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Four black iron risc-v chips appear!

2022-02-03 12:46:46 Worry free in the cloud

today ,4 This style is made of black iron with flat head RISC-V A series of core chips appeared collectively .

In the first “ Dishui Lake China RISC-V Industry Forum ” On ,10 Chips are released in a centralized manner , Among them, Bo Liu intelligence 、 Eput 、 Crystal vision intelligence 、 Ling Siwei and other companies jointly released 4 This model is based on flat head brother xuantie RISC-V Chip designed and developed by processor .

These chips cover high performance 、 Different requirements such as low power consumption , It can be widely used in intelligent voice 、AI Vision 、 Industrial control 、 Internet of vehicles and other fields .

Broadflow intelligence | Multimode wireless connection intelligent voice SoC chip BL606P:

Based on xuantie RISC-V Processor design , Single chip highly integrated xuantie C906 and E907 processor 、SRAM、 Multimode wireless connection 、 Audio Codec And screen display and peripheral interfaces , It can be widely used in intelligent voice scenes .

Crystal vision intelligence | AI Vision SoC chip CR182x:

Highly integrated dual core black iron C906 processor 、0.5T NPU and Smart ISP etc. , It is one of the most integrated products in the industry . 

Crystal vision intelligence COO Huang Qunhui said , Brother Flathead is based on RISC-V In vision AI A lot of code optimization has been done in the field , It is also equipped with industry-oriented basic software and algorithms , Greatly advanced RISC-V Chip landing .

Eput | 64 Bit Universal MCU APT32F706:

Integrated black iron C906、E907 Dual core , Achieve the highest dominant frequency 600MHz A high performance , Suitable for industrial man-machine interface applications (HMI)、 Main control products of motor control and household appliances .

Yuan Yongsheng, deputy general manager and director of apt, said , Cooperation with brother Flathead , It effectively solves the difficulty of building software ecology 、 The software development tool chain is not friendly and the richness of chip series is not enough , These three are at this stage RISC-V In general MCU Challenges in the field .

Ling Siwei | Wireless MCU LE503x:

Based on xuantie E902 Research and development , Very low power consumption to achieve high performance at vehicle specification level . Interface is rich , It can be applied to a variety of low-power Bluetooth communication application scenarios , Such as car 、 Wear 、 Internet of things scenarios such as home .

Wang Zhenshan, vice president of Ling Siwei, said :“ Use a flat head RISC-V nucleus , Effectively help Ling Siwei quickly deploy and realize the design requirements , Shorten the design iteration cycle to a greater extent , Achieve faster product launch .”

AIoT The era of rapid iteration of software and hardware 、 Demand customization and other new requirements ,RISC-V Open architecture 、 Streamlining 、 flexible , Match the height , Become the hottest chip instruction set architecture at present . Multi party data prediction ,2025 In the world RISC-V Chip shipments will exceed 600 Million star , The industry tide is approaching .

at present , Pingtouge's xuantie series processor shipments exceed 25 Million star , super 150 This enterprise designs chips based on xuantie series processors .

Besides , Brother Flathead is 2021 Cloud habitat conference also open source 4 Black iron RISC-V Mass production processor , And open a series of tools and system software .

Dishui Lake China RISC-V Industry Forum

Guided by China Semiconductor Industry Association , China RISC-V Industry Alliance 、 Co sponsored by Xinyuan microelectronics and Shanghai integrated circuit industry cluster development promotion agency .

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