from bottom to top :

Security intelligence analysis platform ISAP

ISAP Using big data and AI technology , It can collect and store massive log data , And search intelligently according to keywords , Conduct in-depth threat analysis and modeling , It is an important means for enterprises to operate safely . This service can realize the unified management of system security data 、 Unified operation 、 Deep detection of security threats 、 Intelligent analysis assists security decision-making and perceives the overall security of the system , Improve the efficiency of safe operation and maintenance .

Situational awareness service SA

SA It is a unified cloud native security situation management and visualization platform , Provide users with unified threat detection and risk management .SA It can help users detect various typical security risks suffered by cloud assets , Restore attack history , Perceive the status of the attack , Predict the attack situation , Provide users with a powerful advance 、 In the matter 、 Post event safety management capability .

Threat detection services MTD

MTD It is a cloud native environmental threat detection service , Continuous detection of malicious activities and unauthorized acts , This protects accounts and workloads . The service is integrated AI Intelligent engine 、 Blacklist of threats 、 Regular baseline and other detection models , Identify potential threats in various cloud service logs and output analysis results , So as to improve user alarm 、 Event detection accuracy , Improve operation and maintenance efficiency , At the same time, it meets the requirements of insurance compliance .

Security operations center SOC

SOC It is the security operation team in the process of security operation , Alert the security incidents and suspected threats , Cloud native for accelerated response processing SOAR service . Through security programming , Intelligent response , Carry safe operation (IPDRR).

Manage detection and response MDR

MDR Combined with Huawei 30 Years of safety experience , In the form of cloud services , Establish a management system for customers 、 Security risk management and control system composed of technology and operation and maintenance , Continuously improve user safety protection in combination with the safety demand feedback and prevention and control effect of enterprise and institutional business , Help enterprises and institutions to effectively monitor security risks and security events .

at present , Huawei cloud security situational awareness solution has covered government and enterprises 、 Finance 、 Automobile manufacturing 、IT High-tech 、 Online retailers 、 Multinational manufacturing and other industries , Provide intelligent and reliable security operation services for customers in many industries , Help customers firmly build application safety protection .

About IDC MarketScape:

IDC MarketScape The purpose of the vendor evaluation model is to provide information and communication technologies for specific markets (ICT) Provide an overview of the competitiveness of manufacturers . The research method adopts strict qualitative and quantitative standard scoring method , Explain the position of each manufacturer in a specific market with a single graph .IDC MarketScape Provides a clear framework , In which you can be right IT And the products of ICT manufacturers 、 service 、 Make a meaningful comparison of capabilities and strategies, as well as current and future market success factors . The framework also provides technology buyers with information for current or potential manufacturers 360 Evaluation of advantages and disadvantages , Provide reference for technology buyers .

Huawei cloud security

Inherit Huawei 30 Years of safety accumulation , The original iceberg security system and responsibility sharing model built by Huawei cloud , Provide customers with credible services 、 The minimalist 、 Intelligent Cloud Security platforms and services , Services include Huawei processes and IT, Consumer cloud and government enterprises 、 Online retailers 、 Finance 、 Customers in Internet and other industries .

【 Excellent ability 】20+ Independently developed cloud security services and 300+ Partner security services , From protecting cloud workloads , Protect application services , Protect data assets , Manage security posture to help compliance to the cloud , Help customers build three-dimensional cloud security protection .

【 Global Compliance 】 The world has accumulated 100+ Safety compliance certification , Such as PCI 3DS,TISAX,ISO 27799, ISO/IEC 27701,ISO/IEC 27034,CSA STAR V4,SOC 2 Type2, Germany C5 etc. , Meet global customer business compliance and privacy protection requirements .

【 Industry sharing 】 Participate in and lead the formulation of 10+ Cloud security related standards , Output 30+ Security white paper , Share Huawei's excellent practical experience in security to the industry and customers .

【 Safety guarantee 】 Professional safety operation team ,7*24 Hourly security system , Defend against attacks against cloud platforms , Realization 99.99% Automatic response to security events , Let enterprises go to the cloud safely .

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