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Build a medical cloud zone, and Tianyi cloud has won 12 medical trusted cloud certifications!

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Industry Cloud capabilities are recognized

For further promotion 5G Widely used in the field of medical and health ,2021 year IMT-2020(5G) The conference “5G+ Health Forum ” On 2021 year 12 month 7 Held in Shenzhen on . This session is centered on “ Gather wisdom , Melt all things , Huibaiye ” The theme , rich content 、 There are many bright spots 、 Fruitful results . Thousands of industry experts and business people at home and abroad attended the meeting online and offline , On the same stage 、 Share experiences 、 Common talk 5G future .

The evaluation results of medical credible selection were also released at the conference site . Just finished 4.0 The upgraded China Telecom Tianyi cloud relies on continuous innovation 、 Perfect business services , Won the 12 A certificate of medical trusted cloud , Reach the industry leading level . These fruitful achievements are the best proof that Tianyi cloud has been widely recognized by the industry in the process of assisting the information upgrading of the medical industry .

Build a medical cloud zone , Tamp the cloud net base

Tianyiyun has been deeply rooted in the medical industry , Actively explore and innovate , Provide reliable cloud computing solutions for medical informatization upgrading . The medical cloud zone is where China Telecom is located 2018 Put forward in , An industry-specific cloud resource pool serving health authorities at all levels and medical institutions , It's converging Telecom cloud network 、 Ecological advantages , Bearing self research 、 The ability of cooperative applications . future , It will further evolve in the form of distributed cloud to meet the different needs of customers :

* Central cloud , Application and disaster recovery system carrying Internet access ;

* Industry Cloud , Carrying the core business system of the hospital ;

* Marginal cloud , Carry video surveillance 、AI The delay requirement of auxiliary image is low , Application system with high data security requirements .

The three modes are interconnected through Tianyi cloud hybrid cloud management platform and the ability of cloud network integration of China Telecom .

Successful practice of medical cloud zone

Up to now ,25 The provincial medical cloud zone has been completed and carries customer business ,20 The province has completed the listing of special areas , among :

* Hubei cloud zone :2020 At the beginning of the year, when the epidemic was most urgent , The wings of the cloud are only a few days long 48 The delivery of cloud resources of huoshenshan hospital information system was completed in hours , success “ Activate ” Huoshenshan Hospital 50 Multiple sets of information systems , Wuhan official cloud Health Commission will help you move to Wuhan , It shows the speed of China that has attracted the attention of the world .

* Ningxia cloud zone : Assist the government of the autonomous region to promote the landing of the national health and medical big data center in Ningxia Medical cloud region , United with the health commission of the autonomous region , The construction of the special area is embedded in the top-level design , It has been realized 50% The above public medical institutions go to the cloud ; Realization 70 Internet hospitals and medical information enterprises go to the cloud .

* Guangdong cloud zone : The first medical cloud zone based on Tianyi cloud in China , Open up new models , Lead the process of national regionalization . Lianzhou Health Bureau has been expanded 、 Shenzhen Dapeng new area medical group 、 Benchmark customers such as the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University ; The implemented 132 Medical customers go to the cloud .

The cloud technology in the zone continues to innovate , Enabling healthy China strategy

Driven by emerging Internet technologies , The digital upgrading of the medical industry is accelerating , It has become a consensus to take the cloud as the base to carry the new generation of medical information system . China Telecom combines itself IT Cloud experience on the system , Launched perfect cloud paths and tools for medical customers , Help the transformation and upgrading of medical informatization .

* Cloud wing : Provide unified technology base 、 The whole stack on the cloud PaaS Components , Realization IaaS/PaaS Integrated automation minute level opening , Reduce operation difficulty and cost , Improve efficiency .

* Yundao : Provide integrated management tools and resources for cloud application development and operation , Whole process visualization ability , Improve development efficiency , Provide end-to-end support for Cloud Applications .

* Cloud eye : Provide independent and controllable intelligent operation and maintenance platform , Reduce the difficulty of system platform operation and maintenance , From decentralized and segmented manual operation and maintenance to intelligent operation and maintenance , Improve operation and maintenance efficiency .

* Yunqiao : Provide unified and open network capacity 、 Unified management 、 Unified operation capability .

* Cloud migration : Provide a database migration platform based on self-developed by China Telecom , Help customers in the medical industry reduce the risk of cloud technology , Improve cloud efficiency .

* Cloud gathering : Provide a self-developed multi cloud management platform based on China Telecom , Unified resource management 、 Operation and maintenance 、 Interactive experience , Simplify the process 、 Optimization experience 、 Improve efficiency .

It is worth mentioning that , China Telecom's cloud technology has also been recognized by the industry : Invited by the National Health Commission , China Telecom joined hands with more than ten head information system suppliers in the industry to participate in “ Research on the standard system of cloud Hospital ” project , Jointly under the guidance of the National Health Commission , Explore and develop a new generation of hospital information system based on Yunyuan physiological concept . The whole process of the project is based on Tianyi cloud .

Strengthen ecological construction

Relying on Tianyi cloud 4.0 expand “ Circle of friends ”

At present, Tianyi cloud medical zone has formed cloud deployment , Function optimization , Ability adaptation , Scheme Integration , Certification certificate , Six step standardized ecological introduction process including project certification . Up to now, the zone has launched multiple batches of ecological cooperation , Invite many partners to participate in , At the industry application level, it enriches the capacity of the special zone .

Up to now , Tianyiyun and Donghua medicine have become 、 Start up Huikang 、 Neusoft 、 Weining 、 Jiahe Meikang 、 Heart medicine international 、 Guanxin 、 Hexin Chuangtian 、 Senyi intelligence, etc 150 Cooperate with a partner , It's done 50 The rest of the medical informatization application adaptation certification certificate is issued , cover HIS、 Electronic medical record 、PACS、 Medical Union cloud platform 、HRP、LIS、CDSS、 Mobile care 、 Clinical data center and other core business systems , Cooperative landing projects 1000+.

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