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At the 2021 global distributed cloud conference, Huawei cloud won three awards in a row!

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12 month 15 Japan -16 Japan

2021 The global distributed cloud conference was held in Shenzhen

With continuous innovation and technical strength , Huawei cloud gains

“2021 Distributed cloud leadership enterprise of the year ”

“2021 Cloud native leadership enterprise of the year ”

“2021 Edge cloud leadership of the year ”

Three awards

At the meeting , Song Sicong, head of Huawei cloud distributed cloud project, delivered a keynote speech at the Leadership Forum , He said :

Huawei's cloud layout is global , The first in the industry to propose ‘ Distributed cloud × Cloud native ’ A new paradigm . meanwhile , In order to bring cloud services to the nearest location to customers , Huawei cloud's first intelligent edge station in China IES, Extend the native capabilities of the whole stack of clouds from the center to the edge , Accelerate the realization of a comprehensive cloud of thousands of lines and industries .

2021 Distributed cloud leadership enterprise of the year

Huawei cloud distributed cloud , Accelerate full cloud

Huawei cloud from 2016 In, he began to invest in the field of distributed cloud , It has been launched in China one after another Region、 Intelligent edge platform IEF And smart edge stations IES, And bring together Optimus Architecture 、 Yaoguang distributed cloud operating system and other key technological innovations , Create a with “ A distributed cloud 、 A distributed network 、 Consistent runtime environment 、 A management system ” Leading distributed cloud infrastructure .

Huawei cloud has adopted a consistent architecture 、 Cloud services with consistent experience , From the center Region Extend to all kinds of locations required by the business , Cover the core area 、 Hot spots 、 Enterprise data center and business site , Help enterprises cope with multi regional deployment of resources 、 Challenges such as diversified business scenarios and complex organizational levels , Full cloud .

2021 Cloud native leadership enterprise of the year

Huawei cloud distributed cloud native , Let cloud native capabilities be everywhere

Huawei cloud has always been the leader of cloud native technology and industry .2020 year , Hua Weiyun took the lead in putting forward the concept of cloud primitiveness 2.0, Accelerating enterprise cloud “ON Cloud” trend “IN Cloud”, From resource centric to application centric , Let business grow in the cloud 、 Longer than clouds , We are committed to making every enterprise a new cloud native enterprise .

As the cloud grows 2.0 Comprehensively deepen the implementation in various industries , This year, 4 month , Huawei cloud has officially opened up the cloud native multi cloud container choreography project Karmada, Further expand cloud native to distributed cloud .9 month , Huawei cloud released the industry's first distributed cloud native product UCS, Through the organic collaboration of cloud native capabilities deployed in different regions , Let computing power 、 data 、 The flow is organically coordinated around the business , Let business flow freely , Truly release the value of the ubiquitous cloud .

2021 Edge cloud Leadership Award of the year

Hua Wei Yun CDN, Help global enterprise cloud speed up

Huawei cloud continues to force edge cloud CDN Accelerate the field to build leadership advantage , Apply innovative operation mode , Deploy massive edge node resources around the world 2800+, The bandwidth capacity of the whole network is up to 150Tbps, Provide global acceleration services for more than one billion Huawei end users .

Huawei cloud continues to seek CDN Technological breakthroughs , structure Net Turbo End - edge - Intelligent acceleration network of cloud collaboration , Improve bandwidth utilization , Reduce network delay 、 Caton rate , Efficient simultaneous interpreting of data between end clouds ; And based on self research AICache Intelligent cache technology , Make the edge nodes distributed all over the world , Adaptive to different scene changes , Accurately manage cached content , Real time tracking of global heat , Effectively improve cache hit rate , Enhance user experience .

meanwhile , Huawei cloud also provides CDN Node customization 、APP Auxiliary promotion support and other services , Enhance the business experience of specific consumer groups , To provide customers with a full range of 、 High standard acceleration service .

Thousands of industries are in the midst of unprecedented digital transformation , In the future, Huawei cloud will also be based on “ Distributed cloud × Cloud native ” New paradigm of sustainable innovation and breakthrough , Help enterprises quickly realize comprehensive cloud and full stack intelligence !

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